Swedish Electrical Company Pulls Personnel From Malmö, Refuses Work In City

Swedish Electrical Company Pulls Personnel From Malmö, Refuses Work In City
February 13, 2017 Admin

Last year I published an article called ‘How The War Could Begin’ at Counter-Currents and here that offerred a hypothetical scenario in which Sweden descends into civil war. It wasn’t meant to be a ‘prediction’ but rather just an ‘extrapolation’ of what it could look like if events there were to match other 4GW conflicts we have seen over the last 20-30 years.

Now the scenario as a whole does not look to be coming to fruition anytime soon, but one of the building blocks contained within it was the supposition that Malmö would eventually become an ungoverned virtual ‘city-state’ in which local Muslim immigrants rule and no Swedish government logistics are able to be provided.

Since the time I wrote that the condition on the ground in Malmo has deteriorated further and today we hear of an electrical company that has pulled its workers from the city and stated that unless there is somehow ‘drastic change’ they will not return.

Here is their statement on facebook (in Swedish and English):

Nedan följer ett meddelande från Högs EL till våra kunder

Pga av rådande säkerhetsrisk att vistas i Malmö med våld och skjutningar kommer Högs EL att slutföra pågående jobb i Malmö. Efter det tar vi inte på oss fler jobb där om det inte sker en drastisk förändring. Hoppas ni har förståelse för det. Vi måste tänka på våra anställdas säkerhet. Till er som bor och jobbar i Malmö kan vi bara önska er att det blir säkert att vistas där igen.

Andreas Svensson
Högs EL

Hey The following is a message from high electricity to our customers Because of the prevailing security risk to reside in Malmö with violence and shootings going high electricity to complete ongoing job in Malmö. After that we are not taking on new job there unless there is a drastic change. Hope you have an understanding of it. We need to think about our safety of employees. To those of you who live and work in Malmö, we can only wish you that it is safe to stay there again.

Yours sincerely
Andreas Svensson
High El

Fria Tider broke the story in question and seem to suggest the catalyst was the recent violent shooting of a 23 year old Malmo resident of Muslim origin. Interestingly enough, we have seen this man before- when he and a bunch of his compatriots abducted a native Swedish woman off the street in broad daylight, drove her to the basement of one of the men’s ‘hookah shop’, and violently gang-raped her.

Here is today’s article on his murder:

The Arab man was shot to death on Möllevångstorget in Malmö on Sunday should have been in custody for months on suspicion of involvement in a high-profile gang rape. This is according to data to Aftonbladet.

During the gang rape that took place in March last year, was driven a woman to a local cafe in Helsingborg, where she violently and at gunpoint was transferred to the basement and stated that she was raped by six men.

The rape lasted several hours, and the woman had no means to get there. One of the men, who all had the interpreter needs in Arabic, should have been the now murdered 23-year-old. The man has previously been convicted of several drug offenses and theft.

The judgment, which fell in early January, the woman describes how the now murdered man was actively involved in both the kidnapping and rape.

The murdered 23-year-old was detained on suspicion of serious rape and kidnapping for months, but last fall, he was released and several of the other alleged perpetrators because of lack of evidence.

Two of the men were charged with serious rape. In early January they were sentenced by the Malmö District Court to four years in prison and deportation, as well as a joint compensation of 264 000 to the woman.

I am unsure if this was the same White native Swedish woman who was held as a sex slave in the bottom of a hookah shop for several weeks before the police raided it on suspicion of other charges and found her, or if that was a differnet hookah shop.

It would be nice to assume that this animal was killed by native Swedes in vengeance for what he did, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Malmo 5

As we all know, it can be maddening to read about such things and not see greater response from the Swedes. As I routinely point out though, these are our women as much as they are anyone’s, and Sweden is a part of our lands as Occidentals whether we hail from it specifically or one of its sister-countries

With that being the case we must soldier on and continue to do those things we can:

1) Donate money to Preservationist groups and websites, and build as much wealth as possible for same purposes.
2) Donate time and expertise, be it in writing, web design, accounting, journalism, meme’ing, training, etc.
3) Real-life proselytization and education, enlightening and awakening those we interact with each day.
4) Training in appropriate skills to that one can help fight to preserve Europe once it destabilizes and civil war begins.
5) Anything which will deligitimize the left-wing governments that facilitate such evils, anything which will see those governments fall and be replaced, and anything which will usher in such destabilization faster.
6) Remigrating back to Europe (for those of us abroad) and settling both in Western European countries facing Islamization and in Eastern European countries that can serve as logistical bases of support.
7) Targeted 4GW direct action with those same goals in mind.

