Scandinavian Silver: An Interview With Identitarian Jewelry-Maker And Author ‘Ogier’

Scandinavian Silver: An Interview With Identitarian Jewelry-Maker And Author ‘Ogier’
November 15, 2016 Admin

The following post is an interview I recently did with ‘Ogier’, a jewelry-maker and artist-author from Scandinavia. We are keeping his exact location and his real name somewhat vague, since his (very reasonable) views on mass-immigration are still violently opposed by his country’s government/media/intelligentsia.

Still from graphic novel "Europocalypse".

Still from graphic novel “Europocalypse”.

Ogier’s thoughts and story are inspiring as well as enlightening, for they show the balancing act nationalists in Europe like him must manage, trying to on the one hand protect their wives and children, while on the other still fight and organize against mass-immigration and government-sponsored cultural suicide.

As I have said many times before, one of the greatest privileges of running this website is getting the chance to meet impressive individuals from all over Europe and the West, and Ogier is certainly such a case.

-The Identitarian-themed jewelry he creates is like something out of the Lord of the Rings, and there are pictures and a video below of his creations.

-He is also the creator/author of a partially-completed graphic novel set in a fictional future Europe deep in the throes of civil war. You can check it out here:

-And finally, he bridges the gap between Vanguardist and Hindterlandist, keeping a low profile professionally but also attending Identitarian gatherings like NPI, etc.

Again, the graphic novel can be found here:

I am also embedding a video showcasing his jewelry line below. Photos of individual pieces are also posted throughout the article.

I hope readers find the interview informative, and that it inspires others to go out and create art and media too. I think more and more every day we realize the great importance of culture in this war, and as a result, every point of entry and piece of art, information, and media we can create is another chance at awakening for our tragically misled brethren.


Norrheim Jewelry


Interview with ‘Ogier’ (below):

-Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Ogier, I´m a jewelry designer from Scandinavia. I´m in my thirties and have several young children with my beautiful wife.


-How would you describe your beliefs, and have they always been that way or did you undergo a sort of ‘red-pilling’ or ‘awakening’?

Maybe a person of my outlook can be referred to as Identitarian, Nationalist, Eurocentric or ethnonationalist. But really, I think that I am just a normal, healthy European man, and that to give that a name is kind of not giving it its right place. Those who are on the other side are really representing the deviation, who thus should have the labels, as they are Cultural-Marxists, multiculturalists, globalists, career politicians, traitors, cucks etc. My beliefs are that Europeans are the rightful inheritors of their homelands, that ethnic, cultural and linguistic heterogeneity is a menace to all peoples, and that homogeneity in these same parameters is the best, tested formula for peace and tranquility in every nation on the planet. At least that is true for European lands.

I believe that the breaking down of ethnic homogeneity in European homelands, whether purposefully intended or not, is a genocidal attack on my children and myself, which I intend to resist in every way. The people destroying this treasure, this home, this safe-haven that my ancestors passed down for my children to inherit, those people say that since it is their homeland too, they have the right to alter it completely, to disinherit my children. Well, they have it the wrong way around: it is only theirs too, insofar as they don´t harm the land or the other inheritors. If they harm it, they loose their claim on it, and they are in the camp of the enemy. This is how it always was with treason, and in my mind this has not changed a bit.

But how did I wake up to see that things were going the wrong way, that the normalcy I was surrounded by was not as safe and sound as it appeared? The ‘Muhammed (Cartoon) Crisis’ in 2005 was the beginning of my awakening. 9/11 did´t really dawn on me the same way, because it could be a matter of the US being involved in Muslim countries. But the Muhammad Cartoon controversy? Muslim reactions made no sense to an apolitical soft European like myself: We had a military presence in Muslim countries, but why did they burn our embassies? Because of caricatures? Published in Denmark among Danes as part of internal political conversation? We could kill Muslims, and they went along, but when we made silly caricatures they declared war on us? Imams who had sought refuge in Denmark concocted an organized campaign to make our government retract our right to essentially criticize Islam. They were traitors to the nation of course. But what made me realize we had a huge problem was that so many average Muslims sided with their point of view. And then too that so many Danes wanted to give in? It was like a nightmare to see them retreat and crawl this way! This really turned my conservative genes on, never to snooze again.


