‘Russian Games’ Mark Symbolic Contrast Against Rio Olympics

‘Russian Games’ Mark Symbolic Contrast Against Rio Olympics
August 10, 2016 Admin

The Olympics, when you examine them, have a number of features that fit very cozily in a Nationalist/Traditionalist/Identitarian paradigm. First is the very ‘Nationalistic’ structure of the games. They are nation vs nation, with all the attendant pride-in-country, tribalism, and “Völkishness” that entails. Secondly is the physical, combative, martial spirit of the games. Individuals and teams from every corner of the globe meeting to run and jump and box and wrestle is a rare demonstration of raw physicality and aggression in an otherwise meek and physically-alienated modern landscape. Thirdly is the games’ very un-ambiguousness treatment of gender. The Olympics have men’s events, and women’s events- there is nothing else and nothing in between. The Olympics today still represent normal human gender binary-ism, as opposed to ‘gender-fluidity’, as we so often hear about today.

All of this of course creates friction, since the modern Western Progressive nations that control the Olympics stand in firm opposition to such ideas. As a result of this we get all the usual social engineering and propaganda. To quote Breitbart’s description of the opening ceremonies:

The spectacle attempting to tell the story of the host country owed more to Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed than any History of Brazil. It wasn’t so much even a Disneyfied version of a great nation’s past than a homage to the current shibboleths of the type of people who once imagined such things as Esperanto, the Olympics, Live Aid, and the metric system as deliverance for fallen humanity, i.e., the panjandrums running the games and the bigwigs broadcasting it.

A 12-year-old rapper who Matt Lauer dutifully informed “challenges” racism and sexism in her art dropped rhymes on the world. Nothing was lost in translation from gibberish to English.

The show depicted favelas as colorful places where everyone smiles, dances, and wears clean clothes. The NBC hosts claimed that “the richest elements of Brazilian culture” come from “the poorest neighborhoods.” So do the worst smells, ugliest crimes, itchiest venereal diseases, and most pitiful illiteracy. Brazilians, judging from the broadcast, are rich in poverty.

The multicultural pageant added an ominous soundtrack for European explorers arriving in Brazil, depicted African slaves pushing a human hamster wheel, and even gave a visual shout-out to the one percent of Asians in the country. Everyone enjoyed an equal role even if some Brazilians were more equal than others.

Russian games 3

With all of this on display at the 2016 Olympics, it was stylistically appropriate that Russia had been banned. The banning was for apparently cheating at the last Olympics through the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Whether they cheated or not is of little importance to this article however, as it is the symbolic importance of Russia’s absence that is relevant. For in this make-believe gushy-gushy world of utopic diversity and multiculturalism, Russia is public enemy number one. The Western governments that run the games view the Russians- with their autocratic style, closed borders, and focus on traditionalism- as anathema and dangerous. No doubt they are glad the Russians are not there, and are thus unable to take their nationalism, aggressiveness, and competitive spirit- and ruin the Olympics. Its not like the games sprang forth from such ideals right?

Russian athletes and officials regularly engage in ceremonies and celebrations evocative of Russian culture, history, and nationalism.

Russian athletes and officials regularly engage in ceremonies and celebrations evocative of Russian culture, history, and nationalism.

Therefore it was exciting news when it was announced that Russia had decided to hold their own games, in which their athletes banned from the official Olympics can compete. As the headline from The Daily Telegraph reads: “Russia’s banned track and field team are to compete in their own event in the wake of their Rio Olympics ban.”

The article goes on describe the events, which will take place at “Moscow’s Znamensky Brothers Stadium”, and referenced the fact that Putin himself had spoken about their importance:

Putin, a keen practitioner of judo and ice hockey, made his comments to over 100 sportspeople, some of whom have been banned from going to the Rio Games next month because of doping allegations by the IAAF and other federations.

Occasionally looking glassy-eyed and emotional, Putin complained that many of those prevented from going had not been served with specific or proven doping accusations.

“It is obvious that the absence of Russian sportspeople — leaders in many sporting disciplines — will significantly affect the intensity of the competition and diminish the spectator value of the forthcoming events,” said Putin.

For us, as Identitarians, this was welcome news. Any contrast with the propaganda of Globalism and Progressivism is good, and particularly with a Rio Olympics so stinking of both. And while the Olympic organizers continually remind us that the games were created to be a “Celebration of Peace”, today’s games are more a celebration of “Peacefulness”: a fantasy idea of infinite and self-reproducing tolerance. The Olympic celebrations representing the corollaries of this fantasy idea- mass-immigration, cultural decadence, anti-natalism, and White Suicidalism- will be contrasted with an atmosphere at the Russian games that will- I would wager- evoke the original spirit of the Olympics far better than the ones in Rio.

For if the original Olympics were indeed a celebration of “Peace”, they were also always a stand-in for war (and a representation of it). This is what sporting events have always been, from the Iliad onward. With peace being something that could only be won through war, the original Olympics were thus a celebration and re-enactment of both. Russia, and Putin, understand this. The elites in the West no longer do. Unfortunately for them however- and as the Olympics show- history repeats itself, and before long they will see this truth firsthand.


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    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Dashui- thank you for sharing this! It is absolutely fascinating and I have read through almost the entire booklet. I think I am going to do a short post inspired by it. Where did you find it?

      • DaShui 11 months ago

        From a Matt Bracken link off Facebook.

  1. Death to traitors and cowardz 11 months ago

    The Olympics is totally sterile and uninteresting. There are some really inane sports where some athletes are merely competing, not on merit, but on account of being the only people in their countries who do this trivial event–women’s rugby for example.

    It’s too bloated. And since much of Russia isn’t competing how do you know those on the podium are really the best?

    In our ethnostate we need to focus on a few practical basics as competitive events, and forget the rest. Martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, and maybe some track and field events. Every White man should have access to these from birth. Most other events are superfluous and just there to fill in the time. Why anyone would want to be the world’s best table tennis player strikes me as insane. What a useless and trivial thing to invest time and money in.

  2. Author
    Admin 11 months ago

    Lol I think you make a good point there… I always think about that kind of stuff in regards to people who religiously watch sports- as in, how can you spend so many hours of your life watching other men play football/basketball/etc when you aren’t even doing it yourself? But when it comes to some of these sports your right, I don’t know if I would really feel like I had lived a life to be that proud of if the majority of it had been dedicated to one single little rare sport like that.

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