Suicidalist Governments Squabble As They Aim For Coup With Turkey

Suicidalist Governments Squabble As They Aim For Coup With Turkey
March 13, 2016 Admin

This week we saw a number of important developments in Europe. Presumably it is the “Ides of March”, and the increasingly long days are bringing back memories of last summer’s migrant insanity, forcing Europeans and their leaders to confront questions they have for too long put off.

The developments shed a lot of light on the current state of Europe, as well as bringing up quite terrifying visions of what the continent’s future could look like.

First, we saw the government of Sweden attack the government of Germany. From RT: (and huge thank you to Michael for alerting me to this article!)

The Nordic country has lashed out against its fellow EU member claiming it is breaching a convention which says countries can send migrants back to where they were originally registered.

Stockholm says Germany is refusing to cooperate and has threatened to take Merkel’s government to the European Court of Justice over the issue.

It is also claiming it is suffering as a result Merkel’s open door migration policy, which has seen over a million arrive in Germany, and many then heading north to Scandinavia.

So after bending over backwards to accept as many “refugees” as they possibly could these last two years, even allowing obviously adult men to register as “children”, putting refugees on expensive cruise-liners, and seizing old churches to turn into migrant homes, the Swedes are now blaming the situation on Germany. Surely Germany is guilty of horrendous crimes, but is there any better example of the infantile emotionality and irrationality of the Swedish government than this?

The relevance of this however is that it shows that even the most joined-at-the-hip suicidalist governments are now squabbling over the question of mass immigration. If Sweden and Germany are pointing fingers and yelling at each other regarding it, that should serve as proof that any legitimacy their migrant policies might had is falling apart.

We also saw Macedonia quite ruthlessly attack the EU and Germany. Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov stated that “[Germany] has failed!”, while they (the Macedonians) are doing “the dirty work” of protecting Europe’s borders. Ivanov also stated that had Macedonia trusted Brussels, they “would already have been flooded with jihadists.” He also accused the EU nations of “not wanting” intelligence on jihadi migrants.

Hanging over all this is the specter of the EU’s potential deal with Turkey on migrants. My understanding of the agreement is that it would entail Turkey agreeing to take back numbers of Syrian “refugees” from Europe; Turkey receiving between 3-20 billion Euros from the EU; Turkey and the EU agreeing to a 1-1 split on receiving Syrian “refugees”, and some sort of agreement on Schengen access for Turkey.

Obviously, the issue of free-movement for Turks in the Schengen zone is the most critical aspect of this agreement. My understanding is that the agreement would entail all Turkish citizens being able to travel without Visa’s through the EU’s “Visa free” Schengen zone. This would obviously be a gigantic coup for the suicidalists like Merkel and could have monumental prospects for the future of Europe.

Turkey currently has around 80 million citizens. Turkish immigrants in Europe have been just as involved with terrorism, Islamism, and mass-rape as any other group of Muslim immigrants. The prospect of all 80 million Turk’s having unlimited access to Europe seems of monumental importance. Like many crucial decisions in the history of the EU, it seems to be going on almost on auto-pilot, without the coverage, or the debate, it obviously deserves. It sounds like this agreement with Turkey will be “put to a vote” within the European Union Parliament, but even that seems fuzzy and ambiguous.

The bottom line, obviously, is that Schengen access for Turkey would power the impending civil war into overdrive, and have enormous repercussions for Europe, and those of us who have dedicated ourselves to fighting for its survival.

With such possibilities on the horizon, it makes perfect sense that people through Europe (like this French mayor) are preparing for war.

Note: Thanks to Laguna Beach Fogey for the heads up on the ‘French Mayor Preparing For Civil War’ story.

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