Suicidalist German Mayor Physically Attacked Over Plans For ‘Asylum Center’

Suicidalist German Mayor Physically Attacked Over Plans For ‘Asylum Center’
October 1, 2016 Admin

Most readers will have seen this story already but I did not want to forego documenting it.

We have been discussing and expecting a rise in attacks on government officials by regular native Europeans since the beginning of the year. One such act already occurred in Germany last October, as the BBC reported at the time:

Henriette Reker – an independent candidate supported by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party – was seriously injured along with an aide. Three others suffered minor injuries.

Local police said Ms Reker, 58, was “stable, but not out of the woods”.

Police have arrested a 44-year-old German national and Cologne resident.

The attacker told police he stabbed Ms Reker “because of anti-foreigner motives,” senior police investigator Norbert Wagner said.

That attack was almost a year ago however, and in the ensuing eleven and a half months the native German populace has seen their fanatic, traitorous, Progressive-Fundamentalist leaders commit even worse crimes. Tens of thousands of children and women have been sexually assaulted and gang-raped, and hundreds if not thousands of native Germans have been murdered, all at the hands of the massive numbers of immigrants ushered in under Angela Merkel’s reign. Simultaneously, the government has ruthlessly suppressed any dissenting voices and any facts that oppose the establishment narrative. Unsurprisingly then, last week saw a similar attack take place, this time not in Cologne but in Schleswig-Holstein. As the Telegraph explains:

Mayor Kebschull

Mayor Kebschull

The mayor of a village in Germany had to be hospitalised after he was severely beaten in a suspected far-Right attack over his support for asylum-seekers.

Joachim Kebschull, the mayor of Oersdorf in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, was attacked from behind as he walked to a planning meeting on Thursday night.

The 61-year-old was beaten with a club by unknown assailants who fled after he lost consciousness.

Police believe the attack is linked to the mayor’s support for plans to accommodate asylum-seekers in the village.

Hours before the attack, he received a threatening letter which contained the phrases “He who will not listen will have to feel” and “Oersdorf for the Oersdorfers”.

The tiny village of just 870 people has been the scene of growing tension in recent weeks.

The planning committee meeting had already been postponed twice over bomb threats, and police had secured the site ahead of Thursday’s planned session.


The locals had feared that Oersdorf would share the same fate as many other small German towns, where newly-built asylum centers have caused the residents of such towns to become minorities in their own communities overnight.

In Cologne, barely two months after Henriette Reker’s stabbing in the fall of 2015, masses of the African and Middle-Eastern ‘refugees’ her co-Progressives had successfully brought in attacked, robbed, sexually-assaulted, and gang-raped-hundreds upon hundreds of German girls and women during a horror-filled New Years Eve.

Only time will tell if the residents of Oersdorf will be able to successfully prevent similar government plans, and if they are not, how soon their own community will be the beneficiaries of the same such horrors.

One sliver of hope on the horizon however comes in two words: Deutsche Bank. Many reading this will have heard the rumblings that the German company is on shaky ground, and that its failure could mean renewed economic recession for the Eurozone. If such developments come to pass, the people of Germany- and Europe as a whole- may revert to the law of the jungle that much faster, and events like this one in Oersdorf may become the norm.

After all, people can only be pushed so far.

***Following on in the same vein, and the themes of resistance, identity, and the preserving of a future for Europe, a new song by Les Brigandes just hit my inbox. I am embedding it below as a soundtrack for these eventful times. Note: Les Brigandes are an Identitarian French band made up of traditionalist-Catholics. They oppose the Islamization of Europe (and all other Progressive causes) and sing about contemporary European politics. I previoudsly profiled them here.

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  1. Jewel 1 year ago

    Why the false translation of Pousse-toi d’Allah que je m’y Mahomet in the chorus?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Jewel- thanks for the comment! Is that your first one on the site? I am glad you stumbled upon it.

      I do not speak French and only embedded the song here (didn’t translate it or anything) so I do not know… It sounds to me like they are saying both Pousse-toi d’Allah and Mahomet in the chorus though.

      Do you speak French? What are they actually saying if that is the case?

  2. Nxx 1 year ago

    “Your Goal is the Eradication of Germans!” – Vice President of German Bundestag confronted by Nationalists

    It’s interesting they’re using the meme “eradication”. Has more more punch than “replacement” while remaining non-hysterical. Stoppt ausrottung jetzt dammit!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Nxx- thanks for the comment! Very good stuff on that video.. I agree with you on the semantics as well I think ‘eradication’ hits the perfect balance.

      It will be very interesting to see how things play out with this Deutsche Bank situation. I watched a very interesting video with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad that I often mention on this site. He has been predicting a worldwide financial meltdown taking place around 2016 (give or take a year or two) for almost fifteen years. In the video he is talking about supporting Trump, but a lot of what he says has crossover relevance for Europe.

      The more I read about everything and think about it, the more and more I feel Europe is truly heading toward not just societal destabilization, but heavy economic destabilization in the short run, which might catalyze that social fracturing (‘civil war’) even sooner. Certainly that is my hope.

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