Roundup From Sweden: Nationalist Confronts Muslims Who Gang-Raped Wheelchair-Bound Swedish Girl

Roundup From Sweden: Nationalist Confronts Muslims Who Gang-Raped Wheelchair-Bound Swedish Girl
October 7, 2016 Admin

More interesting news from Sweden. I think this is going to just become a regular feature of the website, as things are so fluid there right now. I also strongly believe that Europe will see a major economic downturn soon (next year or two). Hoping to write more on that soon, but in the meantime we have a host of eventful stories out of Sweden. I think the tone of these news items is actually getting more hopeful too. What do you guys think?


Heroic Swede confronts Muslim gang-rapists.

The first story begins last weekend when 1-2 Muslim immigrants apparently kidnapped a wheelchair bound Swedish girl and then took her to an apartment where they and a gang of other Muslim men raped her for hours on end. Five of these individuals were later arrested for the rape.

The woman’s lawyer reported that she had ‘broken down’ (emotionally I think they mean) because of the harsh interrogation at the hands of the police. The police also released the five suspected rapists on bail.

A heroic Swedish patriot affiliated with the Nordic Resistance Movement tracked down the Muslim gang-rapists and confronted them in a video later uploaded to Youtube.

The video can be seen below, and comes from this page.

Massive props to this gentleman. This is exactly what is needed, and sets a great precedent, modeling behavior that others will hopefully not only emulate but build upon.

There is an interview with him done by the Nordic Resistance Movement that can be found here, but unfortunately it is in Swedish (the video was in English because likely that is the only language he could converse with the Muslim rapists in).

Apparently several hundred regular citizens also marched through the town and protested the release of the five suspects.

Next story:

School says nine-year old Swedish girl sexually assaulted and physically attacked by immigrant children on a daily basis because she is “blonde, and cute”.

This story comes from Eskilstuna, and involves the steadily deteriorating Swedish public education system.

Fria Tider reports thus:

The case of harassment has been notified to the Schools Inspectorate and is now being investigated by both Child and School Student Representative and the Equality Ombudsman. The problems began when the girl came to a new class at a school in Eskilstuna.

The girl has been called derogatory things like “pussy” and “whore”. On one occasion some boys down her pants in the school cafeteria and stood and juckade against her. On another occasion she was beaten at the school, which school counselor witnessed. The assault to the police, but the case was dropped.

– We got explained to us by a school staff that our daughter was blonde and sweet and so exciting to take on, says the girl’s mother for SVT.

The situation was finally so severe that the girl was offered to run alone in a bus to and from school, but not even that helped. A bunch of boys at the school ran before the girl and surrounded her outside her home.

– They threatened to “pick her,” says the mother.

I am not sure what ‘juckade’ and threatening to ‘pick her’ mean, but I am sure we can all imagine… This story, as sickening as it is, does at least end with the Swedish school authorities allowing her to change schools (presumably to one with less immigrants). This is far different than the fate of the other young Swedish girl we recently profiled, who was not allowed to change schools after a 19 year old Somali man kidnapped and brutally raped her. Instead she was forced to continue attending the same school, despite the Somali’s siblings also attending it, and despite they (and their Somali mother) physically attacking the child rape victim so badly she had to go to the hospital.

Next story:

Authorities warn Stockholm schoolgirls not to walk home alone.

Our friends at Free Times are responsible for this story as well, which similarly highlights the positive benefits diversity has brought to Sweden:

Stockholm police went yesterday issued a warning to the school girls who go on New Elementary in Åkeshov in Stockholm, writes SVT.

The warning is issued following several young girls sexually molested by a man when they were on their way home from school. The first complaints came in to the police in the spring.

– Since he went after the girls and talked to them, certainly there is a degree of dangerousness, absolutely! says Stefan Berg Västerort police to SVT.

The man suspected of being behind molestations are known to the police. It concerns a man who had been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and child pornography offenses. But the crimes have not been considered serious enough to keep him in custody.

Now he continues therefore to molest girls in western Stockholm. According to police, these are about a man who often wear sweatpants and wearing glasses with marked arcs.

The school has adapted its operations after the scares. Including by ensuring that there are adults in the school yard. Police warn young girls to go home alone from school and encourages parents to download and leave their children.

– Of course, if parents have the chance to set up and go home with her kids or if you help out with that, so it’s the best, says Berg.


This will not surprise any of us of course, but it is more evidence of why the Soldiers of Odin are so needed in Sweden, and why groups such as theirs will continue to grow in number and scope.

Next story:

Video captures massive brawl between ‘New Swede’ high-school students

This story is regarding a massive fight that broke out among ‘New Swede’ high-school students.

In a video uploaded to Facebook shows how some twenty young people arm themselves with chairs and other weapons to then go after each other. The event must have occurred at half past ten o’clock in the morning.

Allegedly, the free times are combatants so-called “new Swedes” who came to Sweden during the asylum chaos, which started at the school. Parts of the cafeteria were broken in the fight.

The police, however, were quickly on the scene and intervened against troublemakers.

Police arrested three people between 15 and 18 who are suspected of assault and unlawful threats

These stories are always of particular interest to me as well.

