Sentiment And Action

Sentiment And Action
July 6, 2017 Admin

The below video is about the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, where the 48 year old white guy drove over a bunch of Muslims outside a violent Islamist Mosque in an act of insurgency/terrorism/4GW violence.

I stumbled upon the video by accident and had never heard of the host before. Judging from his looks alone I thought it would be a left-wing video, however I was totally mistaken.


The guy, ‘LaWerewolf'(?), makes some very cogent points.

He says that at this point pretty much everyone is saying “Its the Muslims, stupid” and “f*ck Islam” but that that doesn’t address the issue of the Overton Window in terms of policy or action, only in sentiment.

As he states:

“[Everyone] is tired of it… The politicians are doing nothing, the Muslim community is doing nothing, so the average person has to take it upon themself to change the situation. So I think the issue here is the Overton Window. Its very easy to say ‘F*ck Islam’ or ‘Islam is cancer’, a lot of people on the internet do that, but the thing here is what does that mean? What does that translate to in terms of action? Does it mean you want to go out and kill Muslims? Does it mean you want to vote for a politician who believes in the mass deportation of all Muslims in your population? Or does it mean a Donald Trump-style Muslim-ban?”

He goes on to posit that he thinks there will be more attacks like the above, because the “government has failed [their native citizens]…” and that eventually it will culminate in the mass deportation of Europe’s Muslims.

My thoughtsSentiment

I actually wouldn’t say I share the sentiment of ‘F*ck Islam’, and ‘Islam is cancer’. While I do think Islam is somewhat sadistic in both ideology and practice (they are WAY too into cutting off body parts and whipping people, etc) and while I would relish the chance to kill the Muslim child-rapists in Rotherham/Aylesbury/Rochedale/Oxford/every other corner of the UK, on the whole I think blaming ‘Islam’ is a lame excuse for Europe’s troubles. Indeed, its sort of like the equivalent of lighting oneself on fire and then complaining about the smell of burnt skin.

INSTEAD, one needs to blame the ideology of Multiculturalism and the practice of mass-immigration AS A WHOLE, (and those echo-ey forces that have pushed Progressivism in the first place). I wouldn’t care if Europe swapped out all the Muslims for Hindus or Eskimos or Bantu people, I would still favor repatriation (although a fair and empathetic process of repatriation), as well as swift punishment of Lofven/Merkel/Soros/et al.  (Although I will grant the counterjihadis the fact that mass Muslim immigration probably brings with it additional dangers those other groups would not)

But wasn't European democracy what lead to Islamization? Is a Sikh counterjihadi Sweden the answer? Can 'Based Sri Lankans' save Germany? What the heck is going on here?

But wasn’t European democracy what lead to Islamization? Is a Sikh counterjihadi Sweden the answer? Can ‘Based Sri Lankans’ save Germany? What the heck is going on here?

I think LaWerewolf is right though about such ‘F*ck Islam’ rhetoric, and perhaps my own rhetoric in the above sentence, for while it may have an effect in shifting the Overton Window in terms of sentiment it does not shift it in terms of action.

As a result, I wanted to offer my ideas for ‘action’. Ideas that are right now outside the Overton Window of ‘action’, but which will hopefully become a part of it very soon.

To do this, I am going to focus on political solutions, and pick out one country with which to do it.


I will use Denmark for this purpose.

In my humble opinion, Denmark should do the following:Norwegian national day wikimeda commons 4

-Immediately halt all immigration from all other countries, except perhaps Swedes/Norwegians/American/etc who can claim Scandinavian heritage and wish to achieve Danish citizenship.

-Draw up an amendment to the constitution stating that the survival of the native Danish population and policies to ensure that survival will take precedence over all other laws, and declare that the country will begin re-evaluating its membership in the EU, and that in the meantime it will comply with no EU directives, laws, or regulations which violate the above-stated goal of native Danish survival.

-Immediately ban all George Soros-funded NGO’s and similar organizations.

-Immediately fire all radical left-wing university administrators and potentially close all non-business/law/STEM-based degree programs.

-Declare all granting of citizenship that has taken place since the 1960’s to have been the work of an anti-European fifth column within the government, and retroactively annul that citizenship for all parties who received it.

-Immediately institute the draft with service being mandatory for all native Danish citizens between the ages of 18-35 (military service for males, nursing and logistical work for unmarried, childless females).

