Sweden Shuts Down ‘No-Go Zone’ Police Station

Sweden Shuts Down ‘No-Go Zone’ Police Station
June 17, 2017 Admin

In the last article I posted I mentioned Swedish ‘No-Go Zones’ as one of the key variables in the ‘Sweden Equation’.

Apparently at least one of those areas is about to get a little more lawless, as the Swedish government decided to shut down the police station tasked with handling it.

From our good friends at Fria Tider, courtesy of Google Translate:

The only police station in the troubled Järva area, the one in Kista, is closed down. It says police sources to SVT News. “Disaster!”, Says terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp in a comment.

Several of the suburbs located around the Järvafältet in Stockholm are classified as “particularly vulnerable” areas.

Nevertheless, Kista police station, the only remaining police station in the entire area today, will be put down.

The official reason is lack of staff. But the station has been working, says several police officers to SVT.

– As a police officer in the area, it is embarrassing. We have lost hope of our politicians and that it will be waged on the police. Look at how the results have been, it’s awful, says an anonymous police to SVT.

The purpose of the reorganization of Sweden’s police authority has been to “get closer to the citizens”, but in practice, it becomes a police case, pointing out that the station in Kista is important and that those living in the area have gained confidence in the police who work there.

The move must already have started and there are no plans to come back.

Police officers working in Kista will now be moved to the police station in Solna.

“Disaster! Should open four new ones instead,” reports terrorist Magnus Ranstorp in a comment on Twitter.

This closing comes on the heels of continued defections from the police forces. rink-riot8

Another recent article explains that defections from the police force are at all time highs.

A lot of this seems to suggest incompetence, but ideology is obviously the other root.

A member of the Sweden Democrats just argued that the Swedish government is trying to forcibly ‘destroy Swedish cultural heritage’.

An example of this combination (incompetence + ideological insanity) took place Thursday night, where hundreds of young non-European immigrants rioted in one of Sweden’s ‘No-Go Zones’.

The article describes it thus:

Hundreds of youngsters started a violent riots in the Kronogården in Trollhättan on Thursday night. The youngsters were masked and armed and two police cars were destroyed, writing the police on their website. It is the second night in a row, it is very worrying in the area.

Just before 21 o’clock on Thursday, about one hundred young people drove around in the suburb of Kronogården in Trollhättan. Several of them were masked and armed with piles, according to the police. In the end a violent riot broke out and police in place were attacked.

Two police cars got their tires torn apart and the police were forced to request reinforcement to the area.

“It is very worrying and it is perceived as threatening,” said the police, who could not settle the incident until 03:00 on the night when most had left the area.

“It escalated around midnight,” said Johan Josarp, commanding officer at West Police, to Omni.

However, no person should have been injured. A man was arrested for damage.

It’s the second night in a row, it’s anxious at Kronprården in Trollhättan.

During the night to Thursday, the police were alerted to Lantmannagatan due to the fire car tire on the street. When a security guard, who first arrived at the scene, tried to extinguish the tire, he was exposed to the burst of a group living in the area.

Then another group came to the guardian’s rescue, which was the start of a major break between two different subdivisions. The noise broke into a violent riots and two people ended up in a hospital with minor injuries.

In the noise were used various cloaks like field crosses and eagles, writes the police. Not until 04 o’clock it was quiet on the spot.



Jimmie Åkesson

Jimmie Åkesson

One would hope that the police quitting the force are doing so in part out of outrage at the ‘destruction of Swedish culture’ mentioned above.

However, the police officer quoted in the above article on defections is one ‘Hanif Azizi‘, who says that the defections are caused by officers with medium levels of seniority not getting paid enough and having the same wages as beginning officers.

Furthermore, while the above speech by the Sweden Democrat arguing that the Swedish government is trying to destroy Swedish heritage is hopeful, Sweden Democrats party head Jimmie Åkesson recently said something a bit less hopeful, when- after getting heckled and called ‘racist’ during a speech- he protested that:

“I’m for immigration! Sweden has always had immigration. Sweden will always have immigration. And even the day I get to decide everything in this country, we will have immigration.”

