Soundtrack For Martyrdom, The Art Of ‘Murdoch, Murdoch’

Soundtrack For Martyrdom, The Art Of ‘Murdoch, Murdoch’
April 3, 2016 Admin

A new visual artist by the name of Murdoch, Murdoch has been steadily building a following on Youtube with his (their?) videos.

The artist seemingly arose out of the /Pol, and Reddit communities, of which I am woefully ignorant, but the videos have been of increasingly high quality, and deal with many of the same themes we are all so concerned with and focused on.

I think works of art such as those Murdoch, Murdoch produces are of great importance to our movement. The mere act of combining anything with music magnifies its significance. Music is moving, edifying. It gathers and propels emotion the way few things do.

In truth music and movies have been two of the foremost tools with which our opponents have garnered control of Western culture since the 1960’s. Any re-seizure of these two arts is commendable, and the music videos of Murdoch, Murdoch are particularly affecting and relevant. Along with Les Brigandes, they give a soundtrack to our struggle, and to the thoughts and emotions of those fighting to keep Western Civilization alive.

There are two Murdoch, Murdoch videos embedded at the bottom of this page. The first, Fatherland, is the shorter of the two. It focuses on a young German couple confronting 4th Generation Warfare and the death of their nation.

Minarets dot the horizon, haunting music frames their embrace. Footage of Merkel and Obama rises upon the screen. The image then shifts to Teutonic forests. The young man raises his machine gun as dogs, monsters, and terrorists attack. He shoots them but they keep coming.

The young girl’s light blue eyes, now hand-sketched in black and white, are transposed against her bloody, dying form. The screen turns red with blood as black crows fly across it. The young man cradles his lover’s body, as the image shifts to a evil Mordor-like castle, before shifting yet again. A monstrous orc-like Angela Merkel is now standing at a podium. Arm raised she belches orders, as immigrant after immigrant marches into Germany. There is war, shooting, bombs, death, heroism, and redemption.

The second video sampled here is the longest and most ambitious Murdoch, Murdoch piece to date. It is titled ‘The Last Son of the West”.

It is made up of two parts. The first is an anime-type video in which a young warrior- “The Last Son of the West”- awakes in a dying world, and, in succession, confronts the beasts of nihilism, feminism, and Marxism that are killing it. This part of the video drags on a bit, possibly because the creator might have adapted it from an actual anime film. There are extended montages of the character riding his horse and doing battle. At the 9:45 minute mark however, as the titular figure of the narrative confronts Marx, the video shifts gears and Murdoch, Murdoch brings the storyline to a moving crescendo, in which the artist’s creative genius is fully on display.

A montage of video clips begins.

It starts with a 1950’s nuclear family. A mom, a dad, and young boys pushing a lawn mower. Baseball. A baby on a swing. From there it progresses through the next 6 decades of American history.

The background music is haunting, and we see the familiar march of “progress” we all know so well. It isn’t overdone, but subtle, and thus more ambiguous and more powerful. The creator of the piece is not forcing us to draw a conclusion, but allowing it to develop organically in our minds.

We begin to put the pieces together ourselves. We see the early clips of LBJ and MLK shaking hands, which then connect to later scenes of gangster-rap and gang-violence. Classic shots marking the rise of the Counter-Culture appear, before leading to sexual promiscuity, and Miley Cyrus and mass decadence. We see the rise of the gay culture in the 1970s, and the subsequent rise of AIDS and eventually transgenderism and ‘Kaitlyn Jenner’.

We are shown the rise of feminism in its early optimism, and Woodstock 1969, transposed against a latter-day iteration of the same festival thirty years later, with scenes of half-naked drunken women being sexually assaulted by groping men. 1960’s nihilism is introduced, then Columbine, and reality television.

We see the rise of cultural-relativism prefiguring the planes crashing on 9/11, and, hauntingly, as the montage ends, a shot of ISIS Executioners speaking into the camera. As they recede into darkness, the final seconds show the titular ‘Last Son of the West’ flying through the air, dagger poised to slay the beasts, that have fomented the West’s destruction.

The fantasy elements of Murdoch, Murdoch are a large part of the artist’s appeal. The struggle against the death of the West is set into a heroic lens. There are echoes of Tolkien and Campbell.

The designation of nihilism, feminism, and Marxism as “monsters” is elucidated in the video montage, as they are portrayed not so much as purely man-made evils, created for destruction, but almost pre-destined forces foretold to beset us. For thus could the last 60 years be described.

The early progenitors of feminism did not set out to do harm. They thought they were improving the world. So too did the Marxists. Likewise with multinational corporatism, there is no human instinct behind it. The corporations are nothing but file folders in some attorney’s office, wraithlike, incorporeal.

There are doers of evil in the videos- Merkel, ISIS, etc- but even they are possessed of an almost non-human life-force, like the Black Riders and Orcs of Middle-Earth, driven by Sauron’s will.

In the face of such evil there is truly nothing we can do except, as the videos suggest, embrace the time we were born into, and the existential battle defining it. The battles, the flags, the dark castles of Murdoch, Murdoch bring to mind that most representative of Tolkien quotes, written by the Professor as if in foreknowledge of what was to come:

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.

“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

The heroic characters in the Murdoch, Murdoch videos have made that choice, chosen to fight for the West, and embrace Martyrdom.



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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing these. Art like this will do more to inspire our people to act than any number of academic essays. People are inspired by poetry, art, music, literature, and myth.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Absolutely. Thanks for the comment Laguna Beach it is much appreciated! I would LOVE if Murdoch, Murdoch would do a video about Europe similar to the last 3 minutes of the Last Son of the West one. I am going to try to reach out to them about doing so and would encourage anyone else reading this to do so too! 🙂

  2. Bill 2 months ago

    Beautifully written article Julian.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Thank you Bill! Glad you commented on it, made me realize one of the youtube embeds was dead, will get that fixed now.

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