-Tell the immigrant population that your really sorry they are involved in all this insanity and that you wish the nutjob Baby-Boomers had never imported them all in and acquiesced to the ideas pushed by this fifth column (since the fact is that besides perhaps the healthcare and benefits they have received, those immigrants aren’t any better off either, and likely worse than if they had never come to Europe), and let them know that they will need to leave the country forthwith, but will receive aid to do so.

-Unveil repatriation plan based primarily upon carrots, but with sticks as necessary. All immigrants and immigrant-descended individuals who agree to return to their country of origin would receive financial incentives for doing so.

-Attempt to work with the Visegrad nations and Trump administration to diplomatically isolate all MENA governments that won’t take part in the above-mentioned repatriation.

-Diplomatically isolate and freeze relations with all European neighbors continuing suicidalist policies. Immediately militarize the Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark to Malmo. Place troops on the border with Germany.

-Have national, criminal trials for those fifth-column forces who attempted to destroy the country, as well as those who collaborated with them.

-Complete repatriation process, with ‘high priority’ individuals (from populations/origin groups with strong rates of crime and terrorism, etc) being given very short-term windows in which they must leave the country, and with all ‘low priority’ individuals (perhaps immigrants from China who are economically productive, etc) being given much longer (I don’t particularly mind the odd individual Chinese or Indian person being in Denmark temporarily, however as noted above I believe Denmark should follow Japan’s example of rejecting the idea of ‘multiculturalism’ completely).

-Institute some kind of more illiberal, even Republican form of government where the Democratic process can never again be subverted through mass-immigration. A very clear ‘rule of law’, free and transparent process, but where (perhaps like China in this one specific regard) cultural cohesion and continuance is regarded as sacrosanct, and where potentially some group of ‘Senior Councillors’ or ‘Cultural Elders’ or Mannerbunde has partial power over the Executive Branch.

-Institute policies designed to maximize small business, reign in the power of multinational corporatism, and incentivize and push for increased natalism so the population can bounce back from its declining trajectory.

-Make Denmark a proud, beautiful nation again, with a strong, traditionalist culture (like something out of Lord of the Rings).


22nd Century Austrian Monument Depicting The Reconquest of it, Denmark, and Eastern Germany in 2023 AD.

22nd Century Austrian Monument Depicting The Reconquest of it, Denmark, and Eastern Germany in 2023 AD.

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  1. shadowman 6 months ago

    A very good article – I agree!

    Going off-topic for a little while – one thing that would be of considerable help in dealing with the Muslim invaders would be if a *plague* epidemic broke out in Europe. We know that in the Middle Ages, plague tended to hammer the poor people more than the rich (who could escape to country-houses etc) and it is the case that the poor are now overwhelmingly *Muslims*. Combine that with massively-overcrowded living conditions (and large Muslim families) and it seems to me that conditions are very good for a plague outbreak soon. ( Many invaders come from North Africa too, where plague is endemic. )

    It is true that such an outbreak would hit Europeans too, but I would still be confident that it would decimate the Muslims much more than us. ( It need not be plague, of course – influenza can be a killer too….. )

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Have you ever read this book Shadowman?

      Its absolutely amazing. One of the most interesting non-fiction books I have ever read.

      Actually one could see some kind of tragic disease outbreak occurring in Europe pretty easily as a result of the change in conditions to being more third worldish, etc.

      I read a really interesting article on the Occidental Observer about the Grenfell Tower fire, and how really the whole fire was caused by the ‘green’, ‘carbon neutral’ stuff they put around the outside of the building to make it more energy efficient or whatever, combined with the kind of folks who were living there (folks in poverty from third world nations who were more likely to unintentionally start fires). The TOO writer (who was quite good although I can’t remember his name) talked about it as almost being totemic, and sort of symbolic of the suicidal disaster of self-immolation that is modern England.

      • shadowman 5 months ago

        Hi –

        No, I haven’t read that book – I must check it out sometime!

        “Actually one could see some kind of tragic disease outbreak occurring in Europe pretty easily as a result of the change in conditions to being more third worldish, etc. ”
        Definitely. I am amazed that a huge epidemic hasn’t broken out already!

    • Unknown 5 months ago

      There might occur a discrimination against vaccination deniers, many of whom are well situated green party voting peaceful esoteric human beings who cannot even imagine the possibility that nature is not all good to all humans all the time.

      • Author
        Admin 5 months ago

        Very good point… can’t forget the radical leftist ingredient when looking at potential outbreaks. They bring their own specific *variables* into play, don’t they…

  2. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Read what the UK Guardian has to say about the great non-issue of our times, and look at the photo they chose to accompany their call to action:

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