Roundup From Sweden! Memorial Day Edition

Roundup From Sweden! Memorial Day Edition
May 29, 2017 Admin

Happy Memorial Day gentlemen-

This holiday weekend we remember the brave sacrifices of our ancestors. Those noble souls who died to preserve our freedom. Who gave their lives so that their legacy could live on through the actions, culture, language, and blood of their descendants. So that their time on earth would not be in vein, and so that their children’s children could have peace and prosperity and safety, and lives less short, cruel, and painful than their own.

This is an update of our popular ‘Roundup From Sweden‘ posts though, and Swede’s aren’t into Memorial Day or anything like it. They believe their ancestors were evil cis-gendered patriarchal racist scum, and that the quicker their country can be turned into Eastern Somalia the better.Swedish skal image

However unfortunately for the Swedish rulers the spirit of their ancestors is still alive. It has imbued a contingent of the country’s youth with a fire-breathing thumos concomitant with that of their Viking ancestors, and instilled in them a bold and fanatic quest to preserve their lands and heritage.

A war between good and evil approaches as a result, and the following are the news stories from that impending battlefield.



Note: Unless otherwise noted assume these are the Google Translate versions of articles in Swedish.


Afghan ‘Minor’ Refugees Prosecuted For Vicious Gang-Rape Of Swedish Woman


From Free Times through Google Translate:swedism 17

Two unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan are suspected of raping a woman at E22 in January. According to the lawsuit, the rape was rough, for example, because it occurred outdoors in the middle of the winter and lasted for one and a half hours. But only an 18-year-old is charged with the suspected batter. The other offender will not prosecute because he is reported to be under 15 years.

According to the lawsuit, the Afghan culprits have worn the woman’s clothes on the lower body, held her and then laid on her with the body weight so that she could not move. After that, they have forced intercourse with her.

The suspects also forced the woman to other sexual acts that are comparable to intercourse, the prosecutor writes in the prosecution.

They forced the woman to perform oral sex on them. The minor offender should also have put a finger in the woman’s vagina. The 18-year-old has since performed anal intercourse with the plaintiff, or at least “printed her erased penis against her anus”, as stated in the lawsuit.

The prosecutor believes that the crime should be judged to be gross because more than one participated in the rape and the suspects showed “special ruthlessness” against the woman when they performed the abuse in the winter for at least an hour and a half.



Nine Year Old Swedish Girl Robbed, Kicked In Face


I don’t understand why they would want her mobile phone anyway its not like the Swedish government doesn’t buy them all brand new mobile phones the minute they arrive… You would think that would depress the re-sale market for them enough to keep nine year old little girls safe from stuff like this. The poor thing was lucky she wasn’t taken away and gang-raped for weeks on end though so there is that silver lining at least.

From Free Times: Swedism 11

A nine-year-old girl was kicked in the head of an unknown man when she was leaving home from school. Police believe it is a failed attempt to steal the girl’s mobile phone, writes NSD.

The event occurred in the Boden at 14 o’clock on Wednesday.

The girl was on her way to the bus to go home from school. She went and talked to her grandmother on the phone when she suddenly got a kick on her face.



Goat Rescued After Two Hours Inside Burning-Hot Parked Car


We get to fill in the backstory ourselves on this one 🙂

More vibrancy.

More vibrancy.

A goat was rescued from a hot car outside the Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm on Friday afternoon. It had been there for at least two hours, writing the police on his website.

It happens that pets are left in hot cars. But on Friday, the police rescued a goat in a car outside the Eriksdalsbadet in the south of Stockholm.

It was a private person who had alarmed that a goat was stored in a parked vehicle outside the bathroom. Apparently, the car had been in place, and in the sun for at least 2 hours. The animal fled and did not feel well in the heat.

The police patrol called to the place failed to get hold of the car owner. That’s why they got into the car on their own and saved the goat.

The goat was then driven to Skansen, where it will be taken care of.

But why the goat was in the car, the police have no idea.

“No, we have not gotten the car owner so we do not know yet,” says Eva Nilsson on the police to SVT.

The police have issued a notification of breach of the animal welfare law, ie animal wreckage.



ISIS Supporter Who Wants Martyrdom Released Onto Streets


Here’s another promising story:

A 30-year-old man from Syria was charged in March with suspicions of terrorist offenses or a fatal fire against a Shiite Muslim local authority in Malmö last year. In April, he was completely detained by Malmö District Court, who considered that the prosecution was based on evidence.

However, the court found that the man sympathizes with the terrorist offense of the Islamic state.

Swedish National day in Stockholm.

Swedish National day in Stockholm.

“It seems obvious that NN sympathizes with IS, something that speaks that he may have a motivation to build the fire, but does not prove he did it”, it says in the judgment that it also shows that the man hates Shia Muslims and that he dreams of To become a martyr.

After the district court detained the man, Säpo placed him in jail and requested him to be expelled. The man is considered dangerous and last week, the Migration Board announced a decision on expulsion:

“The expulsion must be enforced by traveling to Syria or Saudi Arabia if you do not show that any other country can receive you”, the Migration Board writes in its decision.

The problem is that only Sweden does not expel someone to a country where the person is in danger of being executed or subjected to torture, which is likely to happen in Syria and Saudi Arabia. In other words, the man remains in Sweden – although he is considered dangerous.

In addition, the 30-year-old IS supporter has been released from the custody and is now at liberty in the country.



Luxury Hotel To Be Turned Into ‘Refugee’ Housing


Muh Humanitarian Superpowerism…

Here is the story (original article here):swedism 12

Cape East in Haparanda, which has been laid down and resumed in turn, will once again engage in asylum activities – after all. After Roger Akelius sold the luxury hotel to Pite Havsbad, the new owners choose to open the premises for about 260 asylum seekers.