With that being the case, it appears the Nordic Resistance Movement, the Soldiers of Odin, and Swedish members of Generation Identitaire are the only groups today in Sweden who actually support policies that will allow for the survival of Swedish culture. I don’t want to be too hard on Akeson, as he certainly has put himself out there and sacrificed much and overlaps my beliefs to a large extent, but as far as I am concerned ‘continued immigration’ will destroy Europe with or without Islamization. The other three groups of young men understand this, and approach Preservationism from a tribal and asabiya-based perspective instead.

That is why my upcoming book is on Millenial Identitarians.

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  1. Unknown 6 months ago

    Sweden submits to some foreign power. No one is forcing it to do so, it is a choice of free will – for most of them. The few ones unhappy with this better leave.
    You cannot defend those who want to submit, because submission is not their enemy but their hope. You better focus on defending yourself, and those who do alike.
    I am sorry for writing this, but after having visited a celebration of those promoting open borders and the like, i am assured that they really want to submit!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Unknown- I can’t disagree, it absolutely seems they do want to commit suicide.

      But even if that’s the case I still think we as non-Swedish Europeans/members of the European diaspora still have a duty to try to oppose that self-inflicted destruction.

      Its not like Sweden is some stranger with no ties to us. Sweden is like our sibling, and we would never let our sibling burn down his house and give it to some Orc invaders to befoul. Even though that sibling is not ‘us’, it still brings dishonor upon us and upon our mutual ancestors, and still increases the chance of those Orc invaders raping and murdering our own family someday.

      But yes I agree with what you are saying, that’s just my philosophical explanation of why I can’t just say ‘screw Sweden, let em burn’ (not that that is what you are saying either). But yeah, even if there is no way we can prevent their suicide, we should still expend as much effort/time/money/arguments as we can opposing it.

  2. shadowman 6 months ago

    Off-topic but anyway – good news on the anti-Islam front today! I speak (of course) about the guy who did the “drive-over of Muslims” near the mosque in London today. I think there’s little doubt that this is a revenge attack for the recent attacks by Muslims.

    Unfortunately, it seems like he only managed to nail one of them. Anyway – this is most definitely good for our cause! It is another step towards an unstoppable spiral of attacks. If the Muslims carry out another attack of some kind in the UK, that will help things along too, and hopefully another (bigger than this) revenge attack will follow that.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Well as I wrote in the other post, it seems abundantly clear that these guys he ran over were (statistically speaking) almost certainly radical Islamists who supported the murder and rape of native Brits. If that is the case it is entirely normal for native Brits to sympathize with this attack even if they don’t *support* it, just like polls show that huge proportions of Muslims sympathize with the aims and motivations of suicide bombers and terrorists.

  3. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    As the former cop shop is re-purposed to provide migrant housing, the powers-that-be will have to emulate this memo from Scotland:


    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Jesus… no I hadn’t seen the part about protected identities. I had seen that they were giving them all sorts of other benefits to ‘reintegrate’ them or whatever. Actually I think the word wasn’t even as strong as ‘re-integrate’, it was some other verb that was even less condemnatory or strong.

      Its instructive though, as one can just imagine the conversations that take place, with the Swedish police meeting the ISIS fighters at the airport…. “Um, Mr. Wallid, sir, we, um, got notified that your visa was flagged, and, um, that you might have been fighting with ISIS- erm, the Islamic State we mean, and, we wanted to know if you still felt the same way, or if perhaps you wanted to return to normal life, with the help of a new identity, and a new job, and a new house, and a new car, and 5000$ a month, all paid for through government aid? As you know, Mr. Walid, diversity is strength, and, um, we’re sure the vibrancy you imbibed during your time in Syria will be a huge asset for our ‘colorful community’ here in Sweden.”

      Hopefully once the NRM or some other ‘true Swedes’ get in control they will be able to find some registry of these folks. That would be quite convenient 🙂

  4. thronjuwel 7 days ago

    The Daily Mail reported last week that a police patrol charged with tracking down the address of Rakhmat Akilov, who killed four people in a truck attack in Stockholm on April 7, were pelted with stones by residents.

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