Soldiers Of Odin Ambushed In Antifa Attack In Stockholm

Soldiers Of Odin Ambushed In Antifa Attack In Stockholm
July 31, 2016 Admin

The Soldiers Of Odin engaged in a melee with Antifa “Anti-fascists” Saturday night, according to Fria Tider.

Apparently the group was patrolling the Kungsgatan district of central Stockholm when a large number of Antifa suddenly materialized and attacked them, sending two of their members to the hospital.

We have profiled the Soldiers of Odin previously. For any who do not know, they are a vigilante group with chapters in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Latvia who patrol towns and cities to prevent Muslim-perpetrated rape of European women and children, along with other commonplace Muslim atrocities. This has placed a huge target on their back, as one might expect in such aggressively Progressive/Suicidalist countries.

The Antifa, who are funded through both quasi-governmental organizations as well as international George Soros-backed groups, attacked the Soldiers of Odin sometime after midnight. The incident can be seen in the video below. The original article can be seen in translated form here.

Considering where the funding for these Antifa groups comes from, it is fair to consider this government-sponsored violence. Where the government of Sweden has not been willing to come right out and tell people they are not allowed to form neighborhood patrols (which is in reality what the Soldiers of Odin effectively engage in), this attack represents their intervention nonetheless. In almost identical fashion, Antifa disrupted an anti-Merkel and anti-invasion rally in Berlin yesterday as well.

Let us not forget the Antifa are also funded by George Soros. It is important to shine a light on this is because it mirrors- to a much more moderate and localized degree- the same architecture we see in larger contests such as Ukraine and even Syria, in which various 4GW groups are sponsored by the governments of nation-states, as well as other “entities” (such as Soros in this case). As things continue to deteriorate in Europe, it will be worth watching how this same interplay grows.

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  1. Ste-G 1 year ago

    Looks like Odin may have to release the Valkyries.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Heckin aye!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Dashui-

      Armstrong suggested jihadis but it seems like they already have plenty of weapons. I was thinking nationalists if anything. Interesting site I had not heard of it before. I am fascinated by investing/stock market stuff though so I was glad to stumble upon it 🙂

  2. Jewel 1 year ago

    Perhaps the sons of Odin can have spies infiltrate Antifa and gather names. And other useful information.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Jewel-

      Thanks for your comment! I only just saw it so only just now got a chance to respond and approve it…

      I actually I saw a video recently of some kind of Identitarian/troll who dressed up like an Antifa and went to some rally. Can’t remember where I came across it. Interesting trying to determine the tactical utility of infiltrating their ranks. I guess in the overall scheme of things their value to their sponsors is primarily 1) propagandistic, in that it is good optics to have young European men “protesting against fascism’ etc, and 2) in their ability inspire terror into ‘regular’ Europeans, as happened in Germany when they harassed that poor dentist for supporting the AfD, handing out leaflets telling people not to go to his practice.

      Would be great to achieve some kind of 4GW success at their expense, certainly. Any ideas on this?

      And then yeah, again thanks for commenting- please keep sharing your thoughts on the site!

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