Stirrings Of Economic Disaster In Europe

Stirrings Of Economic Disaster In Europe
June 9, 2016 Admin

One thing we haven’t spent much time analyzing on this site is the economic situation in Europe. While the economic stability of Western European nations is of course more than germane to a discussion of their future(s), there has been more than enough social or political news that has kept our eyes off the economic side of the equation. A number of new facts and developments, however, suggest that Western Europe and the European Union itself are standing on increasingly shaky ground financially, and may soon enter a severe recession.

I have been increasingly suspicious about this for several months now, since learning about the housing bubble in Sweden, and the fact that 140 year mortgages are now common there. The idea of people getting a 140 year mortgage is obscene and ridiculous, and, to my eyes at least, pretty sure proof that an economy is massively overheated and over-leveraged. 30 year mortgages are the typically the longest residential mortgages we have in the states (sometimes there are 40 year ones for commercial properties), and even 70 years ago, down payments were usually 50% and mortgages were of the 2-4 year variety. The idea of people taking out a 140 year mortgage is absurd, and suggests to me that property values are dangerously inflated in countries like Sweden, the UK, etc.

An article from The Telegraph today suggest others are thinking the same thing:

Jim Mellon, the investor who correctly forecast the last economic recession, now predicts “years of turbulence” for the European Union (EU) and the “breakup” of the euro currency.

Mr. Mellon — referred to be some as ‘Britain’s answer to Warren Buffett’ — has concluded from his assessment of the current economic climate that Britain is “better off outside the European Union in a comfortably appointed lifeboat in the English Channel, as the Euro Titanic sinks to the bottom of the ocean.”

The reason Mr. Mellon’s assessment is worth listening to is because he was one of the few economists to forecast the most recent economic recession, correctly predicting that the U.S. housing crisis would be the “trigger” for that in his book ‘Wake Up!: Survive and Prosper in the Coming Economic Turmoil’.

Mr. Mellon sets out what he says are the clear reasons for the impending collapse. France and Italy are in “debt traps,” meaning the are not able to grow their way out of evermore expanding debts.

That Telegraph article also segues into another one– also published today- that details the fact that UK housing prices are going down at a faster rate than any time in the last 8 years.

In addition to this, it sounds as if that famous bellweather investor (and harbinger of doom) George Soros is betting against Europe as well. Breitbart today published an article elaborating on this. In it, they describe how Soros- who normally no longer makes day to day decisions for his investment portfolio- is getting his hands dirty yet again, taking a direct role in moving his investments around to hedge against Europe (among a number of other things). Breitbart commendably points out the sickening contradiction inherent in Soros’s statements that 1) Western Europe cannot financially survive the migrant crisis, and 2) his statement’s that Western Europe ‘must’ take more refugees (because of moral and ‘historical’ reasons, of course).

Soros has made billions by betting against national economies and currencies for decades now, and if he is hedging his investments against Europe, that should be taken as a strong sign that Europe’s economies could soon flounder.

This should really come as no surprise to sober thinkers of course, for in all honesty how could Western Europe’s economies hope to thrive right now? In every single Western European country, birthrates are negative and have been that way for multiple decades. While a change from high to low birthrates can cause an economic boom in the short run, in the long run (which is now catching up with Europe) it is economic poison. In addition, all of those people these countries are bringing in (which a few even have the gaul to claim are offsetting the low birthrates) are individuals with huge rates of illiteracy, no sought-after job skills, and zero interest in being productive members of society. Indeed, they cost their host societies astronomical amounts of taxpayer money.

All of this suggests that the economic wheels are falling off of the European Union, and that bad times are coming its nations. This is good from our perspective of course though. For economic ruin would surely catalyze the fall of Western Europe’s corrupt genocidal governments that much faster, and allow us to take power and deal with the hordes of enemy Muslims seeking to take over our nations.

All in all, a recipe for a dark night, but a bright dawn.

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  1. Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

    It didn’t take a genius to foresee the economic crash that began in late 2008, and for many of our folk, such as myself, still hasn’t ended. As soon as I began to read in the news that the extension of credit was be contracted, it was obvious to me that a sudden downturn was imminent. So long as one understands that the extension and contraction of credit are the mechanisms for bringing down and raising up (modern) economies, they can be identified before the implosion occurs. Of course, I was studying economics at college at the time, and was supplementing my studies with some ‘non-mainstream’ economic reading, so I understood this in 2006-7/8.

