Sick Joke: Sweden Ranked Best Country To Be A Migrant

Sick Joke: Sweden Ranked Best Country To Be A Migrant
July 11, 2017 Admin

Someone at the US News And World Report must be trolling. Or they are just true-believing SJW’s.

Here is an official pronouncement on Sweden receiving this honor:

Sweden has been ranked the world’s best country for immigrants, ahead of Canada and Switzerland.

Australia and Germany rounded out the top five destination countries, according to US News and World Report.

The site surveyed more than 21,000 people around the world for its “Best Countries” survey and some of the data was used to build the immigrant list.

Criteria included how economically stable a country was, income equality and whether it was “a place I would live”.

Sweden’s strong social welfare system appears to have been a factor, US News reported, and its analysis found Sweden’s decision to take in large numbers of refugees had seen its society diversify.

It sure has become more diverse… far more vibrant in fact.

The list, of course, did not stop at Sweden, but continued onward ranking a bunch of other countries.

Anyone want to take a guess as to who got second place after Sweden?

Canada 🙂

Even the Independent seemed to take a mocking tone in pronouncing this:

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been vocal about the benefits migrants, and particularly refugees, bring the country. Earlier this year he said: “Diversity is our strength.”

Canada is due to allow 300,000 immigrants to enter in 2017.

I guess this confirms once and for all that Canada is the new Sweden….

Diversity Is Strength

There have been a few good takes on the report already this morning.

Fria Tider pointed out that the report ranks countries primarily based on 1) how highly immigrants state they would like to live there, 2) how much money they spend on immmigrants (on ‘immigrant aid’ and ‘language classes’ and stuff like that), and 3) how much money the immigrants typically possess and send back home to their relatives.

Zero Hedge also offered some cogent analysis of the report:

Sweden Wins Award For Best Country To Be A ‘Migrant’

We have written frequently on the topic of migrant crime in Sweden over the past several months. From attacks on journalists and cops, to the development of so-called “no-go zones” where basic police and postal services have been suspended due to soaring crime levels, parts of the otherwise quite Nordic country have been literally transformed by an influx of migrants over the past several years.

So, what’s attracting the droves of migrants to the frozen tundra of northern Europe. Well, luckily U.S. News & World Report has an official ranking to help answer that question and turns out it’s not just the allure of Swedish soccer, or their fans

Swedish soccer fans

My Take

The reason the report is garnering such attention though is that while Sweden might, conceivably, be the best place ‘for’ the migrants (at least until it collapses and they freeze to death), migration has certainly made it an unhappy place for ‘the Swedes’.

For a quick summation of this fact, we have only to take a look at the headlines from Sweden in today’s edition of Free Times. If any leftists have stumbled on this page and are alarmed by the difference from the headlines in the regular, Bonnier-controlled press, I apologize…

[as always, these are translated through Google Translate]

Dark-skinned men slammed the woman and tried to rape her

Young girl assaulted by three men – unknown men tore her into car and an to assault her

Hanif Bali drinks milk- accused of ‘Neo-Fascism’

Ambulance staff abused in Orebro- sufferred ‘hard blows’

1,000 asylum seekers flown directly to Dalarna

Swedish left-wing extremists arrested in Hamburg

Sexual offences at ‘Peace and Love’ festival

Police’s new priority- fight ‘hatred’ against journalists

Shot in Rosegard- 28th shooting in Malmo this year

Hundreds more rapes- rape up 14%

Beat 9 year-old girl in head- gets three months in prison

And finally, the worst of all…

Botkyrka municipality acknowledges: We have thrown away Astrid Lindgren’s ‘racist’ books

This one is almost too much…

I grew up reading Astrid Lindgren’s ‘Bill Bergson’ series, set in Sweden, and they are some of my favorite books in the world. They are about these six little Swedish kids in a village in rural Sweden who invent a game called ‘The Great Mumbo’ that involves them hiding secret treasures around the town, leaving each other clues to the treasures’ whereabouts, crawling across rooftops and old castles at night, and sneaking into each others houses to steal back the treasures and clues from each other.

Absolutely incredible books, now thrown away by the modern Swedes as ‘racist’ relics of the past, back before Sweden was “The best country on earth for migrants”.

Bill Bergson, my most beloved childhood series of books, now thrown into the trash in Sweden and labelled 'racist'.

Bill Bergson, my most beloved childhood series of books, now thrown into the trash in Sweden and labelled ‘racist’.

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    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Eck. Disgusting….

      Did you see the story about Israel going schizophrenic on the George Soros question? Came out and defended him and called Hungary ‘anti-semitic’ for their posters about resisting Soros, and then turned right around and took it back and lambasted Soros for ‘destabilizing Israel and trying to make it so Israel can’t defend itself’.

      Talk about drinking one’s own Kool-aid 🙂

  1. SteveRogers42 7 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Yes, I saw that one! I was going to do a post about it but then a couple other sites beat me to it.

      It seems like every time they profile one of these people as “a model success story” they end up freaking out and murdering some European person within a year. I don’t know if they just do tons of those profiles or if the correlation is just very high!

  2. SteveRogers42 7 months ago

    I guess they thought they were going to Sweden, but went to Switzerland instead.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Jesus man… the dichotomy is just so insane. I guess they must get use to it there but I never can… utterly crazy.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I love the picture at the top lol.

      Also left a comment.

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