As always, this site does not encourage illegality or violence, but not all 4GW direct action need be so.

There’s a great book called Bird By Bird about writing. It says that to get a book written one must just start writing it, and crank out a page or two each day. As long as one is routinely engaging in action, eventually the end result will occur. It is the constant and consistent pursuit of a goal that fulfills it. I think revolution is the same, and we must fight on day after day in every way we can. Some days it will bear fruit, some days it will be futile, but there can be no other alternative.

This electrical company pulling out of Malmö may be a canary in the coalmine which suggests that things are moving in a fortuitous direction.

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  1. Philip 10 months ago

    It is extremely difficult to feel sympathy for nation that according to recent opinion polls, if a vote was held tomorrow, would vote 83% for a continuation of the same or worse. The only analogy I can draw is from Time Machine by H G Well’s where the Eloi having lost the will to survive were used as a food source by the Morlocks, ape-like creatures. Real life mimicking fantasy literature. I admit to knowing little or nothing about Swedish society, education system, or the Swedish psyche but what I read about the people and the country defies rationality. The Swedish army should have moved in long ago to sort this out. What are the Swedish Generals doing? Oh I forgot they are all women.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Very true, and the Eloi were the hypothetical result of thousands of years of evolution/purposeful breeding in that direction. Who knew the same could be achieved in only 40 years…

      One of the ways I am looking at it in my next book is that while we have had cycles of r-Selection and K-Selection before (a natural process, based on AnonCon and Turchin’s ideas), this most recent cycle was exponentially magnififed because the economy was SO good after WWII, and because it coincided with the rise of cheap and easy intercontinental travel. So basically the Baby Boomer liberals in places like Sweden were far worse than other r-Selected Generations since they were born into such unprecedented peace and wealth, and they have done far more damage to because- with the advent of globalization and mass travel- they have been able to flood their lands with Muslim immigrants.

      But yeah I wouldn’t say I neccesarily feel sympathy for the Swedes, and especially not the left-wing ones causing all this, they are our enemies, but since Sweden is part of who we are as ethnic and cultural Europeans, we still need to oppose its Islamization. I guess in that way just because I am an American doesn’t mean I think of Sweden any differently than I do of South Carolina or Wyoming… actually I am probably even more emotionally connected to Western Europe, since its the birthplace of our people and shared culture and heritage.

    • dashui 10 months ago

      Around the year 2000 and I was in grAd school I used to box against a Swedish exchange student. He told me that young Swedish women would tell their boyfriends”you can have my heart, but not my pussy” . Meaning women in Sweden had a feminist paradise of unrestrained hypergamy. No man wants to fight for such a system.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        God that’s depressing. Just black pill me into oblivion why don’t you Dashui 🙂

        But yeah, we will still turn it around. Once things fall apart and Identitarians/Preservationists/Nationalists take over we will reinstate the patriarchy and things will get back to normal. It will be more like Pride and Prejudice or the Amish or the Shire or Rivendell or any other culture with traditional gender norms and feminine women who exhibit the ‘tactical virtues of womanhood’ (there’s a book someone needs to write!). I would even advocate for polygamy in order to facilitate increased birthrates among our people. Radical feminism and sexual degeneracy will be evils long forgotten.

        • VivatEuropa 10 months ago

          Yes, we must not forget that a major aspect of this fight is the demographic aspect. Europe is now reaping the consequences of these modern evils, one purpose of which, I believe, was population reduction, ESPECIALLY white population reduction. A rethinking of these modern lifestyles, choices, and attitudes – values, if you will – is bound to occur. (We hope! As I type this, I’m thinking of Sweden, almost at the point of willing submission and self-immolation.)

