Soundtrack For Civil War: An Interview With ‘Les Brigandes’!

Soundtrack For Civil War: An Interview With ‘Les Brigandes’!
November 29, 2016 Admin

Les Brigandes is an all-female Identitarian music group from France that we have written about on several occasions (including here, and here).

They are known by Identitarian-minded folks across Europe and North America for their beautiful songs, all of which relate thematically to the horrific and historically unprecedented situation in Western Europe.

I was first introduced to Les Brigandes by Patrick le Brun’s excellent article about them in Counter-Currents, and have been tracking their progress ever since. Not only is their music catchy, powerful, and politically spot on, but they embody to a great extent this phenomenon of Millenial-Generation Identitarianism that is becoming such a significant force.

I will intersperse the below interview with videos of their songs.

ECW: I and many other English-speaking Identitarians are huge fans of your music, yet because we do not speak French we know little about you. Could you briefly explain who you are, and give us some background information on the group and its origins?

Les Brigandes: The womens’ ensemble “Les Brigandes” was founded in the summer of 2014, but our community (consisting of about twenty persons) has existed longer and currently lives in the south of France. We gathered around Joël LaBruyère, who, in Fance, proposed congregating in a fraternal community to escape the conformity of the New World Order and to sow the seeds of an alternative model of civilization. He has since helped us launch Les Brigandes, of which he serves as artistic director and composer. This group of seven women, uniting sweet melodies and original visuals with penetrating and disturbing lyrics, created an immediate buzz on the Internet.

As stated on our website (, our goal is to “produce and distribute cultural, artistic, and intellectual works in the service of the fight against globalism.”

From this perspective we focus on three main activities:

– Cultural warfare, for which Les Brigandes produce music videos and CDs (available at our online store). As of now we have released two albums: “Le Grand Remplacement” (The Great Replacement) in October 2015, and “France notre Terre” (France Our Homeland) in June 2016. On occasions, Les Brigandes have also performed live.

– Broadcasts on “Radio Brigandes,” which explain what we’re up to and synthesize information on various subjects.

– Publishing pamphlets to develop what we consider to be important themes.

‘The Jacobin Lodge”

ECW: Briefly, before we get into politics, what are some of the musical influences on Les Brigandes?

Les Brigandes: Joël LaBruyère, our composer and artistic director, has primarily been influenced by the pop music of the sixties, which thus colors several of our songs.

With our campaign to defend French culture, we have also been influenced by “traditional” French song, noticeably in “Catho Spleen,” for example. We try to work in different genres: from blues and rock to more lyrical songs like “Laissez vivre la Russie” (Let Russia Be), by way of more hispanicizing numbers like “Le tango du bidasse” (Soldier’s Tango) or “État de droit” (State of Law), which typifies French chanson.

ECW: How would you describe Les Brigandes politically?

Les Brigandes: We defend the freedom of peoples and communities to organize and live in accordance with their consciousness, their customs, and their beliefs. We thus defend diversity against the standardizations of globalism.

We advocate gathering in clans, that is, little communal platoons, to develop a social and cultural system capable of escaping the internationalist steamroller.

“The Return Of Heroes”

ECW: In your music you incorporate a lot of lyrics and imagery relating to religion. How would you describe Les Brigandes religiously? Is it accurate to call you “Traditionalist Catholics”?

Les Brigandes: We are Christians, in the broadest sense. To tell the truth, we feel pretty close to Orthodox Christianity. But our understanding of Christianity sees in it a resurrection of the timeless teaching that was revealed even before the traditions of the ancient world. Like the Gospels, the mysteries of Antiquity teach us that this world is the realm of evil, the realm of the Fall, and that the true Kingdom of God is “not of this world.” We have fallen into this imperfect world and we must lift ourselves up by consciousness and virtue. That is what the first Christians taught, but also ancient great traditions.

As a matter of fact, we recognize the spiritual truth of the entire European tradition, be it Christian or pagan.

ECW: What are your thoughts on the current situation in France, and in Europe as a whole?

Les Brigandes: Nothing new under the sun: the globalist oligarchy continues to advance by crushing all national, religious, familial, and natural obstacles. One thing particularly new that can be noted is the madness of the immigrant invasion: for the first time, governments organize the invasion of their own countries, and pay the invaders with their own peoples’ money!

