Roundup From Sweden: Nordfront Marches Through Stockholm, Other Stories Of Relevance

Roundup From Sweden: Nordfront Marches Through Stockholm, Other Stories Of Relevance
November 16, 2016 Admin

Much news from the great land of Sweden recently.

Indeed, after turning our gaze to the American election and all its implications, Sweden has produced enough news for quite an update.

From the front lines of the war for Europe:

51 million in cash confiscated from ‘migrants’ returning home on holiday

'Refugees' from Sweden and the rest of Europe brought money and guns to Middle-East while 'on holiday'.

‘Refugees’ from Sweden and the rest of Europe brought money and guns to Middle-East while ‘on holiday’.

From the Swedish Customs Bureau comes an announcement outlining the fact that Sweden, along with 19 other countries, apparently engaged in something called “Operation Chimera” in which they seized or catlogued millions of dollars in cash and weapons that were being smuggled to the Middle-East by immigrants and refugees in the West who originally hailed from those countries.

Here is the full announcement from their website:

More than twenty participants from twenty countries participated in an international monitoring operation against the import and export of cash. The purpose of monitoring the operation was to limit the flow of currency and negotiable securities to IS and al-Qaeda to fight the financing of terrorism. In the control operation is equivalent to over 51 million in cash seized.

Through a strong operational cooperation with customs organizations played a significant role in the fight against terrorism. Law enforcement agencies around the world participated in the control operation Chimera to control entry and exit of cash. Customs Administration participated for the first time in the control operation. In the control operation has excess cash even over 485 weapons and weapons parts, about 1200 pieces of other weapons like stun guns, batons and brass knuckles seized.

In Sweden, the Enforcement Authority, the Police Authority and the Customs Department collaborated in the operation that has included efforts towards the exit of cash for two weeks in October. In Sweden implemented the Customs Administration Customs checks on travelers who were going from Arlanda Airport to countries in the eastern Mediterranean.

This obviously points yet another tragicomic aspect of European multiculturalism, which is the the ‘refugees’ who Sweden allows in from the Middle-East actually take the money they are given by the Swedish government (their ‘salary’ for being refugees as most refer to it) and bring it right back to the Middle-East. In effect Sweden is turning them into middle-men or couriers to facillitate the transfer of assets from Swedish taxpayers to ISIS and other Islamist groups.

Next story:

Swedish Salvation Army under fire for ignoring Muslim-on-Swedish rape, in disgusting case from ‘Christian Camp’


This is one of the worst stories we have featured in these Swedish Roundups. It comes from Fria Tider.

The apparent controversy involved a ‘Christian Camp’ the Salvation Army hosted, at which a teenage Swedish girl was apparently raped by a Muslim attendee. She notified the camp counselors, who apparently neglected both to contact the police, or anything else, telling her they were “sorry” but “did not want to send Mohammed home”.

I would be tempted to dismiss this as hyperbole, but since it matches the same insanity we have seen in Sweden so many times before, I am guessing it is probably true.

Here is the original report from Fria Tider:

“Not one penny more will you get from me or anyone in my family! Dark rape of minors to rather sympathize with the dregs who conducted it! Damn!”

So reads one of many angry comments posted on the Salvation Army’s Facebook page since yesterday.

They upset feelings will after Free Times wrote about how the 17-year-old Mohammed raped a girl at the Salvation Army camp on a farm near Vingåker in August last year. When the girl told adults about the rape, they explained that they were “sorry” but that they “would rather not send home Mohammed” from the camp, according to the judgment.

After free Tider publication mailed the Salvation Army a Facebook post in which they asked for gifts “to get more children’s eyes sparkle with joy”, something which provoked many users.

“Will there be any joy in Christmas the girl who was sacrificed on the altar of rädhågsnas do you think?” asks a person.

“I was wondering when you will publicly apologize to the girl whose traumatic experience you are swept under the carpet, and whose life is now ruined. Details about the rape has been leaked, and your actions are the least distasteful. We are many now awaiting a statement from you, “said another in a post that the writing has received 46” likes “mark.

But some answers from the Christian organization will not. Rather than repeat the Salvation Army in his remarks just the same standard reply as the Information Officer Lars Beijer gave to Free Times on Monday:

“We may, in the young age and with respect for them not comment on this specific case but treat it as confidential.”

