Sweden: Liberal Youth League Wants Legalized Necrophilia, Akesson Wants Nordfront Banned

Sweden: Liberal Youth League Wants Legalized Necrophilia, Akesson Wants Nordfront Banned
July 15, 2017 Admin

Interesting developments in the land of Sweden.

In the first, the ‘Liberal Youth League’ has released their policy proposals for the coming year. Readers should be warned that the list will seem like some kind of sick farce. Unfortunately it is not.

The racist Swedish patriarchy has been preventing the sexual freedom of dead people for long enough.

The racist Swedish patriarchy has been preventing the sexual freedom of dead people for long enough.

This is what the Liberal Youth League of Sweden is pushing for in the 2017-2018 ‘current year’:

-Legalized necrophilia

-Legalized simulated child pornography (computer simulations, cartoons, etc)

-“Ruthless mass immigration” (that’s a direct quote)

-Legalized polygamy for Muslim immigrants

-Sweden joining NATO

Totally normal stuff, in other words.

Here is the story from Fria Tider:

Liberal Youth League LUF has on Twitter listed how to change Sweden. Among other things, you want cartoon child pornography, necrophilia and “ruthless mass immigration”.

Are you considering voting for the Liberals next year?

Then maybe you’ll think about it. The party’s youth federations have made a provocative list of things they want to introduce in Sweden.

This includes, among other things, a “ruthless mass immigration” with open borders that polygamy is ok and that marriage should be counter-neutral, that cartoon child pornography should be legal, that the information obligation regulated by the Infection Act should be abolished and that Sweden should introduce the euro.

LUF also means killing people as well as animals lacking rights, that Sweden should join NATO as well as to test their body to nephrophils if desired.

“If you are against nephrophilia, you are not liberal,” explains LUF.

But this may not be surprising. Already last year , Liberala Youth League went out to want to legalize incest and necrophilia. In 2015 , one said that one wants to legalize early days, ie sex with animals.

“We have hosted members on the issue of time lag”, now writing on Twitter.

LUF also believes that all children born in Sweden will automatically be offered citizenship and that Jan Björklund is the “best” that has happened to Swedish school.

The Youth League also makes it clear that you want to see Birgitta Ohlsson as the party leader of the Liberals.

“We are fighting for your freedom,” it’s called on the LUF website.


While these Swedish liberal youth are bravely fighting for the freedom of necrophiliacs and incestuous couples, things are not so swell within Sweden’s “far-right”.

That is our second story today.

Jimmie Åkesson

Jimmie Åkesson

Jimmie Akesson is the head of the Sweden Democrats, the current “far-right” party that is now the second largest in Sweden.

The Sweden Democrats have been labelled “Nazi’s” by Stefan Lofven and the reigning Swedish government, have been lambasted as the same by the Bonnier-controlled Swedish press, and continually attacked by the combined might of George Soros’s thousand strong NGO army. They’ve also had violence directed against them and their supporters repeatedly by Antifa– who are being funded by Soros and (indirectly) by the Swedish government. Also, all the other political parties in Sweden have agreed to band together to keep them from ever attaining power, and many on the left want the Sweden Democrats to be outright banned and criminalized.

As a result, it seems strange that Akesson himself is now calling for the Nordic Resistance Movement to be banned and criminalized in the same manner.

Here is the story on it:

Swedish Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson goes to attack the National Socialist Organization Nordic Resistance Movement and says he wants to criminalize the movement.

“Then he is stupid in his head,” answers the Nordic Resistance Movement Pär Öberg.

On Friday it is the day of the Swedish Democrats in Almedalen on Gotland. It is also today that the Nordic resistance movement comes to the island and, inter alia, directing countries is participating.

But the SD conductor is not a fan of NMR. Now he opens to ban the organization, which he means are terrorists.

– It’s not any organization. They have engaged in acts of violence directed against political opponents and public institutions. It is clear that it is very serious. It is more or less an organization engaged in terror, “said Åkesson to SVT.

Jimmie Åkesson believes that NMR “exploits freedom of expression” while threatening people to life. He therefore wants to review the legal possibility of criminalizing the organization.

NMR can be “classified as a terrorist organization” consisting of “violence”, said Åkesson in SR’s P1 morning, according to Omni.

“Then he’s stupid in his head,” answered the Nordic Resistance Movement Pär Öberg in Nordfront’s live broadcast from Almedalen when he learned what the SD leader had said.

The Nordic Resistance Movement.

The Nordic Resistance Movement.



I will be honest that I find this to be really weird. I am not going to criticize Akesson directly, as- as I always say- he and others like him have sacrificed far more for Europe than I have- but I will certainly state my confusion at the logic behind such a pronouncement.

As far as I can tell there are only two possibilities. 1) Akesson is serious, which I think is troubling since the NRM is one of the only organizations in all of Sweden that is fighting to save the nation from Islamization and death, and troubling because the NRM has engaged in zero or close to zero violence, especially compared with Antifa; or 2) Akesson is just saying this because he either a) thinks it will earn him more votes, or b) more ‘respect’ from the other political parties. Both of these things seem crazy too though.

The left is going to call the Sweden Democrats “Nazi’s” no matter what. For God sake, these people want “ruthless mass immigration” and legalized necrophilia. To them the Sweden Democrats and Nordfront are identical.

I’m a big believer in acting deliberately and in trying to pursue metapolitical change in a manner congruent with our inherited ancestral honor codes, and understand that such things necessitate taking a stand sometimes and delineating the differences between yourself and other, similar groups… but arguing that the Nordic Resistance Movement should be banned seems rather counter-intuitive to me.



Editor’s Note: Men- what think you on this question? Why is Akesson suggesting this? What would you do if you were him? And what do you think of legalized necrophilia? I’d be down with legalized polygamy (at least for native Europeans) but the incest, necrophila, and NATO membership are just a bridge too far in my mind…

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  1. Freddy 5 months ago

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

  2. Unknown 5 months ago

    I guess the SD are trying to save their existence by collaborating with mainstream power. A common kind of behaviour, called Stockholm syndrome. But it’s counter-productive as mainstream power’s obvious goal is to destroy SD and all alike. As death seems inevitable, it would be better to at least preserve the reputation…

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Yes I suppose that is the most logical conclusion. I guess its possible they think that they can do more good as a ‘moderately right wing ‘ force, and that trying to ban the NRM will help get them there, but yeah, I just think given the level of existential threat such a medium road doesn’t work. I think that’s why Trump was so successful is that he never counter-signalled rightward.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      There’s something about acid attacks that just seems uniquely tied to Muslim culture. Normally I don’t take the counterjihadi “Islam is evil” line too far, but I really have trouble visualizing many other groups that could engage in an “acid attack epidemic”. MAYBE Indians or Sri Lankans if you caught them at a bad moment but that is about the only other group.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Interesting… thanks for linking to that Richard I had not seen it…

      I just hopped on google to try to learn more but still not much clear info. I think one article said he was old.

      No matter what it ends up being, the comments below the article were certainly helpful. I would guess the express skews right but man they were about 100% uniformly on our side.

  3. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Boo ya. I agree. That is evocative as all get-out.

      I almost think it could be some kind of modern art piece too. Just the picture and a title or something.

      I would dub it: “Soros returns to his native Hungary”.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Poor little kiddo…

  4. Yacon Root 4 months ago

    Awesome Site. Very much enjoyed reading.


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