Social Experiments Show Swedes’ Reactions To Rape, Abuse Of Women

Social Experiments Show Swedes’ Reactions To Rape, Abuse Of Women
February 25, 2016 Admin

The following two videos (see below) were recent social experiments conducted in Sweden to measure Swedes’ reactions to, in one clip, a rape inside a van in a parking garage, and in the second, moderate intimidation/violence toward a woman on the subway. The first video is by far the more shocking of the two.

The original article from The Local is reprinted in full below, but it and the two videos are certainly fodder for discussion.

The response of the bystanders, is, at one might expect, pretty sickening. To their individual credit, eventually a white Swedish man intervenes in the rape video, and a white Polish man intervenes in the subway video, but only after numerous others walk by.

I had actually thought of something like this before, but where the experiments would be replicated in various countries, with the results carefully measured to analyze responses. In such a way the willingness of Western men to put their safety on the line to defend women could be compared country by country, and some (Russia, and America I would like to think), would score high, while others (Germany and Sweden I would guess), would score low. I would also like to see the different responses in European and Anglosphere countries when the attacker is racially European (as in the subway video below), vs Middle-Eastern or African. If anyone has thoughts on what the outcomes would be I would love to hear them below.

Here is the second video:

I don’t want to sound egotistical, but I would have knocked this guy out before I realized it was a social experiment. I am loathe to attribute too much shame to the Swedes however (the original title to this article was a little more ‘pointed’), because I KNOW there are strong, heroic men in Sweden. I have met them, and there is one in particular I hope to profile on this website in the near future. They have just been conditioned by the sick society around them to such a degree, that scenes such as those in these videos are now possible. I do however fully believe that the existential crisis now confronting them will bring their heroism (and all of our heroism, for that matter) out of dormancy, and ignite a flame that will transform Europe. Indeed we already saw the stirrings of this in the Central Station attacks of several weeks ago.

Here is the original article:

Headline: How many will step in to stop this ‘attack’ in Stockholm?

In the clip, filmed on a Saturday evening at the subway stop in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan), viewers see actor Daniel Norlin angrily lash out at and push innocent bystander (and fellow actor) Sara Henrietta.

Its mission? To see how many onlookers are willing to speak up and stop the situation from escalating.

“We came up with the idea following similar incidents in Stockholm lately. We wanted this to be given more attention and urge people to act in such situations,” Norlin, one of the co-producers of social experiment group Normel TV, told The Local on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, CCTV footage of a similar incident caused a stir in Sweden after it captured a pickpocket hitting and spitting at a mum with two children at the same underground station. Police later arrested a suspect, who faces charges of assault, theft and molestation at one of the capital’s tourist hotspots.

But in the Normel TV clip, created by Norlin himself and co-producer Vlad Reiser – who describe themselves as “two Russian guys who live in Sweden and do awesome vids” – many Stockholm commuters are seen only warily eyeing the visibly shaken victim and her ‘attacker’ without intervening.

“We thought that more people would speak up and react. But actually it wasn’t that many who reacted as we had imagined,” said Norlin.

However, while some choose to walk past, others step in to try to stop the attack.

“It’s not worth it, man,” says one, trying to deflate the tense situation.

“What are you doing?” asks a woman and steps between the pair.

But Norlin told The Local he had expected more people to act. Referring to a Polish man who, in the video, is by far the quickest to intervene, he said: “We have noticed that many people from other cultures often react the most strongly, and that’s what we want to get at, we want Swedes to react in similar situations.”

By Tuesday afternoon the video had been viewed more than 380,000 times on YouTube less than a day after it was published.

“People write that it’s good that these things get attention. The reactions have been very positive,” said Norlin.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    We have taken the bait of individual rights over social responsibility. Individual rights have been promoted to create competition and ambition to further Capitalism. This resulted in the demise of social responsibility, cohesion and concern for others. Little wonder most operate on the principle it’s nothing to do with me.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Agreed. Especially in Sweden I think we see 1) a veritable religion of ‘state’, in which any form of personal action and responsibility is washed away, and 2) the systematic erasure of masculinity that has, over the last 45 years, contributed to scenes like in the videos above.

      I think both are quite interesting, and in regards to #1, I am curious how Russians were in the late 1980’s after decades of communism. Perhaps the communist state never worked well enough and was so repressive that it rather catalyzed more self-sufficiency. Surely the decade of the 1990’s in Russia in which the state and all its apparatuses fell apart instilled a drastically heightened sense of personal accountability and “can-do”-it-ness (which we see today in their drastically different responses to immigrant crime and sexual harassment of their women). Hopefully the same will be able to be said of Sweden as the state collapses there.

  2. Ste-G 2 years ago

    Two whites arguing and shoving each other, would have a very different outcome, if the girl was being hassled by black or brown. The guy who intervened at the end, would have thought twice, conditioned not to intervene, for fear of being seen as racist.

  3. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Yeah I hear y a. I find these experiments absolutely fascinating. I could spend hours upon hours coming up with these if I had the resources and a couple actors like in the above.

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