Next story:

Stockholm’s “Gender-Neutral” Snow Removal System Plunges Capitol Into Chaos

Isabella Lövin, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, routinely pushes for logistical operations to be conducted in more "feminist" ways. See more on her in below story as well.

Isabella Lövin, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, routinely pushes for logistical operations to be conducted in more “feminist” ways. See more on her in below story as well.

This is from our friends at the Daily Caller, who always seem suspiciously red-pilled for a mainstream news outlet…

Many will have already heard about this but it bears highlighting:

Stockholm’s center-left government introduced a new “gender equal” approach to clearing the roads of snow last year. The policy states that sidewalks, public transport and bicycle lanes should be cleared before turning attention to the roads. The reason is that women are more likely to use sidewalks while men are overrepresented among commuters driving to work.

When the first major snow storm swept the capital last week, traffic went into a standstill as no one cleared the streets. People couldn’t get to work, schools had to close and commuters were stuck in traffic for hours without moving.

“Some parts haven’t been touched at all, and it’s equally bad for everyone,” conservative opposition member Cecilia Brinck told public broadcaster SVT.

Next story:

Swedish Celebrity Chef Who Was Viciously Beaten By Muslim’s Condemn’s Media Coverage Of The Attack, Says “I’m Not A Racist”

Many will have seen the news that this guy was beaten up, but the story has since been updated with his statements about the coverage the incident has recieved.

This account is from The Independent:

A Swedish chef who claims he was beaten by three men for “looking like Donald Trump” has condemned “scary” international media coverage of the attack.

Anders Vendel, a popular TV star and celebrity chef, said he was attacked by three Muslim men who bound his arms behind his back and punched him 20 times in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The assault, at a fast food outlet in Malmö, left him with a broken nose and severely bruised eye, mouth and jaw and is under investigation by police.

In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, Mr Vendel wrote: “I’ve been in the emergency room for a couple of hours waiting for X-rays. I was beaten up by three Muslim men between the ages of 25-35. They thought I bore a resemblance to Mr Trump.“

“Two of the men grabbed my arms from behind and the third one started punching me all over the face. I tried to defend myself with my legs. After receiving about 20 punches to my face, I fell down to the floor.
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“All three then started kicking me as much as they could in my face and head. I now have a broken nose, bruises, a black eye, mouth, lips and jaw. Even a broken right thumb.”

The story was swiftly picked up around the world, on both mainstream news outlets and right-wing anti-immigration and anti-Islam blogs.

Mr Vendel told The Local he found the way the incident was being used abroad “scary”, emphasising the attackers’ supposed religion without attempting to contact him.

“I was angry, hurt and humiliated when I wrote what I was thinking at the time,” the chef said.

“I’m absolutely not a racist, not after what happened either. It could have been anyone.
I’m alive – it will be ok.”

Mr Vendel he said he assumed the men were Muslims because he heard them speaking Arabic but could not be certain.

Mr. Vendel was terrified that he would be accused of "racism" after having been violently attacked by three Muslims.

Mr. Vendel was terrified that he would be accused of “racism” after having been violently attacked by three Muslims.

I don’t take delight in any of our people being beaten up by Muslims- quite the opposite- but this story does certainly have to enter the history books along with the one of the male Norwegian “Anti-racist” who apologized to the Muslim that got deported for anally-raping him in a violent attack. That, granted, is even a little worse, but this celebrity chef protesting “I’m not a racist” for honestly reporting that it was three Muslim men who brutally beat him to a pulp in a racially-motivated attack is up there with it. Hopefully the shamefulness of the story will red-pill a few more Western men at least.

Next story:

Swedish Deputy Prime Minister “Close To Tears” Speaking About Trump Victory

From Dagens Nyheter:

Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin (MP) was close to tears when she spoke to British ecologist local politicians on Saturday. It was when she turned to the grass roots that tears were close – after an introduction about how the world can be affected by the presidential election in the United States. But she also urged the opposition and announced that the government gives another 250 million to the UN climate fund.

– It hurts to lose, she noted in her leadership speech to about 400 green politicians from local governments.

Lövin was referring to the election of Donald Trump as US president. She believes that it was also a defeat for Swedish ecologists and thus also the Swedish government.

I think a lot of this comes from the climate-change stuff, as Lövin is from the Swedish Green Party if I understand right and is probably one of these people that thinks that half of the world will be under water soon if we don’t all start riding bicycles.