    Julian stated, “While a change from high to low birthrates can cause an economic boom in the short run, in the long run (which is now catching up with Europe) it is economic poison”. The fact is, those financial-business oligarchs understand that native Aryan birthrates are sinking faster than the Cap Arcona and that those races under Islam have a propensity to breed like bacteria. Therefore, – since subsidizing our families to enable them to bring in larger future generations is ‘R A C I S T’ – the ruling directive is to fund and enable the influx of swarms of these rabid termites, to stimulate ‘economic growth’ (to keep profit maximization on that exponential curve).

    The problem of our race’s birthrate was identified by the Third Reich in the 30s (read the Third Reich’s English-language 1938 publication ‘Germany Speaks’ for their words) and was not heeded. Instead, the enemies of our race precipitated another gargantuan global conflict that could only ever have the result of hacking another giant chunk of flesh from our body of biological survivability.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      You are spot on Troy, the cultural processes that have eroded our birthrates have done as great a harm to our people as any. Such forces are doing the same across the globe now, but at least others are catching on to the vast importance associated with them (China for one).

      The economically powerful will make money in both the hot times and the recessions, and thus the George Soros’s of the world can happily destroy Europe while shorting its currencies at the same time. Likewise an economic downturn in Europe will not hurt the Muslims who live there. It will only hurt those native Europeans (the ones actually propping the economies up). Hopefully however these globalist merchants will precipitate more than they bargained for, and the blowback from civil war in Europe (and the Re-conquista) will spell their own doom as well as that of the Muslims. We can certainly strive towards those ends!

  2. Michael 2 years ago

    It is confusing that along with low birth rates in the EU countries the level of youth unemployment is stubbornly high. You would imagine that employers in those countries would be snapping up those young people to train as a future investment in their companies ?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Michael that’s a great question. I used to be the regional program director for a company and had 38 people under me and interviewed hundreds of applicants, so you would think I would have some thoughts on this question but I don’t really know… I would imagine it has also has a lot to do with the ridiculous labor laws in Europe where its impossible to fire people, and there are countless rules one must follow, etc. It seems like such laws must wreak havoc on the ability of managers and business owners to be fluid and grow their companies.

      Once I get the podcast set up I would love to interview a Western European from the business sector, as it is a subject I find quite fascinating.

      With all this said I have no doubt that hardworking, honest, dependable young people are still getting ahead in Western Europe. The interviews with some young European job-seekers I have read suggests to me a lot of them have unrealistic expectations- e.g. they got a very specific degree after their guidance counselor told them they could get a job in it that would pay 70k per year, and now that they are graduated they want that specific job, no matter what, and won’t hustle or try anything new, etc. Of course this is a massive generalization, but that at least could help to explain some aspects of the situation.

  3. RichardJames 2 years ago

    Muslims attack Dutch film crew. Rocks are thrown. Cowardly police do the usual….nothing.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the video Richard-

      All makes sense to me… how can the Dutch ever be redeemed for committing the Holocaust without infinity Muslims attacking their citizens? Perhaps that and a few million of their sons turning themselves into women and their guilt be partially assauged.

      On the bright side those Dutch people in the video look pretty ticked off, which is a good sign. Now we just need to turn that anger into purposeful, massive, violent action.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Dashui great link-

      These folks and these nations in Eastern Europe certainly do provide hope. They are almost perfect templates for the West and Western Europeans in general. I love the historical iconography and heroes and all that stuff. Certainly a crucial stream culturally which we can hopefully widen within the Western Occident.

  4. Dashui 2 years ago

    I don’t understand “code of honor” talk. This isn’t dueling, Do u wanna win or what?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Our “honor codes” of fighting certainly had cultural utility over the centuries, but clearly with Islam we are dealing with an opponent who does not share them.

      What I wonder about is whether these generations of young Europeans will have a ‘blowback’ response to the massive (government-sponsored) Muslim beat-down they have had to endure, or whether it will cow them even more so, and they will be like how we picture the jews in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s, backing down and backing down and cowering and cowering straight to their deaths.

      • DaShui 2 years ago

        As I see the concept of honor is only horizontal . Only applicable to those of the same class. Say a midevial peasant challenged a knight to a joust, the knight would had been outraged and beat him with a stick. muslims don’t think we are worthy of a fair fight.
        I used to work for a former Hungarian partisan, he said after d day 5 Germans with sub machine guns would take 100 Jews 50 of them men who could of easily overpower the Germans, he would kill or run off the Germans, but the Jews would just stand there with cow eyes not doing anything. The Hungarian would tell them it’s in their best I treat to run off. My boss said combat was only a little of guerilla war, most of the time went to making fake passports and such.

  5. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    That sounds like an amazing guy to work for sheesh… I’m jealous. How did you have the occassion to do that?

    But yeah I think that nails it I think some people just have that sense of learned helplessness, and lack that will to power. I think survival is an instinct but it is also to some degree a learned skill. And one our people in Europe must learn quickly.

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