There is a purpose to this, obviously. An economic purpose (lower salaries, a new class of rootless people more disposed to buy and consume in the West than in Zimbabwe or Libya), a cultural purpose (pauperizing the masses and destroying their identity), but also, which is never said, a messianic purpose. In truth, the oligarchy, in concert with the global religions, is getting ready to unify internationally the masses of the entire world, including their religious motivations, for the purpose of definitively consolidating the New World Order. We see this in the ecumenical politics conducted by personages like the Dalai Lama or Pope Francis. The migratory crisis accelerates the process. There are two possible solutions to the crisis:

1) A progressive fusion of these Muslim masses with the European peoples (both adopting the new American conformity). This would pertain to a syncretist evolution. In current conditions, this hypothesis is highly unlikely, given the orientation of conquering Islam, which is not participating in the dialogue.

2) A crisis that will never stop growing and which could culminate in a declared civil war. Such a crisis can only favor a yet louder cry for global unity, religious as well as political, just as the last two world wars favored the emergence of a world government to keep the peace. A crisis always calls for a solution, and the masses are always more disposed to accept the tyranny of peace and “love” after a war that might have robbed them of life.

In either case, massive immigration will further the program of worldwide political and religious unification, which the Christian tradition names “the reign of Antichrist.”

“In Hell”

ECW: What do you believe the future holds for France and Europe in the short term and long term?

Les Brigandes: We partly answered this in the preceding response. We do not believe in the awakening of peoples. History demonstrates that majorities merely follow organized, influential minorities. Basically, the people only want to eat, enjoy their security, and be entertained. The masses thus rush straight ahead in accordance with the global messianic scheme. The thinking minorities must organize to resist without worrying about majority opinion – which is nothing but the media’s point of view, and thus the point of view of the oligarchs of the international ownership class.

ECW: What can people do to support Les Brigandes?

Les Brigandes: We finance our productions by selling our CD’s and our pamphlets. These are available at the store on our website, which is also in English:

ECW: What can our readers (or anyone) do to help the native peoples of Europe? (against Muslims, traitorous governments, etc).

Les Brigandes: This is a difficult question because, as we have said, we do not believe that whole peoples awaken. Apart from raising awareness of the current problems (which we do through our songs), we advocate the creation of communal clans to demonstrate to people that it is possible to reject modern society and the modern lifestyle and to organize ourselves differently and live by other values.

We have an alternative life for the future.

ECW: Is there anything else you would like to add? Or that you would like for people to know?

Les Brigandes: We’ve said what has to be said in the answers above. Lift up your hearts and be ready for anything, because we do not know what the future holds: civil war, world war between the U.S. and Russia, a staged “Messiah” to unify all religions… History has surprises in store for us. Up to us to maintain our guard. We must keep on a war footing and unite to form the resistance.

“France, notre terre”



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  1. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    Smart women. They show a real understanding of what is going on. They stand in stark contrast with most of the airhead Satanic sellouts in the music industry.

    “We thus defend diversity against the standardizations of globalism.” Exactly. They have it right, The ruling establishment, and the culture it imposes, pretend it’s the other way around.

    Also, do I see two members of the group in the top photo who are in a family way, soon to have French babies? No matter how articulately you talk the talk, it’s not enough unless you also walk the walk. Way to go, ladies!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment VE!

      Indeed, one of the things that most struck me about that Patrick Le Brun article on them at CC that introduced me to them in 2015 was him talking about some of them being noticeably pregnant. Its such a rare thing nowadays that it jumps out at you. Certainly is walking the walk, as you say.

      I am excited to see what other kinds of songs they write and produce as well. Especially considering the French election coming soon too!

  2. SteveRogers42 12 months ago

    Maybe les jeune filles could remake this classic en francais, and update it for the Current Year:

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      All those old black and white films and music are very SWPL aren’t they 🙂 S

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      I haven’t! Very interesting…

      I am going to try to read that.

      For curiosity I followed it over to a blog post by the author- Benjamin R. Teitelbaum- on Steve Bannon:

      Pretty interesting. Seems to me, reading between the lines, that he might have ended up getting sympathetic with his subjects. If he is a European-American himself then that makes obvious sense. Many more blog posts like that and they may take away his liberal card though.

  3. SteveRogers42 6 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Indeed. Ja vol. Es ist sehr gut!


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