Steve McNallen Interview – Honor, Asatru, And The Future Of Europe

Steve McNallen Interview – Honor, Asatru, And The Future Of Europe
October 27, 2017 Admin
Steve McNallen interview, image from youtube

Greetings men-

I am very pleased to bring you this interview with the one and only Steve McNallen!

For those of you who don’t know, Steve McNallen was the originator of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and has created quite a legacy for himself through those efforts and others.

There are few people with as much relevant knowledge and experience and passion to speak on the situation in Europe, and as a result I am very glad to be publishing his thoughts here!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment with any thoughts you have!



Steve McNallen Interview

Editor’s Note: I added a few line breaks and bolded a few words in Steve’s answers for logistical reasons.



Steve, thanks for answering these questions!

First of all…


Q: For someone who doesn’t know who you are, how would you describe yourself?

I am a writer, speaker, and organizer of the “new right” persuasion – although I am leery of labels. I differ from my peers in that I was the key individual behind the revival of native European religion – Asatru or Odinism – in the United States, and I am loyal to Odin.

Despite my personal spiritual beliefs, I am totally willing to work with men and women of any faith (or none) for the survival of our people.

I’ve been an Army officer and NCO, a science and math teacher, and a frequenter of war zones from Bosnia to Burma and beyond as a freelance correspondent.

I also worked with troubled youth as a supervisor in a juvenile detention facility, which was an incredibly rewarding endeavor. I’ve traveled in about 26 countries, mostly Europe and Africa, with a few in Asia.

My current project is the Wotan Network, which seeks the awakening, empowerment, and self-determination of the European-descended peoples everywhere in the world. We have a high destiny, and we must be true to it!


Q: How did you develop the beliefs you have today? What was your intellectual/political/metapolitical/metaphysical journey? How would you describe your current beliefs on politics/religion/etc?

I have always been very anti-communist. As a teenager, I aided the Cuban exile organizations carrying out guerrilla warfare against the Castro regime. My politics at that time were conservative/libertarian. I became red pilled in regard to race in my early twenties.

By that time I had already renounced the Catholicism of my birth, and had given my allegiance to the old European deities, particularly Odin – known also as Woden, or Wotan. My religious and political beliefs reinforce each other in a powerful and consistent way.


Q. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the Occident, and Europe specifically? And why?

I am cautiously optimistic. We, as a people (whether you call us “European-descended people,” “white people,” “Aryans,” or whatever) can win this fight…but success is not guaranteed, and it will be a struggle worthy of the most heroic of our ancestors. This fight will be waged by every means, non-violent and otherwise.

In regard to Europe – it is easy for our brothers and sisters (and we must think of ourselves as such) to say “Europe is lost; the Muslims and globalists have won.” I do not believe that is true – but if we believe it is true, then it will become so. Defeatism only serves our enemies, and whatever our fears, we must squelch them, and continue the fight.

Where do I get my optimism? A detailed answer would delve into exotic subjects like Dr. Carl Jung’s ideas about Wotan as “an archetypal symbol in the collective unconscious of the Germanic peoples” – but I will spare your readers! Suffice to say that I think that the more you suppress and repress an individual, or a nation, or a race – the greater the eventual eruption.

The might of our ancestors lies within us still, and we need only to tap it!

On the other hand, if we do not do so, we will die as a race. It is up to us. But I know which I choose!


Q. I am guessing you and I and most people reading this share a similar idea of what the *ideal* scenario would look like in Europe over the next quarter-century, but what do you think is the best-case realistic scenario for how things could play out in Europe over the next quarter-century, that you could see as likely to be happening?

Best-case, realistic scenario for Europe over the next quarter century would be for the expulsion of Islam, coupled with formal statements by existing European nations that their countries are, for all intents and purposes, ethnostates. These countries would be united, not by the draconian European Union, but rather as a “Europe of the Nations” aware of their common blood and general culture, but still retaining their individuality.