  2. Rick 10 months ago

    I remember reading an article about someone who went bankrupt, and the way he described bankruptcy unfolding has always stayed with me. he said “It happened very slowly, and then all at once” I believe this is what we should expect in Europe/Sweden as well. Currently we are confounded at how long they can put up with a deteriorating environment but I think much like the aforementioned bankruptcy there will come a trigger point (maybe not an obvious one) and then the situation will move rapidly into a civil war.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Excellent point Rick.

      I have read that SHTF site on and off for awhile since some of the readers here on this site introduced me to it and it kind of seems like that in his stories, in terms of how normal everything was and then just two years later as things started falling apart how everyone just reverted to near-feral status.

  3. Ezra 10 months ago

    Who wants to go hunting?

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      In the dark at that..

  4. Delphi 10 months ago

    Pro tip. This is how we win the war. Cut off the power. Cut off the heat. Cut off the light, the water, the food, the supply of medicine and weapons. Wait. Move in when they .. well, you know. Far, far more do-able than most people would think, given.. well.. ghettos, and the large number of people in them with no skills other than disorganized street violence. An organized army always beats a mob.. the problem is .. swedes.. OMG what army..

  5. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Delphi has hit the nail on the head.

    Meanwhile, in France:


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Yes France is starting to boil again with masses of angry and energized young Muslims ready to take over the country. Traditionally that happened only in the summers so the fact that they are rearing to go already in February could be a good sign too.

      • VivatEuropa 10 months ago

        What’s wrong with this picture?
        “France is starting to boil again with masses of angry and energized young Muslims ready to take over the country.”
        WHEN will we see France starting to boil with masses of angry and energized Frenchmen ready to take back their country?
        Well, to answer my own question, I’m afraid it won’t be until all this is hurting the French, and other Europeans, more than it is now. We’ve seen how quickly cuts in services and benefits get Frenchmen riled up and out into the streets protesting. When this starts to hit them where it really hurts, we might see them take some real action.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          I agree completley Vivat.

          I think the biggest barrier is ideological to some degree as we always talk about, increasingly I am thinking the other barrier is almost a self-improvement based thing where alot of individual folks who may oppose mass-islamization (like the 55% who stated that was their opinion in these latest polls) are not fighting back or standing up because 1) financially they are 100% reliant on an employer who would fire them if they did, 2) they have not built up the emotional resiliency to deal with the fallout with friends/family/being labelled as mean and racist, etc, and 3) they lack the interpersonal skills to forge the relationships needed for collective action.

          Anyway just some new stuff I am thinking about… I agree with you though that once the economy falls apart and they have nothing to lose (enough K-Selection in other words) then we will see them on the streets. Someday!

  6. Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

    I had a long conversation the other day with a German Patriot, living in Berlin. The degree of despair in his voice… he says only 24 months ago they could muster 6,000 to march in protest. Now, “It’s down to 2,000.” No worries, I say. I suspect in the end what it’s going to take is a relatively small force, in numbers. But what they lack in numbers, they make up for in sheer determination. Hypothetically, a simultaneous multi car bomb attack, say twenty high explosive devices, wiping a dozen mosques, and eight Left Wing Government Offices clean off the map, would quickly galvanize things and get everybody’s attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody was planning that right now. I would hope our hypothetical ‘Sons of Wodan’ would model their campaign more on Canary Wharf, London (Docklands bombing) than the Oklahoma City Bombing. (Timothy McVeigh). Why? Despite what the British Media have claimed from time to time, (ruthless killers, etc, etc) the Provisional IRA absolutely DID give a very decent warning. Ninety minutes. Two persons were regrettably killed, and more than a hundred hurt. With better Police action, and proper evacuation, there would have been zero casualties. There is evidence the two men killed ignored evacuation instructions. Any fair observer will be forced to conclude that the IRA proved an ability to cause several hundred million dollars’ worth of high profile damage. They COULD have killed many hundreds of people, maybe four figures’ worth, had they exploded the device during the day, and without warning. The British Government realized the IRA was capable of bringing London to a standstill, with a huge potential loss in trade, and loss of its status as a world banking/Financial center. They quickly became a whole lot more, um, amenable to agreement. One result was they quietly dropped several pre-conditions to negotiations with the IRA. (including the demand for the IRA to fully disarm as a condition of the talks). Timothy McVeigh, as we all know, set out to kill as many as he could. He succeeded, including the children in the creche. He quickly forfeited all sympathy from the public at large. I suspect our hypothetical ‘Sons of Wodan’ will follow the Canary Wharf tactic. Aim for huge publicity. Destroy major mosques (with adequate warnings), destroy Government buildings, and in addition, target wealthy gated Liberal communities, thus demonstrating ‘we know where you Quislings live, and we will find you.’ All in one night. They might go a stage further and say: ‘This time we warned you. Maybe next time, we won’t.’ The threat would be coupled to strident demands. Timothy McVeigh’s device was about as low-tech as they make ’em. (fertilizer)…