Since then I followed the Counterjihad, until I stumbled upon a pearl in the mud: the “Masters of The Universe” speechby Alex Kurtagic. Finally I found a visionary, positive, self-assertive approach, with a holistic, inspiring vision of artists, warriors, aristocrats, Europeans coming together as a force for change. The Counterjihad always was reacting, complaining and cuckolding themselves. This was the real deal; unapologetic. If this struggle is for Europe, for Europeans, then it should be Europeans doing it, no tokens and apologies taking main stage. Via Kurtagic I found Counter-Currents and Alternative Right, and it was such a bliss to find that others were like me, except they had thought much longer and deeper on these things than myself. I had only found a few of my friends as allies in this battle before that, but finally I felt that there was a broader awakening possible.

-Can you describe your partially completed graphic novel? And do you have plans to finish it?

It is the Europe 2034 I envisioned back in 2010. Civil strife and decay, the EU elite keeping their line of appeasing Muslims and hammering nationalism. Many of our people are fleeing Western Europe to Eastern Europe, which I even back then believed had the will to make a safeheaven for European nationalism, so as to let western Europeans reorganize to reconquer Western Europe. Orban is proving to valid this hope, even if I believed the Czechs would be the central players in this counter-block. We follow a group of young European men and women as they are deployed in civil war Paris, to help the resistance rescue a large group of trapped European civilians. Then they go on to hunt down traitorous EU politicians.

I wanted to create something fun and adventurous, something to light up the spirit of European youth, to see the conflict, to take their own side even if media/etc. constantly tells them they would be evil for doing so. In that sense it was lighthearted counter-propaganda. I was tired of the weeping gloom and doom of the Counterjihad, and I wanted to give people the experience of following a group of heroes, who as the most natural thing took their own side, the side of Europe. As fellow Europeans uniting in their common struggle. Finally fighting back, and having a great time doing it. It is also a bit of a revenge-porn scenario. I was so angry at those politicians betraying us, that I wanted to give them a bit of a wink of what eventually awaits down the road when you betray your people.

I would like to finish it but also have competing obligations- as a result if there are any comic book artists reading this, they can contact me if they want to work with me on finishing it and getting it out on kindle or the like.

-What are your thoughts on the situation in Europe? What do you think the future holds for Europe?

Just a few years back, I felt that too few were seeing what this colonization trajectory has in store for us, and also it appeared to me as if we were only a handful who really had resistance in our soul, and that reawakening the masses was far away. I could not have foreseen how the Alt Right would rise to prominence in the US, and how the refugee crisis, as well as terror, would jump-start the survival instincts in so many more Europeans. Now there really is a potential to create a new cultural wave of anti establishment, new Europeanism.


I went to the NPI Conference in Budapest in 2014, and just back then the whole thing felt very vulnerable. We are gaining so much in numbers and talents, that I now feel very different. In my heart, I already had decided that keeping Europe the home for our European peoples was the rock that we European men are destined and required to fight and die on, but now, just two years after, I know that we absolutely can win, and that we will win. We can feel the winds of change under our wings, we are the radicals of our time, the left is old and tired, it is a house of cards. In the comic I foresaw civil strife, but I believe we can overcome this ordeal without it. We have to be prepared for both opportunities. If Trump wins, repatriations will become normalized, and the moral Overton Window in the wider West will be influenced. Then we can maybe over a thirty or fifty years period repatriate all our guests peacefully from Europe too, first the criminals, then the welfare munchers, and so on. Greg Johnson has a great peace on this on Counter-Currents called The Slow Cleanse.