As I have mentioned on here before, there was a robust fighting culture in the town I grew up in, and I saw many, many fights in high school (and engaged in some). Indeed, for a long time during the development of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, there was a whole chapter detailing just that. I eventually took it out however as it was a little too separate from the main focus of the book. I bring it up though because I think the martial culture in my poor rural logging-town high school still paled in comparison to these Afghanis and Somalis. The video below is quite short but seems to corroborate this. These are serious fighting cultures, and the historians are never in a million years going to get over the insanity of countries like Sweden importing them in by the millions.

That is everything for this time! As always, thoughts and comments are highly welcomed. What did you all think of the Swedish dude confronting the rapists? It definitely got my adrenaline going. I was also surprised how cowed they were. And then I was also somewhat sickened seeing those Swedish policeman jump out like that to intervene.

Also would love feedback on the NRM. Do you think they are the answer? The Soldiers of Odin? Both? Neither?

As always, Hail Victory.

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Comments (24)

  1. Sigfader 10 months ago

    Juckade = humped
    “pick her” is a direct translation of a slang and would mean something like “take her out” or “do her.” It implies violence at least (not sexual) and depending on the situation could range from assault to murder.

    If you use Skype/Discord I can help out with stuff like this when you google translate Swedish articles If you want it. I left a fake email here so just write a comment if you would like some help.

    You do good work here, thank you.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Sigfader thanks for the comment! Much appreciate your help on that. That was about what I figured the things must mean. Sick disgusting animals.

      I believe I do have Skype. If you can, email me at from your actual email address. Would love assistance on such things and would love to hear more about your background/thoughts on Sweden too if you are interested in sharing.

      Thanks for the kind words!


  2. michael 10 months ago

    This stanza of the Havamal has always been my favorite:
    Let a man never stir on the road a step / without his weapons of war / for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise / of a spear on the way without.
    True words back then, even truer today! The days of safety and order are gone forever in Europe. Time to learn the old ways again!

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Beautiful verses Michael 🙂 Could not agree more with your last sentence.

      I have not read the Havamal… Have you read it and similar works very extensively? I have always wanted to do so. Do you have any advice for me or someone hoping to dive into them?

      • Sigfader 10 months ago

        The Hávamál, or Sayings of the High One (Odin,) is quite easy to read without prior knowledge or the need for interpretation.
        Just read this one:

        The stanzas are most often self-contained.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Thanks for that Sifgader-

          I have read alot around the Viking Sagas/Norse Eda, in tons of books about the Vikings and Scandinavian history, and about Tolkien and the influence of those works on his writing, and a ton of other non-fiction books which reference and analyze them, but I have never actually dove into the stories themselves, which is something I need to rectify badly.

          I also heard on The Pressure Project that there are some cool children’s books made about the Norse Sagas so I am going to try to buy those for my son.

      • michael 10 months ago

        I extensively use this website:
        It gives 4-5 different translations of each stanza from the old Norse poems. Each translation has a slightly different angle and helps me to understand the meaning better.

  3. rick 10 months ago

    This is great, and I believe enough actions such as this will turn the Police also

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Agreed. I still find it hard to believe that the Swedish male police officers are that cucked and brainwashed. I am not one to glorify police or anything, but I do think it takes a certain level of masculine virtue to become a cop (even if the cop in question may not be a super great individual in other ways). It seems to me they must wake up soon.

      Appreciate the comment Rick!

  4. rick 10 months ago

    I remember a comment from someone who had declared bankruptcy when asked how it unfolded, his comment was “quite slowly, and then all at once” I think this is relevant to the situation in Europe. Those police certainly aren’t proud of being so Cucked, and their thinking I would imagine is representative of the silent majority. So I think when attitudes turn, there will be an all at once avalanche as the state loses legitimacy.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Well said. I think you are right.

  5. Michael 10 months ago

    kudos to this guy who acts like a real man in our over-feminist degenerated world. I could watch the end of that video 100 times without getting tired of it. those filthy animals will pay, I know it.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Agree 100% my friend.

  6. Nxx 10 months ago


    “Former intelligence chief László Foldi has said that forces conspiring to open Europe’s borders are using the tactics of “fourth generation warfare” to turn the continent multicultural.”

    It’s a good strategic summary that pinpoints the three Judases enabling the invasion: EU, media cartel and NGOs. Personally I’d add a fourth Judas to the list: Post-Christian Cuckoldianity.

  7. Laguna Beach Fogey 10 months ago

    FYI this website is being used as a source for the Europa Report on Fash The Nation. Nice!

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach I just saw that- very cool indeed!

      Its certainly due in large part to you and Dashui and the other long term readers who have retweeted and name-dropped it so much- you guys are complete badasses and I appreciate your help tremendously.

      • DaShui 10 months ago

        I do post on normie websites that we are building the mannerbund at ECW .

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Heckin aye- that is the hope my friend!

  8. Gaius Vandali 9 months ago

    Too funny. You voted for this Sweden! You get what you vote for.
    And now your response is to protest? LOL!
    Sweden is done.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      I hope that Sweden’s not done Gaius Vandali. Despite the idiocy of so many of their citizens, I hope they can wake up and turn things around. Or, if they can’t, that other countries in Europe/other groups of our people who DO wake up in time will try to save Sweden.


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