I don’t talk much about such issues but they are something that really fascinates me. As a Tolkien lover and traditionalist I love the environment, as most true conservatives do. With that said though it is clear to all of us who are not brainwashed Progressives that this Al Gore-era true-believing “global warming” stuff was, to put it kindly, “not accurate”.

Why worry about being conquered by Muslims when there are bigger things to be concerned about?

Why worry about being conquered by Muslims when there are bigger things to be concerned about?

Yet I can somewhat sympathize because I think to these Green’s the issue of climate-change is sort of like Zombie Apocolypse movies for regular people in that it is an apocalyptic event that “shatters” modernity and returns us to a less artificial, plastic world in which human actions have consequences and life again takes on the grandeur and romance inherent in situations in which it is precious. Right now in the West everything is VERY safe, and as a result people feel less alive and less fulfilled. That is why they watch end of the world fantasy-type shows like The Walking Dead and all its immitators, or even “plunged into the wilderness/deserted island” shows like Lost, which I am a huge fan of.

The prospect of “climate change” bringing mad-made famines, extreme weather, and societal destabilization is the same thing in many ways, with the added bonus for liberals that it involves the premise that human beings are bad/greedy/shortsighted (especially White people) and the cause of their own destruction. The problems though are 1) they actually believe it and obsess about it to the exclusion of far more pressing issues- like the complete Islamization of their societies, and 2) they have to act so cucky and ridiculous about it.

In reading about the Anders Vendel incident, and that of the Deputy Prime Minister almost breaking down in tears (that’s the second most powerful person in Sweden…), it is easy to see how stories such as the Salvation Army rape one can occur. Such is the brainwashing that our people have undergone.

Such government-sponsored insanity is indeed instigating resistance however, and that brings us to our final story, which is the massive march through Stockholm conducted by Nordfront, or the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR).

600 Members Of Nordic Resistance Movement March Through Stockholm


The Independent gives this description of it:

As many as 600 far-right demonstrators from Sweden’s Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) marched towards Sweden’s parliament in the historic district of Gamla Stan, in the biggest march in the group’s history.

Five people were arrested and two were injured after violence broke out between the demonstrators and anti-fascist protest groups.

A police spokesman said a number of people were held due to aggression and that approximately 50 had been suspended or removed from the march.

At least one police officer was injured during the clash and several people were taken away from the scene in ambulances.

According to sources at the scene, the anti-racism protesters easily outnumbered the NMR marchers, and started pelting them with snowballs and fireworks.

“A lot of loose objects, including snow, ice, bangers and fireworks of various kinds have been thrown,” a police spokesman said.

“I have not heard that anyone has been harmed, but it is possible that they have been.”

The NMR was set up in 1997 by former members of the White Aryan Resistance and employees of Folktribunen, a neo-National socialist magazine.

The group, which promotes openly racist and anti-Semitic views and vocally opposes non-white immigration to the country, is considered the figurehead for Sweden’s white power movement.


600 people is an awful lot of marchers, whether you consider the Nordic Resistance Movement “Neo-Nazi’s” like the media calls them, or something more like a mainstream resistance group. It goes to show just how much things are escalating.

I hope that Trump’s victory will indeed have a good impact on the situation in Europe, and will be writing more on it soon.

We are indeed entering momentous times.

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  1. Rick 1 year ago

    It’s really starting to kick off over there, Police vs Military

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Interesting… I had not seen that. Belgium is certainly at the heart of the storm man I think they are in a worse position than anyone practically (perhaps with the exception of Sweden). I have to say though that police or military squaring off against the government on the moral battlefield has to be one of the best signs we can ask for that the country or countries are heading down.

      Appreciate the link Rick- I will have to start checking The Rebel more often, its not one I have read very much in the past.

  2. Ste-G 1 year ago

    I’ve been in tears too, tears of frickin’ joy at a Trumpenfuehrer victory! No matter how hard the beating, a true cuck will always make excuses for their assailant. Change is coming, times are a changing, and libs will need plenty of tissues to cry into before the year is out. Much to look forward to in 2017. If New Year’s Eve turns into another fickifest, expect all hell to break loose.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol good call Ste-G. I have been sharing in your tears of joy brother. Whole game has changed with Trump’s election.

