Roundup From Sweden: “Combat Decisions Must Be Made Through Lens Of Feminism”

Roundup From Sweden: “Combat Decisions Must Be Made Through Lens Of Feminism”
September 14, 2016 Admin

This post was originally intended to just be one story, however there were so many other relevant news items it got expanded.

Here is a roundup of all the news from Sweden:

Military Feminism

The Daily News reports that the Swedish Armed Forces have developed a “Gender Guide” to inform all military and battlefield decision-making.

Here is an excerpt from the manual (translated through google):

“Women must participate on equal terms in the conflict cycle, all parts, such as conflict prevention, conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance and peace support operations, and in all reconstruction following a conflict,” it says, among other things.

The plan also includes strategies to highlight a gender perspective in all aspects of the battle.

“Exercise 1)” You are the head of the battalion who have been given the task to produce twitch through FRITIDIA, attacking the opponent in the F-PORT and take the F-Hamn. What do you need to do to integrate the gender perspective in your planning? Makes a battle plan and explains how you have integrated gender perspective and what account you have taken the men / women / boys / girls’ situation in the planning, “it says in the document, according to DN.


Here is another one:

“stereotyped gender roles can be the basis of the opponent’s action to enhance the impact of attacks. For example, the opponent to make a strategic choice to subject girls, in a situation where they are considered to be especially defenseless, abused. ”

In the planning of operations to be assessed how the surgery affects women and men. The manual contains several training scenarios where the gender perspective is highlighted.

A good synopsis of the story can be found at Fria Tider here.

Muslim Rape Crisis (1/5th rule)

1) A 26 year old Muslim man raped a 14 year old Swedish girl whose mother allowed the girl to be with the man unaccompanied “because she felt that the immigrant ‘seemed nice’.” The rapist has been given a two year prison sentence. (Source)

You would think in the country with the world’s highest per capita rape rate mother’s might be more hyper-vigilant than this, but apparently (and tragically) this one was not.

Cameroonian Rapist Priest Fled To Sweden Because He Was 'Homosexual'

Cameroonian Rapist Priest Fled To Sweden Because He Was ‘Homosexual’

2) A 14 year old Swedish girl was attacked by a group of foreign men who tried to rape her in Sala.

According to an article about the incident:

Police also refuses to disclose the descriptions of the perpetrators.

The girl had stepped off the bus and was walking home at 20: 45 pm on Tuesday night when she was surprised by the men in the City Park.

You can read more about this story by clicking here.

3) And finally, in the most bizarre rape case this week from Sweden, an African priest from Cameroon who gained asylum in Sweden based on his (reported) homosexuality faces jail time for raping a Swedish women.

As reported:

An African pastor who seeks asylum in Sweden with homosexuality as a basis came in at a Swedish woman in Falun and raped her while he chanted prayers and incantations. Now he is sentenced to two and a half years in prison and deportation.

The woman told me that the stranger knocked on her apartment on the afternoon of 14 June. He was properly dressed, carrying a Bible and had a bottle of holy water with them.

The man, who is 41 and comes from Cameroon, politely asked the woman for help in finding a local association which would be in the vicinity.

The woman wanted to be helpful and kind and went with him to the room, which turned out to be empty. The pastor then told that he was through prayers had cured a woman who had cancer and he saw that she wore on the sorrows and therefore wanted to ask even for her. She declined politely but firmly.

When she went back to her apartment, he took hold of her wrist, put his foot in the door and forced their way in.

Once inside the apartment pushed down African woman in bed, holding her down with his body weight and raped her. He pressed additionally into his tongue in her mouth, according to the judgment.

The woman tried in vain to push him away. She told me that the pastor “intoned prayers and incantations over her” during the rape.

– Afterwards, he patted me on the shoulder and said that I was a good girl and that he would pray for me again, told the woman.

The 41-year-old man came to Sweden in December 2015 and lived at the time of the rape of an asylum accommodation in Borlänge. He stated that he had not raped the woman but only asked for her in the hall. Furthermore, he stated that he was gay and that he did not feel any attraction to women.

“He claims to be a homosexual and fled to Europe because of discrimination against homosexuals in Africa,” the district court.

According to the judgment, the offense a penalty of imprisonment of three years, but because African to be deported for ten years, he compensated for it and instead sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

And finally, in what really does not come as a shock after the above stories….

Trust In The Ability Of Swedish Police To Solve Crimes Is At Record Lows

According to statistics compiled by Novus, most Swedes feel that country’s police are woefully unable to solve and prevent crimes.

According to a description of the findings:

Two thirds, 66 percent of the Swedish population believes that the ability of the police to solve crimes is quite or very poor. 26 percent say it is very bad, while only 1 percent believe that it is very good.

Confidence is highest among the younger age group of 18-29 years and the absolute worst among people who are 65 years or older.

SD’s sympathizers are characterized by the lowest confidence, with 56 percent experiencing police ability to solve crimes is very poor. Highest confidence has sympathizers to the red-green parties. But even in that group has a slim majority low confidence in the police’s ability to solve crimes.

That concludes the news from Sweden.

Given all of the above, it makes doubly tragic the news we recently reported that the Swedish police continue to see large numbers of defections (for ‘unknown reasons’). As reported: Swedish Police See Mass Defections.

This article has been a little tongue-cheek but for God’s sake, could there be a country more ripe for civil war?

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Good Lord. The Swedes are about to reap the whirlwind. Fucking pussies.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      They are reaping it indeed aren’t they.

      I have been seeing this Marcus Frolin guy here and there and he is quite impressive, one of the few Swedes I have seen or read about it who gets it and inspires hope. Have you heard of him? He has a youtube channel and has been interviewed on a few other sites.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

        The bodybuilder? Yes, I’m aware of him.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I find him hopeful. If there are men like that in Sweden all is not lost yet. I am going to profile him on the site I think.

  2. rick 1 year ago

    I don’t think we will see any civil war in Sweden just a quiet submission. It’s not 2 minutes to midnight there it’s 2 minutes past midnight.
    If they are to save anything of themselves, there has to be a serious pushback of against the progressive left and it needs to happen soon, and with numbers. It’s just not happening.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes… I think there will be destabilization/ethnic violence/4GW, but I think you are right it may not be anything hopeful, and will rather just take the form of the last few thousand Swedes desperately trying to keep from being killed as they flee to Finland. We shall see.

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