I think this is entirely attainable within a quarter century, and I am willing to do all I can to bring this vision into existence.

Interview Stephen A McNallen.

Steve McNallen.


Q. At the Northwest Forum where I first met you, you gave a great speech about building communities. Can you touch on that subject here, and why its important for those with beliefs like ours?

Human beings are social animals. We need to be surrounded by people who share our interpretation of the world, our culture, our dreams. We need people around us who can help us raise families and who can be the seeds of future nations.

In today’s atomized, social media-driven world, we are cut off from real relationships with real people. That needs to stop, and in its place we need the blessings of community.


Q. What’s an aspect of all these issues re: traditionalism/Identity/Reconquest that you think isn’t focused on that should be, or what is something you think or believe that most other people don’t think or believe, or think differently about?

Wisdom. We must know our own hearts, our souls, our selves. Our movement, broadly speaking, understands the need for assertiveness, even for force. But wisdom is rarer.

To take just one example – We need to make it clear that what we wish for our own people is something we support for other groups – self-determination, self-respect, self-knowledge, and the right to pursue their own interests among their kin and in their own homelands.

I have no desire to invade other lands, steal their natural resources, or interfere with their internal affairs. We can seek opportunities to trade and cooperate as we follow our respective destinies.


Q. Leaving behind our own people and lands for a second, what do you think life will look like for people as a whole in fifty years? What developments and changes will have occurred by that time?

Wow – that’s not an easy call, because we’re at a fork in the road, globally.

Painting with a broad brush, here are a few points:

Technology will continue to be a blessing and a curse. Overpopulation will have been cured, either by massive die-off or by incentivizing the Third World to slash their population growth.

There will be a human presence on the Moon and Mars, but whether humans will have the foresight or the resources to make a broader commitment to space travel depends largely on the outcome of our cultural and racial struggle.

Privacy will be a dim memory – again, depending on the outcome of our struggle.

China will be a major competitor, as will India.

Asatru fight on


Q. How would you like to be remembered fifty or a hundred years from now?

I’d like to be remembered as a man who fought for what he believed in, inspired others, lived a life filled with love and adventure, and died well.


Q. If a young man reading this is inspired by your words and wants to follow your lead, and wants to do everything he can to help the situation in Europe, what would you advise him to do?

First, don’t give in to defeatism abut Europe – the “Europe is lost, blah, blah” syndrome. Counter it when you hear it.

Second, make friends in Europe and support their cause politically, morally, and financially. Encourage your friends to do likewise. If you can, take a prolonged vacation and meet politically-involved people face-to-face, in Europe.

Third, promote their cause on social media. Share their news, always pointing out how people can help (Writing a letter, donating to a project like the European Identitarians‘ recent rescue ship project, and others.)

Fourth, the big crunch: When I was in Bosnia, there were a lot of volunteers in the Tomislav Brigade from the U.S., England, and other countries, including a number of young German guys. I can see the same kind of situation coming down in Europe if civil war breaks out. The precedent for American involvement in European struggles was set during the Spanish Civil War back in the 1930’s.

How to prepare for involvement? Off the top of my head: Get in shape, stressing whole-body fitness and cardio – and take some clues from the parkour crowd, too, as that sport was originally developed by the French military for urban warfare. Learn a European language (I study German via CD as I drive to and from town). Get your affairs in order so you can move out promptly. And if you end up there, don’t be a stereotypically arrogant American or Canadian or whatever; respect the locals.

Asatru Wotan Steve McNallen


Q. What are some books/websites/resources we all should check out?

One of my favorites is Red Ice TV, at They have a lot of material about the situation in Europe. You can find my videos there, as well. Red Ice really deserves our full support; they got badly hacked by our opponents and are being censored by You Tube but they are bouncing back!

In addition to the classics on fourth generation war, one important book is Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization
by John Robb. It’s important for understanding how modern insurgencies work. You can find it new and used on Amazon.


Q. Where can people reading this find out more about you and your work? And how can they best support you/further your goals?