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Francis-

      Interesting thoughts.

      You know way more about the history of the IRA than I do, but it seems to me that they also won through successfully cultivating the ‘David’ role and making the British look like Goliaths. Basically they won in Lind/Boyd’s moral-strategic box. I think your point about them NOT carrying out hardcore atrocities was a part of that. I know as an American raised in the 80’s and 90’s and 2000’s most representations of the IRA-British conflict always cast the Irish in very sympathetic lights.

      McVeigh was certainly the opposite. His bombing was just absolutely horrible and reprehensible in my opinion, and was a perfect example of a 4GW force that was able to look evil and ‘goliath-esque’ despite basically being against a massive power like the US government. Ironically in so doing, and connecting his attack to Ruby Ridge and Waco, McVeigh disintegrated all the 4GW moral capital those incidents had created.

      Anyway I am glad all that awful 1990’s David Lane ‘Old Right’ stuff has disappeared.

      Administrative Note: For anyone who stumbles upon this comment thread accidentally or in the future without proper perspective, the above post by Francis is referencing a fictional story he is writing on his website (re: the ‘Sons of Wodan’, etc). We are not engaging in ‘real life’ hypothetisis. This site does not encourage violence or illegality in any way.

  7. Delphi 10 months ago

    I hate to say it dear Francis but friendly fire, ISN’T. I’m a liberal who supports taking constructive action. Nor is justifying terrorist tactics – the west doesn’t fight that way, and all they do is make the group responsible for them hated – and justifies the encroaching “globalists know best” nanny state. I’m very much a fan of tending the home fires, FOR NOW. Go. Have children with a good woman. Bring them up right, bright and smart. Do all the prepper things involving weapons and food storage. When the muslim mobs decide to , well, you know – when it’s time for war, WE’LL KNOW. For example, a Le Pen government could get a lot more police on the streets, call out the army, arrest the troublemakers, and build prisons – right NOW, this is a law enforcement problem, and a problem of ultra- permissive European society. Personally I believe “hopefully that day never comes and we’re all wrong” but looking at the ceremonial weekly car torchings in Sweden and Paris, somehow, I doubt it. Theyres a VERY good chance that when the chaos and disorder passes a certain point, and starts to seriously threaten wealth and safety, people will act. Liberals will swallow their idiotic ideas, and simply say enough is enough, and join/or get behind more conservative or “identitarian” parties. Trump’s loosing because he’s not smart, he’s off message, he didn’t prepare and he didn’t think. Personally, I have a lot more faith in Petry and especially le Pen. If conservatives can prove that we’re NOT mindless facists, who simply believe in an equal state for all, but the RULE OF LAW AND ORDER, then especially in Europe, they’res a real chance to permanantly change politics. Remember, Sharia/Caliphate, even though it appeals to the small minded and desperate, is by NO MEANS a functional modern system of government, and has FAILED SPECTACULARLY everywhere it’s been tried. When offered a REAL choice between the middle ages or earlier, and stupid, retarded, ARAB tribal feudlism, or the modern world with all it’s technological and economical developments, the 3/4ths of the planet that isn’t muslim is going to vote the same way, every time. – VOTE NO.

    • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

      I want to believe:


      Evidently the same firm that correctly predicted Brexit and the Trumpening.

