Spotlights In Heroism: Eric Zemmour On The Horror Of The Coming Civil War

Spotlights In Heroism: Eric Zemmour On The Horror Of The Coming Civil War
February 16, 2016 Admin

Eric Zemmour is a French writer and thinker who is the author of numerous books on French politics and society. He was born in France to Algerian parents in 1958, but identifies as a “Berber Jew”. He is a long-term participant on the weekly talk-show Ca Se Dispute. He is the author of numerous books including Le Premier sexe, on the feminization of society, and most notably, Le Suicide Francais, which became a bestseller in 2014.

Zemmour represents a complicated yet coherent set of views that would be familiar and logical to readers of this website. He strikes what is today the rare balance of being a proponent of traditionalist values, and an opponent of multinational corporatism (as opposed to historical, or “small town” capitalism). In America, the UK, and many other Western nations, traditionalist or conservative values are often paired with strong support for corporate multinational capitalism, but Zemmour cuts to the heart of the contradiction inherent within this, explaining how the forces of multinational corporatism actually end up working to destroy traditionalist values, as well as destroying individual cultures and races.

Le Suicide Francais is the author’s chronological catalog of the last half-century of social and political developments in France, leading to France’s national and cultural “suicide”. A review from the New Yorker states:

“Zemmour’s book is cleverly done, mingling facts and perceptive insights with wild leaps of logic, biting sarcasm, and ominous apocalyptic rhetoric. His story begins with the Events of May, 1968, with France’s student protesters trying to topple the de Gaulle government. They failed, and de Gaulle won a massive election victory in June, but Zemmour argues that their movement actually succeeded by infusing France with a series of permissive, anti-national, individualistic, anti-authoritarian, pleasure-seeking values that ironically opened the door for what the protesters claimed to hate the most: American consumerism.”

May 1968

In relation to this 1960’s-era induced decline, Zemmour laments the idea of: “Liberation of the individual as a false goal of modern society- both economically and socially, that in the end leaves the individual isolated, and reduced to the sole identity of consumer.”

Zemmour is also a staunch opponent of the immigration and racial and cultural utopianism that came out of the 1960’s. He has said that anti-racism and feminism are both causes lain on us by a “milieu of French and Western pseudo-elites”, and that both will not be followed, and will not work under any form of reality or real-life application. He has also stated that: “The sacralization of race during the Nazi period and earlier has been followed by the negation of race. And to me, they’re both equally ridiculous.”

In 2011, after being brought up on charges of, among other things, “incitement to racial hatred”, by SOS Racisme, Zemmour was even convicted of related offenses by the Seventeenth Criminal Court of Paris.

Also, Zemmour has been particularly hard-hitting against the actions of his Jewish brethren, who he views as helping in large measure to precipitate many of the degenerate excesses of the last fifty years, as well as the deracination and deculturization of Western Europe. On this note Zemmour has decried “the rise of the Shoah as the official religion of the French Republic.”

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Zemmour is also notorious for speaking truth to the French intelligentsia regarding the abject idiocy and horror that large-scale non-European immigration has wrought in France. In contrasting historical scenes from the French banlieus (suburbs) from an old movie, against the immigrant riots and violence they are now famous for, he said:

“The happy suburb was not an illusion, it radiates joie de vivre in every scene of the film … it is not the high-rise buildings, the cage-like staircases, the absence of roads that provoke violence, gangs and ghettoes; but the violence, the gangs, the drugs that have transformed paradise into hell. It is not the structures that have forged the environment; it’s the population—and the change in population—that has made the environment.”

Regarding the future of the Banlieus, and the future of France as a nation, now that it has been filled with immigrants from across the Middle-East and Africa, Zemmour pulls no punches:

“It is a dramatic situation which will lead to the Lebanisation of France, with the prospect of civil war between communities that have nothing to say to each other, who will confront each other because of no shared values, and who have no longer any interests in common. This I foresee. When the civil war arrives with its cortege of horrors, everything is possible. Everything is conceivable which today we cannot imagine.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    This is a man with a prophetic vision of the European future

  2. Author
    Admin 2 years ago


  3. Michael 2 years ago

    The population seem to think that their power is in protest. In fact our power is economic, not just in taxation but also in our spending power. The consumer society feeds the Elite with more tax and the opportunity to make further financial gain from our income. Without the spending of the masses the Elite are starved of much of their power.

  4. Michael 2 years ago

    I understand that Eric lives under constant Police protection because of the threats on his life made by Muslim extremists.

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