      I don’t know if you saw that ‘Kek World Tour’ meme yet with all the European/American/Australian elections highlighted, but if we can keep the Brexit/Trump momentum then it indeed would be a heck of a 2017… Hoping so at least!

  3. DaShui 1 year ago

    Hey J,
    Last couple of weeks a huffington post reporter has been trying to track me down in order to investigate my relationship with Richard S. I won’t talk to him.
    I feel he wants to know just who is this shadowy alt right figure? Haha.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey my friend-

      That is creepy as all heck man… Those Huffington Post writers give me the shivers.. if I understand right they farm it out to random liberals all over the country and the writers get paid per story or on commission, etc, etc. I worry one is gonna ask someone like us for an interview and snap and go postal lol.

      On that note though I have been thinking about creating a ‘fake’ version of Huffington Posts named FuppDo or something like that, where half the article titles on the home page are made up ones sort of mocking them, and then the other half are titles of recyled HuffPo articles from years past, so that it would be difficult to even decipher which are which. I am already shorter on time than I like though (wish there were more hours each day!) but I can’t get the idea out of my head. I just so very much want our side to highlight the absurdity of the left. I think DS does a great job of it when they adopt that mock liberal tone, but it would be great to have a whole website dedicated to it.

      • Dashui 1 year ago

        I keep my wife ignorant, she only known me as beta man. When I confessed to my wife that in my spare time im an evil alt-rightest, I think it turned her on!

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Lol I bet it did. We are definitely the new rebels/freedom fighters.

  4. DaShui 1 year ago

    Hey J,

    I think you should consider piggybacking on NPi conferences. Have some dinner or bar experiance fr those Altright interested in the euro situation, who r n town for NPi conference .

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Just looked up the date- its on my birthday actually (Nov 19th). I won’t be able to go this year, but I appreciate the suggestion and very well might try to do something like that next year.

      I actually myself just got to speak at the ‘Northwest Forum’ last weekend. There’s a video of Millenial Woes speaking at it on Counter-Currents but I (and the other presenters other than him) didn’t videotape ourselves. I might type up a transcription of it though. It was on my book and on possible future homelands for our people. Went decently but I have resolved to join Toastmasters to really improve my public speaking.

      If I can keep pumping new articles and books out there maybe I’ll get an NPI invite someday 🙂 If not I’ll buy tickets next year and we’ll do your idea- I think its great.

      Would love to hear how it goes once you get back from it (presume from your comment that you are attending it).

      • DaShui 1 year ago

        I think that’s a sign from Krom that NPi and u share the same day.
        I was going, unfortunately I got trapped in California and can’t make it. I bought some fashy clothes and everything.

        I am trying to find some inauguration tickets , if I can.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Very cool. What kind of fashy clothes? I think I might be lacking in that department lol.

          Inauguration would be rad 🙂

          • Dashui 1 year ago

            Anything tactical. Last year JACK DONOVAN was dressed in a street fighting Fashy way. I myself am going for the 1930’3 Indiana Jones style. Khakis and leather jacket.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Lol yes I saw the video from his speech last year. He’s one muscular dude. I am big myself but I think he has me beat.

            I think I am more of an Indiana Jones guy myself as well. Will keep that in mind 🙂

  5. YesPasaran 1 year ago

    It’s great to see the NRM doing so well. They’re one of the most hardline groups out there, & one of the best. One thing I noticed from the protest in Stockholm is how little the cops could actually do to them, because they had those Roman style riot shields. Very expensive I’m sure but definitely worth it.

    There was a bit of a fight at the NPI conference in DC today. One of our guys got jumped by a mob of antifa, but he took one down with him and got away with just a cut forehead. I’m not sure yet if anything else happened.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey YesPasaran- I saw the video! The one where the antifas grabbed the blonde guy as he was walking in and pulled him away? That was pretty intense… It was great though he had hold of that antifa’s neck for all it was worth if I remember it right.

      How was the conference?

      • YesPasaran 1 year ago

        Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend myself (I’m from a different part of the country & couldn’t make it) but I heard it went very well. Even the lugenpresse is reporting several hundred attendees, which is huge for any American event. Red Ice Radio has roughly 10 hours of footage from the conference if you want to check it out.

        IMO, this is exactly the kind of thing we should do more often, all over North America.

  6. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Say! This is nice!

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