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        French police cars flee from rioters:


        Incidentally, this is the girl who was pepper-sprayed by antifa at Berkeley a couple weeks ago.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Interesting. Was she just retweeting it or did she take the video? I remember seeing her get pepper sprayed in that video from Berkeley. Pretty young girl. Must have some guts (or naivety) to show up to those protests as a pro-Trumpian.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        That would be incredible man… Just as big as Trump, to be sure.

        Saw an article yesterday on Zero Hedge that the CIA was all over the French 2012 election. It didn’t specificlaly suggest they tried to sway the outcome, just that they had their tentacles in everything trying to glean information. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were against the le Pen campaign though, since those were the Obama years after all.

        I even heard our cuckish friend Mr. Glen Beck bashing on le Pen the other day as some evil right wing Neo Nazi, etc. I think he’s out of the mainstream GOP on that one though as I think a lot of Republicans are supporting the NF actually.

    • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

      @ dear Delphi.
      Cool. A Liberal. One second while I sharpen my claws.Let’s amble through this one step-at-a-time.
      QUOTE: “I hate to say it dear Francis but friendly fire, ISN’T. ”
      That’s fine rhetoric, but muddles up different terminology, ‘Friendly fire’ is when your buddies mistake you for the enemy. That’s all. When ‘friends’ take up arms and shoot at the enemy, even if you think that is not necessary, then that does not constitute ‘friendly fire’. It more than likely constitutes your buddies taking action, while you are still hiding behind self indulgent ‘virtue flaunting’ and tired PC platitudes.
      QUOTE: “Nor is justifying terrorist tactics – the West doesn’t fight that way, and all they do is make the group responsible for them hated – and justifies the encroaching “globalists know best” nanny state. I’m very much a fan of tending the home fires, FOR NOW.”l
      Really. The West doesn’t fight that way? The Basques, the Irish, the French/Dutch/Danish resistance, and others would vocally disagree with you. It is clear you never walked the streets while your city burned, and all around you chaos unfolded. Sirens, Molotov cocktails, bullets, tear gas, and the baying of hysterically angry crowds. You might think differently. A basic learning from the discipline of guerilla fighting is the CRITICAL need for local, popular support. Read the words of, for instance, Chairman Mao. To suggest that “all it does” is to make the terror group “hated”, shows a total lack of familiarity with the realities of guerilla warfare, and with the history of, say, the IRA. You also show to me that you have little experience in distinguishing between the Official Government sponsored Mass Media version of the truth, and the harsh reality of the front line. Your appeal to ‘tend the home fires’ is one of an endless series of popular euphemisms for inaction.
      QUOTE: “When the muslim mobs decide to , well, you know – when it’s time for war, WE’LL KNOW.”
      Frankly, I don’t believe you. If what they are doing now doesn’t meet your strict definitions of WAR, then I’m sure further on down the road, you will succeed in moving the goalposts steadily further out. Keeping WAR just comfortably out of arm’s reach. While you busily tend the ‘home fires’.
      QUOTE: “right NOW, this is a law enforcement problem”
      It’s way, WAY past that. Cops are struggling with their hands tied. Guys are quitting in droves. Rubber sticks against knives and bottles. And all the time, the PC Brigade watching, watching… the cameras rolling… meet violence with anything else than superhuman restraint, and you and your career are toast. No support, no sympathy. See my chapter on “Rogue Cops”. http://www.writersharbor.org/work_view.php?work=1017
      QUOTE: “Liberals will swallow their idiotic ideas”
      I doubt it. Do you think a single LIberal member of the Swedish parliament that voted unanimously forty years ago to change Sweden from a homogenous society, to a multi-cultural, diversified Utopia, will EVER have the humility, the moral courage to say:
      “We got it wrong. We got it wrong for twenty years. We had no idea what the hell we were doing or letting our country in for.”
      No chance. Yes, it’s super hard. But to compound grave errors of Judgement, pitiful lack of foreplanning and knowledge of History, with grotesque hypocrisy, really takes the Swedish biscuit. Not just Swedish ‘Liberal’ politicians lack the humility, the nobility of spirit, to express ANY form of Mea Culpa. They would rather bluster it out, flog the dying horse of multiculturalism, open the gates FURTHER, and speak in the same time-dishonored, pitifully simplistic, naive, and fact-disproven PC empty cliches. Whilst living in gated communities and sending their own precious children to exclusive schools of course. The rot in Sweden runs deep. The reaction, simmering, growing, will be bloody and violent. I suspect targeted assassinations of certain Political Master Hypocrites will soon drive the point home, that the Sons of Sweden are stirring. They will NOT live on their knees. They will NOT bow to a sick and fake ‘Perfect Man Pedophile’ from a forlorn, blood stained, 7th century desert.
      QUOTE: “Remember, Sharia/Caliphate, even though it appeals to the small minded and desperate, is by NO MEANS a functional modern system of government, and has FAILED SPECTACULARLY everywhere it’s been tried. ”
      Really? So how come Islam has spread so far, lasted so long, and how come the dreams of a sick pedophile hallucinating (or simply fantasizing) in a cave in a 7th century desert, have led to the extinction of many much more noble, feeling, artistic and sensitive dynasties? The world over? And how come this bloodshed and barbaric darkness shows no sign of succumbing to the Light? On the contrary?
      QUOTE: “VOTE NO.”
      Dude. It’s not a vote. It’s not a democracy. It’s tyranny. And those in the USA, who quake before that tyranny, like the simple minded fools of the Democratic party, who would have sought to criminalize criticism of Islam, are as undemocratic a force as ever fifth columned itself down the halls of abusive power in Washington.