I can be contacted at

My book, Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, is available on Amazon, or autographed copies can be ordered from me personally at the above contact email.

My main project, Wotan Network, has a web presence at which explains our mission and gives a great deal of background information on what we are trying to do.

My You Tube channel contains several videos explaining the Wotan Network. You can find it at .

Day-to-day work of the network is done on our Facebook page. Those who have examined our blog and who want to actively participate should apply at our closed Wotan Network page on Facebook.

The main organization I founded, and in which I still participate, is the Asatru Folk Assembly. You can find it on Facebook at, and its web site is at





Julian here men-

First of all a big thank you to Steve for providing us his thoughts on these subjects!

Purely for interest sake, here is the (utterly massive) wikipedia article on him:   (its Wikipedia though of course, so there’s probably lots of falsehoods in it just to warn you).

And for a glimpse of the excellent content on his Youtube channel, check out the following videos:



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The Return of the King – the original Rankin and Bass animated version of Tolkien’s masterpeice, which is AMAZING and which I desperately need to write a review of some time!







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Comments (10)

  1. Steve McNallen 3 months ago

    Julian, thank you for the opportunity to express my views in this interview! I hope in some small way I can contribute to the cause of Europe. After all, our ancestors have been in America for a couple of hundred years at most…but we were in Europe for forty thousand or so years before that!

    My Wikipedia page has a few factual errors, but is generally true – certainly it is a lot more correct than some versions that have appeared!

    Wotan Mit Uns!

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      It was my immense pleasure Steve- thank you.

      And yes, I too feel different about Europe than America due to the fact that it is ancestral homeland vs a more recent one.

      Hopefully we and all those reading this will meet there someday once some amount of Reconquest has occurred and we have lands within Western Europe that are no longer heading towards the abyss..

  2. Mike 3 months ago

    Another excellent inspiration by Steve McNallen. Thanks for the good work!

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Inspirational indeed- I couldn’t agree more Mike.

  3. Unknown 3 months ago

    I also have quit Christianity, after realizing that the life of their big idol is not what i want for me. Moreover, in the current situation we can see that the Christians in western Europe behave as if the immigrants were their saviors, their holy childs. It is completely obvious that this religion is not of any help for us, quite the opposite. Therefore i am very happy to see that there are other possibilities around, thank you for providing the links.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Unknow-

      I too find the Asatru/Odinism stuff (as well as ancestor worship, etc) more exciting and applicable to our struggle, but I think its hard to completely dismiss Christianity just because there’s so many ways different people in our movement embrace it and practice it.

      The Christian scriptures are from a time so different than ours and are so esoteric at this point (and have been translated from translations of translations of translations, etc) that there really seem to be as many versions of Christianity as there are people who want to embrace it.

      With that said, there are a lot of highly visible iterations of Christianity in the modern West that are, uh, not super helpful, certainly. Lol.

  4. Audacious Epigone 3 months ago

    Great point about pushing back against black-pill defeatism. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy we must avoid.

    We see the same thing with putative non-white births in the US outnumbering non-Hispanic white births. That has never happened. The Census and Pew prematurely reported it a few years ago, but HHS data that tracks all live births shows that it is not and has never been the case. It’s not entirely inconceivable that it will never be the case. At any rate, we shouldn’t take it for granted until it goes through the formality of, you know, actually happening.

  5. Author
    Admin 3 months ago

    Hey AE-

    That’s interesting, I didn’t know that.

    Do you have a good post on your site on birthrates by background group you could link us to?

      • Author
        Admin 3 months ago

        That is interesting.

        The national map almost perfectly predicts the electoral shifts we saw in 2016.

        It does certainly bode ill for the GOP too in terms of Texas/Arizona/Georgia/etc, but as you said the Sailer strategy made up for all those.

        Do you make all those graphs yourself? I may utilize them (with your permission of course) once I get my Youtube going here in a couple months. What tool do you use to create them?

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