Soros’s Lackeys Outed In Sweden, Media Landscape A Little More Flattened

Soros’s Lackeys Outed In Sweden, Media Landscape A Little More Flattened
October 14, 2016 Admin

One of the most interesting developments right now that I have not seen a lot of discussion on is the fluidity of these leaks we are seeing, primarily involving Wikileaks and their work with John Podesta’s emails, internal DNC communications (like the kind that got that sick monster Debbie Wasserman-Schulz fired), and- very relevant to us- ‘DC Leaks’ leaked copies of information from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The aspect of this that has not been heavily remarked upon and that which I am referring to is the fact that the information is coming so hard and heavy and is of such a monumental scope that it seems to exceed the ability of those who would take advantage of it to do so.

Massive Amounts Of Material

Sean Hannity was discussing the issue as a whole yesterday (on the radio while I was driving) and remarked upon the fact that you would literally need gigantic teams of people going through these leaks to truly synthesize all the information. With establishment Republicans increasingly showing their true colors and turning their back on Donald Trump however, it seems unlikely that such resources will be brought to bear before the election.

This is unfortunate, but lest anyone think I am being pessimistic (or forgetting that this site is about the war in Europe), let me explain the significance. Before I do we must first take a detour to the front lines however, where certain members of the occupation government in Sweden have been exposed for what they really are.

From our friends at Free Times comes the following article (translated through google translate).

Its title is “Swedish Politicians Most Loyal To Soros”

The European Parliament is the most Swedish politicians who are considered the most “loyal ally” with the financier George Soros, international cultural Marxist foundation Open Society, according to leaked documents.

Open Society has hired a consulting firm given the task to go through the members of the European Parliament and assess whether politicians can be considered likely to support the Foundation’s “values” until the end of a term 2019th

The list, which appears in a leaked document , has not been taken up by Swedish media, but attention is now the Nordic Resistance Site North Front.

A categorization of the names in the document shows that it is the Swedish politicians considered to be by far the most servile before George Soros political ambitions. As many as 13 of the 20 Swedish MEPs (equivalent to 65 percent) are classified as “loyal allies”.

In second and third place will Ireland and Finland, where 54.5 per cent and 53.8 per cent of the members are considered to be the Soros loyal. On the ground ports rather than the central and eastern European countries, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary, where only 2 of 21, 1 of 11 and 1 of 21 seen as loyal supporters of the Open Society.

Among the Swedes are high-profile names like Lars Adaktusson (KD), Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (M), Peter Eriksson (MP), Fredrick Federley (C), Gunnar Hökmark (M) and Soraya Post (Fi).

Another politician who is considered to be “allied” with Soros is the Irish IRA bomber Martina Anderson, which Breitbart News earlier reported about.

The leaked report has been published on the site DC Leaks , where about 2,500 documents from the Open Society legible.

The documents shows that Soros funded left extreme Expo and financier Daniel Sachs during the election campaign in 2014 to combat the SD’s growing public support.

The article is interesting as a whole, but there is one specific item that really caught my eye:

The list, which appears in a leaked document, has not been taken up by Swedish media, but attention is now the Nordic Resistance Site North Front.

This is interesting. Free Times may not be a Swedish-establishment Bonnier-family newspaper, but it is the newspaper of Sweden’s second largest political party- the Sweden Democrats– which is also a party reported to be abandoning its right flank to move toward the center and become mainstream. With this being the case, the fact that they are reporting favorably upon the Nordic Resistance Movement is very interesting.

They are stating that the Swedish mainstream press has covered up the connections between Soros and his puppet M.E.P.’s (and MP’s and Cabinet Members). It is instead the Nordic Resistance Movement, according to Free Times, who has gotten the information out there.

Note: To see the N.R.M’s original report and research on Soros’s control over these M.E.P.’s, click here. (Regrettably I cannot get google translate to translate it for some reason)

This returns us to the question of all the leaked material in general.

As I mentioned, there is such an abundance of information between Wikileaks and DC Leaks that it is likely valuable items will not receive the immediate focus they needd. With the American election a little over three weeks away, and Europe disintegrating by the day, the utility of this leaked information is tragically waning because of the shortage of groups able to 1) synthesize it, and 2) broadcast it. Yet this allows our movement a shining opportunity. As the Nordic Resistance Movement shows, our sites and our groups are getting the chance to play an important part in the struggle by doing these two things. We are (to use the NRM example) quite literally seizing the narrative and bringing the information to the masses that the establishment is trying to suppress. The entire situation is an example of the increasingly flattened media landscape I recently speculated upon.