      In conclusion, I disagree with you -vehemently – at almost every turn. Nonetheless, I have set myself the task of faithfully creating replicas of the personality types you so esteem and recommend. Sweet Lovisa Lindqvist (see Chapter 16) (http://www.writersharbor.org/work_view.php?work=1019) and equally sweet Elin Krantz (chapter 11) (http://www.writersharbor.org/work_view.php?work=1014) I am sure would applaud your every word. I hope I have done Justice to the intellectual effort behind their (your) psyche and good intentions.
      I suspect Gustav (Chapter 12) ( http://www.writersharbor.org/work_view.php?work=1015) would share my feelings. A wonder, basically. That many people cannot, will not, under any circumstances, even remotely contemplate this sad truth:

      These mother f#@krs DO NOT understand anything else but STRENGTH or PAIN. All the sweet , rational appeals in the world are ONLY interpreted as WEAKNESS and COWARDICE to be taken fully and ruthlessly advantage of.
      Ergo. If you want Peace, prepare for War. Learn how to dish it out.
      The ‘home fires’ will burn away perfectly well, all on their own. They don’t need your ‘help’. Europe DOES.

  8. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Julian, this is up on Reddit/The_Donald right now. I don’t know how to sign up/log in to comment, but if you or one of your other readers wanted to, you could post some of your Sweden articles on there and get some exposure.


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steve that’s a fantastic idea. I should have thought of that….

      I have never gotten into Reddit in terms of actually posting things but its something I should learn for the sake of spreading this site. I will check it out!

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        A lot of people read The Donald, and there are postings about the situation in Europe every day. I’m always surprised by how many people DON’T know what’s going on, and more exposure to information might awaken several sleeping giants.


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I think this was indeed a classic Trump Troll/persuasion move. He brought up something that initially all his opponents thought was a gaffe or a mistake and could legitimately be interpreted that way, but then two days later everyone realizes that they (everyone) has been talking about the very thing he brought up non-stop, which seems like it must have been his plan all along 🙂

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        Yup — he is still so far inside their OODA loop that it’s comical. May the Globalist shitlibs continue to fight the last war with the weapons of the past, while we deploy methods and stratagems they’ve never conceived of.

  9. SteveRogers42 10 months ago


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steve-

      Excellent video.

      Trump’s comment certainly got people focused on Sweden, its been fantastic. More red-pilling in action these last two days than for long time!

      I do indeed think Sweden may be the first nation to fall into real anarchy… hopefully the first to be saved though too…

  10. Brittny Maclaughlin 7 months ago

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