Free Times noted in April that asylum seekers in Cape East then threw gifts received from Haparandaborna because asylum housing was terminated and would be closed at the end of the month.

After the tax-funded asylum barrier and tax planner Roger Akelius sold the Cape East to Tobias Lindfors, Pite Havsbad will once again open up the accommodation for asylum seekers from the third world

“It takes a year about before we have renovated the rooms,” Tobias told Sweden’s radio earlier this May.



Swedish Feminists To Pretend-Gallop Past Statues Of Men On Horseback

Pure unadulterated evil...

Nothing more evil than statues of men on horseback….

On Saturday, 25 feminist so-called performance artists will jump, or “gallop”, past the statues in Stockholm that represent men on horses. Feminists see the historical statues as male “power symbols”, writes SVT News.

The manifestation is seven kilometers long and will pass by statues at the Royal Palace, Gustav Adolf Square, Kungsträdgården and Humlegården.

But the feminists have no real horses, but play horses.

They “gallop” to the various statues in the capital, stand at the statues and rub and bump their legs like horses. This as a protest against the male “power symbolism” found in the various statues, according to feminists.



Green Party Sees Internal Battle Over Just How Quickly To Grant Asylum

Actual news headline regarding same party.

Actual news headline regarding same party.

This article is from Fria Tider through Google Translate, and while I don’t totally understand it, it seems to suggest the Green Party had an internal party vote/dispute over whether to give ‘unaccompanied minor refugees’ (like those up above who gang-raped the native Swedish woman in the woods last January) instant amnesty or citizenship or whether to make them wait a few weeks. Something like that.

Here is the text:

Within the Environmental Party, the opinion is strong for the party to work for increased immigration to Sweden. This has been the major battle during this year’s party congress in Linköping. Everyone within the party agrees that Sweden should have a more generous asylum immigration, but not exactly how it should go.

The National Board did not claim a motion for a general refugee amnesty, because it does not seem to be legal certainty.

On Saturday mornings, the board’s compromise came with the party’s grass roots: a proposal that so-called single-family members who came to Sweden in 2015 will be allowed to apply for a residence permit in Sweden based on the age they had when they arrived in the country.

The party’s youth federation Green Youth, who really wants amnesty, demanded in the evening’s vote that the single people should also receive permanent residence permits. With the seven-vote margin, the proposal with the youth federation’s supplement was voted through.


Norway Angry Over Terrorist-Named ‘Woman’s Center’

Norwegian national day wikimeda commons 4

Sweden’s western neighbor is angry because apparently some of the (insanely large amounts of) tax dollars they send to Palestine was used to build a ‘Women’s Center’ that the Palestinians then named after a suicide bomber lol.

From Fria Tider:

Norway recalls financial assistance to Palestine after a women’s center was called after a terrorist who killed 38 people in an attack by a bus in 1978, the Times of Israel writes.

The Scandinavian country also demands that the Arabs stop using the Norwegian flag in connection with the project.

– Glossary of terrorist attacks is totally unacceptable and I strongly condemn this decision. Norway will not be associated with support for this kind of purpose, “said Norway’s Foreign Minister Borge Brende in a statement.

The center was named after the Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrab.



Swedes Killing Ocean Fish Through Overuse Of Anti-Depressants


Think there might be some significance to this… if one thinks hard about it…   Swedism fish


Fishes are negatively affected by antidepressant medications that leak into the water. Among other things, they become more aggressive and stress-resistant, which makes them easier to eat, shows a new dissertation.

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes take drugs for depression – but the preparations often go straight through the body and through sewage systems and treatment plants into lakes and other streams.


Together with other researchers, Kellner has made various attempts at especially spikes, a fish species common in the northern hemisphere, and living in freshwater as well as salt and broken water, especially in the Baltic Sea. The attempts were also made on zebrafish. In several studies, captured big spikes and zebrafish were found in aquariums with low levels of the antidepressant drug citalopram for a number of weeks.

Large spikes and zebrafish living in an aquarium where there were low levels of citalopram became less stress-sensitive – in nature, it could lead to a more risky behavior and increased danger of spawning of predatory fish. The fish also gained greatly reduced food loss, which can lead to poorer ability to cope with starvation periods and declining reproductive capacity.



Police Car Flips After Attack By Migrants In Uppsala


An appropriate concluding story.

From The Local:Swedish fingerprint

A police car crashed into a streetlight then flipped onto its roof as officers were attacked with stones and other objects during an incident at a camp for EU migrants in Swedish city Uppsala.

The origin of the incident came when police pulled over a car which had a number of parking tickets attached to it on Thursday morning. The diver turned violent and managed to escape, and police spotted him later in the day driving a completely different car.

He escaped again, but police were aware that he had been seen before at a camp for EU migrants in the Boländerna area of the city. When officers arrived at the camp looking for the man, they were attacked by a number of people there.

“They started to throw stones, plates and frying pans at the police. The patrol asked for back-up,” police press spokesperson Christer Nordström told news agency TT.

Several patrols were sent to help, and one of the cars crashed into a streetlight then flipped onto its roof. The officers inside escaped with minor injuries.

“As far as I understand they weren’t seriously injured,” Nordström noted.

Two people have now been arrested on suspicion of violent rioting in relation with the incident, however the man police were originally looking for managed to flee once more, and has been arrested in absentia.




More soon on how this madness might be ended.


Also, there is an excellent Memorial Day article over at Zero Hedge today that does a good job of showing just how horrible war is. Makes one even more disgusted with these European elites for putting their nations on a likely trajectory with it.

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    Here’s how the roundup turned out:

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