Indeed, there is much cause of hope. Our memes are infecting and altering the mainstream discourse, regular citizens are turning on the traitorous elites, and groups like the N.R.M that are normally treated as anathema even among ‘far-right’ political parties, are suddenly having their research catapulted into the broader discourse.

All of this- in my opinion- violently rips the Overton window to the right. We have only to continue capitalizing on the momentum to shift it further. Sure, the liberal-globalist-corrupt-media nexus may succeed in stealing the election from Trump, importing millions more invaders into Europe, and throwing more and more of our people in prison… but in our tireless attempts at fighting back we are gaining valuable experience in combating the corrupt media, in navigating the 4GW landscape, and in the creation of meta-politics that lead to awakening and action.

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  1. Michael 9 months ago

    The whole of the Swedish Media is owned by ONE Jewish family

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Its true. Its one of those statements that immediately causes normal folks to scream ‘anti-semitism’, but irregardless of your opinion of people of Jewish heritage, it is the case…

      Appreciate you commenting Michael! Any thoughts on the coming US election? Anything else?

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 9 months ago

    JL, you might want to get a French reader to review ‘Guerilla’ by Laurent Obertone, a new novel about the coming civil war in France that is making the rounds in Identitarian and Far Right circles.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Excellent thank you Laguna Beach I will do that! Actually think I may just do an announcement post encouraging any submissions, possible translations, etc.

      I have a couple interviews with folks coming out too (just in written form) and am hoping to do more such things.


  3. Sigfader 9 months ago

    Fria Tider / Free Times is politically unbound and was the alt-edia outlet that led the criticism of SD when there was an internal power struggle between the ethno-nationalist fraction in the youth org and the civic nationalists / social conservatives in the mother party. FT sided with the ethno-nationalist fraction and the civic nationalists won, btw.

    Avpixlat is the alt-media site that is wholly on the side of SD.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Ahh, very interesting. Thank you for that Sigfader, glad I understand better now.

      If that is the case what has happened with the ethno-nationalist wing of the SD’s? And, in your opinion, are the SD’s worth supporting at this point? I have given them money in the past. Do you have any other groups in Sweden who you would recommend donating to? Covering? Other sites that are good sources of news?

      Much appreciated,


      • Sigfader 9 months ago

        The ethno-nationalists were thoroughly purged by the core of the mother party. Led by Mattias Karlsson, a man that I know consider a traitor due to his dishonorable actions. Among other things, he tried to get Expo (think Searchlight / SPLC / antifa) to help him purge the “bad” people.

        As far as I know, Gustav Kasselstrand and William Hahne, the two leaders of SDU (Sweden Democratic Youth), are now unbound. I’d like to see them do politics again as they are both young, talented and likable. I’m quite sure they are both quite close to us in ideology even though I have zero proof of this.

        What happened to SDU is that they got purged from the party but retained their name (since they were a separate organization). The party started another youth movement filled to the brim with yes-men. I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them since this happened. I assume that blind obedience is more important than talent there…

        At this point I will probably vote for SD as they provide the best hope of reaching goal #1 right now, Stopping the additional inflow of non-swedes as well as purging the craziest leftist from whatever departments SD can manage go get their hands on if they can manage to form a coalition government with the “conservatives” in 2018. After that point SD will not only be useless but also an impediment to the continued struggle. So support them but make sure that you do not confuse them with people like us. I’m sure there are a lot of people like us in the party and we must always have hope, but the people in charge are in it for power and wrap their bullshit around deep blue conservative thinkers like Scruton. They are setting themselves up to fail and just become another modern party.

        Organizations worth mentioning are:
        Identitarians: Motpol (blog portal/think tank & Arktos Media (publishing). Right On (english articles and podcast). All headed by Daniel Friberg afaik. They also hold a yearly conference.

        Nationalist; Motgift (podcasts / articles) & Barritrad (shop). Headed by 3 guys who have been in the game for a long time.

        Nationalist / activism: Nordisk Ungdom. They do activism similar to Generation Identitaire. Quite funny stuff.

        National Socialist: Nordic Resistance Movement. Nordfront home page with articles, street activism (great youtube channel with that), podcast and also a party.

        If we just talk about alt-media like Fria Tider (my fav) we also have: (connected to SD, especially to (((Kent Ekeroth))). The biggest one. (pleb-tier)

        There are a lot more but they are more like personal blogs and facebook pages.

  4. SteveRogers42 3 months ago

    Here’s what Soros’ termites were up to in Hungary:

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Sheesh… That’s pretty much the new playbook huh, ‘Give me control of a nation’s college curriculum’s and I care not who makes the laws’…

      That image itself is an awesome piece of memery though in my opinion. Explicitly demonstrates what to many is not direct enough to normally notice.

      ‘Islamic feminism’ indeed…


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