Riots in Kos Over EU Demands For More Refugee Centers

Riots in Kos Over EU Demands For More Refugee Centers
February 15, 2016 Admin

Riot police fired tear gas at Greek locals in Kos today as the islanders became the next group of European citizens to protest against EU-demanded refugee centers.

From the Telegraph:

Around 1,000 locals marched half a mile from the village of Pyli to the site of the proposed facility, which is being constructed on an abandoned army base.

It is one of five “hotspots” that Greece is building at the request of the EU on a chain of islands facing the Turkish coast, including Lesbos and Samos.

The centres are designed to bring more order to the flood of refugees crossing the Aegean, allowing officials to sort out Syrians and other genuine refugees from economic migrants.

The protest was initially peaceful but when a group of islanders surged through the police lines guarding an access road to the centre, riot police in khaki fatigues and white helmets fired stun grenades and canisters of tear gas.

The crowd quickly dispersed and many people were left gasping for breath and with streaming eyes after inhaling the gas.

The Greek government is building the so-called “hotspot” in order to accommodate the tens of thousands of refugees who are expected to cross in boats this year from the Turkish coast, which lies just a few miles away.

But angry locals say the migrant camp will damage the image of the island and harm tourism.

They also fear that large numbers of young male refugees will be allowed to roam the local area at will.

“This is not about racism, it is about the security of our homes and our children. At the moment the kids can walk to school on their own and walk to each others’ houses but we worry that that will all change,” said Anna Karagiannis Chatzisevastou, 36, a mother of five.

While the locals’ worries about tourism are obviously part of the equation, what is most striking about their statements, and about this article in the very mainstream Telegraph, is the phrasing of these protesters’ concerns as the protection of children and women from migrant men.

This is something we have seen more and more of, especially since Cologne. The concerns of European citizens relating to immigration and immigrants in general are being filtered and articulated through the lens of safety more and more regularly. Likewise in the media, despite its overwhelming bias in favor of European ethno-suicidalism, the articles are increasingly reflecting this concern.

The relevance of this is that in Europe, migrants from the Middle-East and Africa are increasingly being viewed as and spoken of as existential-threats. Such an identification is much more evocative of 4GW violence, and much more similar to wording used in past zones of ethnic conflict. For if another group is an existential threat to your own group, that is a small designation away from “enemy” or “opponent”.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    A common feature of the current crisis is the total disregard that the authorities have for the wishes and concerns of ordinary people. It seems that the population are not involved in any way of determining their future and community fears.

  2. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    I agree. I think that is why it is crucial for protests and 4GW actions to purposefully attempt to show this, and in turn delegitimize the government. I think the Central Station action in Stockholm was one of the most brilliant moves I have seen, because it was accompanied by handouts that explained that it was done because the government was incapable of protecting Swedish women, and it was on a target that the entire native populace of Stockholm had had negative experiences with.

    As opposed to random anonymous fires at refugee centers, and as opposed to un-ethical/immoral/dishonorable violence like Anders Behring Breivak. I think violence is needed, but it must be consistent with our own tribal honor code.

  3. Michael 2 years ago

    The current political situation in Europe is unique in recent history. The decline of nationality from the Leaders perspective makes us all vulnerable. Who would have thought that 1400 child would have been sexually abused over a twelve year period and the authorities, police, education and social services all ignored the situation. We are now forced to protect ourselves and our community because the authorities have abandoned their responsibility.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree completely Michael. And I think what you mentioned- Rotherham, and the 1400 little white girls gang-raped and tortured by muslims due to government complicity- is the most horrendous aspect of it all.

      As far as I am concerned every act of resistance, every violent act carried about against immigrants or representations of the government, should be attributed as revenge for Rotherham. Apart from men like you and I and groups like the EDL, Rotherham has had almost ZERO coverage. It can’t imagine what our ancestors would say or what our descendants will say.

      It is the near the heart of the fire that fuels my work on this site and my hopes for more tangible contributions in the future, and I am more hopeful the more folks like yourself I come into contact with.

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