Spotlights In Heroism: Iben Thranholm

Spotlights In Heroism: Iben Thranholm
January 27, 2016 Admin

Iben Thranholm is a Danish Investigative Journalist who writes about religion, society, and modern Europe. She has bravely squared off against other journalists, and apologists for Islam and contemporary European multicultural-corporatism.

Thranholm stood out in the aftermath of the recent Paris attacks by insightfully arguing a point which the mainstream media roundly ignored or didn’t understand, which was the motives for the Islamists’ picking the Bataclan concert venue and the Eagles of Death Metal show for attack.

As Thranholm states (in italics):

The statement in which IS accepts responsibility for the attacks in Paris is made in the name of Allah and the killings are referred to as “a blessed battle whose causes of success were enabled by Allah”. It states that Paris was targeted because it is “a capital of prostitution and vice” and “the lead carrier of the cross in Europe.”

IS is consistently referring to the Parisians as “crusaders” – the audience at the Bataclan, however, are called “pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice.” The statement closes with a terror threat to strike those who “dare to curse the Prophet and boasts about their war against Islam”.

A further look at the character of the attacks reveals with ever-increasing clarity their symbolic significance. They were carried out on a Friday, the Muslim holiday. The victims at the Bataclan were listening to music, which is banned in fundamentalistic (sic) Islam, and the first targets to be shot were guests at the bar drinking alcohol. The symbolism assumed a new dimension when the perpetrators started firing on the audience of a performance by the band ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ of its popular tune “Kiss the Devil”.

Thranholm argues that the death of Christianity in modern Europe is the root cause of both its decadent and shameful behavior, as well as its impending demise. Surely the two go hand in hand, and I would agree wholeheartedly that the death of Christianity has plunged Europe into an existential crisis. I write about this in Fistfights With Muslims In Europe. However, I disagree with Thranholm on Europe’s survival being predicated on a return to Christianity. Thranholm states: “If Europe is to win this battle, it must rediscover Christianity.”

While I believe that on an individual level, certain Europeans may be able to rediscover and embrace their Christian roots, and thus be “awoken” to the reality facing Europe today, I disagree that Christianity could potentially be the catalyzing force for a continent-rejection of ethno-suicidalism and decadence.

While I commend those like Enoch Powell who convert to Christianity despite being raised within a scientific, materialist framework, and become “Post-Christian Christians”, I do not believe Christianity can save Europe from its suicidal perch.

I think that a return to a kind of light-religious Ancestor Worship might possibly fill the spiritual vacuum, and give Europeans the metaphysical strength to forge on, but I do not see the young people of Europe embracing the doctrines of Christianity that have been “killed” by science, as Nietzsche put it.

Despite this small point of contention, I view Iben Thranholm as an absolute hero for modern Europe. She is articulate, persuasive, and insightful, and her analysis is light years beyond the mainstream European journalists she squares off against.
Let us hope that her words in the video at the top of this post are heard by as many European men as possible, and that she may inspire some into action.

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  1. MemoroEuropa 2 years ago

    Christianity served Europe well in the past as “the catalyzing force for a continent-rejection of ethno-suicidalism and decadence,” including some repelling of Muslim invasions. Thranholm understands what many moderns cannot get their minds around: that Europe was built on Christianity, and when it rejected Christianity, Europe was rejecting its foundations. All these calls for some sort of low-calorie religion lite, ancestor worship, a return to pre-Christian European pagan religions, will all leave young Europeans stuck exactly where they are now, lost with no moorings, searching but never finding, unable to define and defend themselves and their culture and values.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Memoro! I don’t disagree that a re-embracing of Christianity could potentially stir mass resistance to the current paradigm of cultural suicide. Do you think such a re-embrace of Christianity is possible though? I imagine your response would be “whether or not its possible, that is the the path that is RIGHT”, and I respect that. I think at best perhaps it could be some combination of an embrace of traditional honor/Ancestral-ish/Neitszchian (sp) survival instinct, combined with an embrace of Christianity as a part of that, analogous to Enoch Powell’s “Post-Christian Christianity”, but I just cannot see any way that Europeans, at large, re-embrace Christianity as they once practiced it. Not saying that is good or bad, I just don’t see it happening.

      Would love to get any other thoughts you might have if you see this response!

  2. MemoroEuropa 2 years ago

    I see what you’re saying. It looks impossible now. Europeans are very far away from it at this stage, no doubt. In the past, Christianity provided them with a religious impetus for ethnic and cultural self-preservation – they drove invading Muslims out. There’s a lot going on, a lot to get through. Churches that are not the same as they once were. Those from without and from within, including the ruling elite who govern them, who seem to champion Europeans’ extinction. Demoralization from the media and educational establishment (I’d love to see what the Germans are taught about themselves in the German schools) to the point where white Europeans seem to champion their own extinction. Hedonism, modern life, enabling technologies like birth control.

    Europe has been through a lot over the centuries, and has survived. Big things happen to change the culture, and I’m sure that will happen again before long. But in order to survive this era, Europeans are going to need to put great value again on traditional morality, family, children. They will need to rediscover who they are and what they’re all about. Thanks for the article about a lady the West needs to hear.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Could not agree more with all your sentiments. And I share in your hope that something better will rise out of the ashes. The one area I see hope (as one probably infers from the site) is in the widespread love of Tolkien in modern Western (white) societies. I think Tolkien perfectly encapsulates a combined yearning for Christian and pre-Christian pagan life-force, for lack of a better word, as well as a protean racial consciousness. I could see an increasing embodiment of Tolkien’s ‘power’ (what I call Tolkienism on the site) in Europe as evidence of 1) a re-embrace of life- as opposed to the suicidal ideaology now at play, 2) a re-embrace of Christianity (albeit through the heretofore described ‘post-Christian’ lens), and 3) a re-embrace of paganism/ancestor-worship.

      Indeed while I am aware that many leftists love Tolkien as well, I truly do not believe that a real Tolkien lover could happily welcome the Islamization of Europe.

  3. pete 2 years ago

    Freedom of speech, of conscience, of religion is at the core of Western values. Many associate these freedoms only with politics, but they all come from the idea that we have a conscience, which implies that there is something beyond reason we call God. Such beliefs were expressed in Christianity and Judaism, and perhaps preceded them. In any case, whether we call them religious beliefs or not, they are certainly contrary to the beliefs of Islam. So I’m not sure that, if we hold to our freedoms, and define Islam through them., a revival of Christianity, or a new religion, is necessary. It certainly hasn’t been true with me. I’m a former liberal who made an abrupt 180 degree turn when I finally came to realize that people are responsible for their own actions, and if they choose poorly, it’s not necessarily society’s fault; some people are just fools, and deserve the consequences of their folly. When I understood that, I understood and accepted (aside from turning the other cheek) most religious values and belief — excepting the theologies relying on miracles. While — even as a liberal — I have always believed in God, I have never been persuaded about the reality of supernatural revelation; that hasn’t stopped me, however, from being, as much as any Christian or Jew, adamantly opposed to the core tyranny of Islam. That may be true of others. They may not know precisely what they are for, but they may, in Islam, recognize what they are against. God willing, that will be enough.

  4. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Putting aside Deep Thoughts for a moment — has anyone else here noticed that Iben is an extremely attractive specimen of European womanhood? I certainly hope that she has had children, because her incredible bone structure and her no-BS attitude would be a real asset to the next generation of Danes.
    Whew! I feel better now that I’ve got that off my chest!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol yes, well once our people rediscover their will to live and we kick reproduction back into high gear we will have a bunch of Iben Thranholms running around Europ!

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