If Hillary wins, we will probably continue down the dangerous path we are on now, where so many politicians pretend it is immoral to return the homelands of the Europeans to their rightful owners, in order for these politicians to not admit they have done wrong and then have to grab the poisonous nettle by its root. Instead they then pass on the problem until they will to be dead or safely out themselves, as Enoch Powell said when asked why, if his colleagues actually saw the same as he, did nothing to prevent civil strife. If Hillary wins, then we will have to regain our homelands the hard way. This might be our destiny, and if it is, we will embrace that too. I will be happy to lead a life as a father, husband, artist and worker. I will be just as happy to end my life in the coming years in a sudden and violent manner, fighting for my people among burning, turned over cars. Since it is the prospect of doing what is right for my children, for my nation, for my ancestors and my civilization, that moves my soul. Whatever this calling brings, it is the way it should be, it is destiny and I embrace it with thanks. Thanks for being alive at this important moment in time and space, where I can give myself to such a worthy cause. There is a time to sow, a time to reap and a time for war.

European man is the vessel of our soul community’s journey, if European man is destroyed this journey will end. But I believe European man has exactly become what he is through overcoming, we are meant to be challenged, to the brink of destruction perhaps, to then overcome and reincarnate our purpose in a further-crystalized form, with violent vigor.

-What resources, websites, etc do you find most helpful as an Identitarian/someone concerned with what is going on in Europe?


My daily routine is:,, Millennial Woes on Youtube,, and I think especially is good for bringing in new folks, because you really feel a sense of community, and a boost from realizing how many is coming on. I have been contemplating making stickers to put up in my city to advertise for them, but I don’t know how effective it would be. Can’t harm to try it out though.

I also recommend, and [4]. And then I like Marcus Follin, or The Golden One. If Hillary wins, he will be the kind of Swedish brother I will want to join and fight alongside with in the Europocalypse.

-Can you tell us about your jewelry? How did you get into the jewelry business? What interesting facts should we know about it?

It was a coincidence, as jewelry never interested me as such. I met a brilliant artist when I was younger who taught me the technical skills, and what I liked about it was the creative ability of translating into 3d what I was good at in 2d. I was good at drawing, so good this kind artist said, that I maybe could make a living from it. He was right. But I really want to make bigger things now, sculptures, paintings, etc.

However, I made this Norse jewelry project on my own, because I wanted it to become a catalyst for European self-realization of ancestry and destiny, history, ethnic and cultural awareness.

-What are your plans for the future?


I have many more pro-European projects in the tube, among them another comic, a children’s book, and then I will try and get my oil paintings exhibited. However, it is a bit entryist in nature at the moment, so I can´t show them here, until I have at least attempted to gain some traction in the mainstream. Of course the contemporary art scene is in full decadence-mode, and they are good at sniffing anything out that is the least pro-European and keeping it out, but one much do it anyway, and find the cracks in this colossus that is the degenerate contemporary art scene.

-How can people support your work?

They can´t do much at the moment for my work specifically, but as I want to have things published in the future, and create art shows and build pro-European communities, it is important for me that we support and grow those pro-European publishers, blogs and communities that are already there. I myself financially support a few ventures monthly as much as I can afford, and I wholeheartedly encourage others to do so too. We need to build up each other that way. And then, when these ventures grow, more artists and authors can get their work out and find patrons through this network, and a new cultural scene can establish itself in the near future.

I also am grateful you wanted to do this interview, and I hope more and more artists will show their true colors, so we can find each other and build connections. I myself will hopefully in the not too distant future be able to go under my full name, without loosing my bread. In the end we will have our own art shows and galleries that will actually be about something, that will actually be anti-establishment, that will actually be revolutionary, and we will undermine the current cultural hegemony. To make this happen, we need patronage, and we can all put in a little something today. That is the best support anyone can give me at the moment, and then one day they will meet my creations on one of these venues they supported.

Thank you Julian, and thank you to your readers!




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