Sweden Arrests Man For Typing Out Word ‘Negro’ Online

Sweden Arrests Man For Typing Out Word ‘Negro’ Online
March 30, 2016 Admin

We have predicted that as Sweden continues to destabilize the left-wing suicidalist government will crackdown more and more violently on online ‘hate speech’.

This destabilization is increasingly apparent, and it is causing government legitimacy to fray. Yesterday we reported on two developments bearing this out. The first is the arrival of Sons Of Odin chapters in Sweden- the first official native-Swedish self-defense or vigilante groups to pop up in the country. The other development is continued rioting in immigrant sections of Stockholm such as Alby.

These are both external actions that show that many on the ground in Sweden are ceasing to respect or acknowledge the government’s authority and legitimacy, but the government censorship and harassment outlined below reflects, in my opinion, their paranoia of that same increasingly-apparent loss of legitimacy. By that, I do not mean ‘the current administration’s loss of legitimacy’, I mean the legitimacy of any Swedish government period, and the ability of any Swedish political party to keep the country on track and out of civil disorder and violence.

The article itself is from Fria Tider. To read the google translate version of the page click here.

Police raided the man’s apartment after receiving an anonymous complaint that he had written critically about immigration and local politicians.

Free Times reported last week about the man in their 30s who were sentenced to probation for hate speech after having used the “expression negro” on the popular discussion forum Flashback.

Many have since the publication wondered how the police managed to get the man on the tracks considering that Ubuntu has its servers located abroad.

Free Times has taken note of the preliminary investigation of the case. The reason for the raid was that the police in May last year received an anonymous report that the man on Flashback “spread statements that threaten or express disrespect towards different ethnic groups.”

The man had been in a number of posts described the changes as his northern municipality passed after having received a large amount of asylum seekers from the Third World. He had asked the second local residents to oppose municipal politicians multicultural plans, among other things, described how he acted when he was forced to go on an “integration meeting”.

When police in October raided the man’s apartment was turned on the computer and logged on Ubuntu with the current user. Police seized computer, memory cards, hard drives and mobile phone.

Earlier in March sentenced the man to have used “expressions such as negro and other derogatory epithets and comments” on the discussion forum. He must also undergo a treatment of Probation.

Suffice to say “negro”

He is not the only one who has been convicted of having used the word “negro”.

In October the Court of Appeal for Southern Norrland that three high school boys would be tried for incitement to racial hatred because of his school “repeatedly uttered the word ‘negro’.”

“The Court of Appeal joins the district court’s assessment that it involved statements that express contempt for a group of individuals with a certain skin color and origin,” wrote the Court of Appeal in its judgment.

In 2014 sentenced a 17 year old girl insult to be called a 29 year old african for negro. The reason she did it was that the African had called her and her friend for “fucking Svenner”. African himself risked no penalty for his statement

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  1. DaShui 2 years ago

    I wonder if I can be arrested for saying Montenegro?

  2. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Better stay out of Sweden now Dashui 😉 (and although I joke I imagine none of us would last 5 days in Sweden at this point)

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