Secret “Plessis Group” Report Outlines Just What Level Of Threat Immigration Crisis Represents

Secret “Plessis Group” Report Outlines Just What Level Of Threat Immigration Crisis Represents
March 20, 2016 Admin

Today in France Le Figaro published an anonymous report from “a group of senior officials”, with the nom de guerre of “The Plessis Group”, outlining their thoughts on the level of threat the migration crisis and continued immigration represents.

Other than a very short translation on Diversity Macht Frei of one paragraph, there is no English version yet on the web. Therefore what is contained below is the “google translate” version. Obviously it leaves much to be desired, but it does give a good, general idea of the message these officials are trying to convey.

I will search again later this afternoon for a full English translation and update the post with it once one (hopefully) exists.

For the original article click here.

Migration now facing Europe an existential challenge. Do not be naive, migration wave, if nothing serious is done, is not about to stop. This massive population movement, engaged in decades, accelerated sharply with the Libyan crisis which has opened access to the central Mediterranean to African migrants. This is further amplified with the Syrian crisis, opening the roads of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean to a massive new inflows from the Near and Middle East, but also in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is no reason in the present state of things, to think that this movement will exhaust itself, on the contrary, the candidates initially in the millions. And novelty for Europe is now a wave of Algerian illegal immigration!

At that migration crisis, deeply destabilizing for the European nations, has added the risk of terrorism. Convergent indications that fighters Daech, hundreds and perhaps thousands, take advantage of this flows to infiltrate Europe. Latest, General Breedlove, commander of NATO forces in Europe, said on March 1 before the Armed Services Committee of the US Senate that “Europe faces the daunting challenge of these mass migrations triggered by instability and collapse of states and criminals hiding displacement, terrorists and foreign fighters. In this mixture, the Islamic state is spreading like a cancer … “. For his part, the Director of Europol estimated that between 3000 and 5000 the number of jihadists infiltrated Europe. Many of them are certainly past among migrants, like many of the bombing of assassins November and the 4th commando whose existence has just learned. Moreover, Manuel Valls has himself acknowledged that several terrorists “have taken advantage of the crisis of migrants to slip into France.”

Concern also the proportion of young men among the migrants. Displaced by war populations, as is the case elsewhere in camps in Turkey, generally composed at least an equal number of women and men. However, according to Eurostat, 72% of asylum seekers in Europe in 2015 are men, so much so that in Sweden now, the male / female ratio of 16/18 years amounted to 123 for 100 or more degraded proportion in China …

Other alarming signs appeared: the attacks of Cologne and similar events revealed since the attacks of Christians in refugee households in Germany, the warnings of religious leaders of the Levant. So, among these migrants, how many soldiers, how supporters of radical Islam and jihad, how much more or less benevolent neutral, how fanatics?

Decidedly, migrants are non-conventional weapons ( “hybrid war”) has raised Donald Tusk, the very consensual president of the European Council, before the European Parliament 23 September 2015. However, it is not clear who holds the weapon of mass destabilization. However, one can safely say that it benefits Daech, of course, but also to Turkey with known disorder also play in Syria. And it is with this same Turkey that German Chancellor after led Europe into chaos, dares to negotiate a fool which can ensure fail if it goes ahead, it will be implemented only for the benefit of Turkey. (!) For the Turks free movement in Europe, doubling European aid from three to six billion euros, advanced in the EU accession negotiations; for Europeans: the promise of readmissions hypothetical especially given the legal barriers, asylum seekers arriving in Greece, with more, and it is the height, resettlement in Europe, one for one, of Syrian refugees in Turkey. And it presents the agreement as a victory! The Sublime Porte knows our weaknesses … enjoy!

This flawed agreement, if not disastrous, do not or hardly restrain migration, yet evokes emotion of beautiful souls who see an intolerable infringement of the dogma that immigration is good by nature, and all better than it is massive. Faced with the migration crisis, European elites appear powerless, petrified by their contradictions, caught between fear of the consequences of this unprecedented event and irenic vision of immigration. Yet some have taken the measure of the disaster, especially in Eastern Europe where the most threatened countries are trying to unite to stem the flow and protect their borders. This is proof that the EU, simple bureaucratic management body, is incapable of ensuring the security of Europeans. Only states that have, as defined by Max Weber, the monopoly of legitimate violence, are able to oppose by force if necessary, albeit with restraint and discernment, illegal crossing of borders. And this is the great weakness of Europe and western states of the continent than give in advance to use force; it is the abdication of any control over its destiny; This opens the door to all bids.

Meanwhile in France, yet suffered deadly attacks, our political class has no worries. On February 18 vote, in secret, in a near-deserted Chamber, a surreal immigration law, which will make even more difficult the return of illegal migrants and failed asylum (see, on February 19 FigaroVox the excellent forum Alexis Théas). We are thus now sure that no illegal or asylum seeker, or nearly so, who sets foot in France if not voluntarily walk away. Our Government decidedly grows to a climax the art of being against the current … But silence on these subjects to the right, all in the preparation of primary and its camera quarrels, no less staggering and shows a futile and disturbing casualness. As for the FN, its members have not even participated in the vote in the last act.

It is not impossible that we are witnessing an event of historic proportions that marks the end of Europe as a political construction and sustainable destabilization and perhaps irreparable European companies. Moreover, we hear more and more French loans from abroad to find it for themselves and their families, security and the future that they now think not being able to find in France. Faced with this evil wind, solutions exist (see eg our article of 14 October), the first of which there are effective and active protection, if necessary by force, our borders and rethinking our whole legal and administrative system of migration management. But it lacks a voice, respected and credible, serious, deliberate and patriot, to bring them into the political field. We, like others, expect the emergence of this personality

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    The President of Hungry made a similar history changing speech about the need for the European people to stand tall against the invaders and their perpetrators, to save Europe.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      That was an awesome speech. Orban is a definite glimmer of hope in the midst of the horror permeating Western Europe.

  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    Irish Savant chews the crud on the Eurocrat deal with Tayip – a crypto DRF (undoubtedly )and partaker of the group mind / mad plan with his co-ethnics in Israhell and Saudi Arabian ruling dynasty (all jews)

    Here is the Wile E Coyote moment. “You see it depends on what the Eurocrats wanted to achieve. If their objective was to temporarily halt the politically embarassing flood of rapefugees while ensuring he European population replacement project
    [ ]
    remained on course then in fact it was a very good deal. They appear to have done something about the crisis while reducing the momentum of the far-right.”
    “That Turkish Deal” March 20 2016

    The momentum and urgency of the European response to the invasion will slow because the non-psychopathic mind is at such a disadvantage in stategy and tactics against the Kalergi Plan. The Savant is right. The Eurocrats are counting on that.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Sharp, analytical minds think along similar lines.

    It’s amusing to me how anyone can’t see the looming fight.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Do you think the attacks in Belgium will spark any retaliation?

    I’m not holding my breath.

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