Swedish Foreign Minister Says NRM Should Be Banned Because….

Swedish Foreign Minister Says NRM Should Be Banned Because….
September 30, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

You will not believe what this Swedish Foreign Minister said 🙂

Nevermind, you definitely will.

The below quotes come from our friends at Fria Tider in the beautiful country of Sweden.

They reference the NRM, which is in the news because apparently they will be having a big demonstration today (Saturday September 30th), which tons of Antifa are going to be counter-demonstrating at.

The Antifa– mysteriously- have a bunch of chartered busses taking them to it (bizarre huh?).

Here’s what Fria Tider says about all this:

[Via Google Translate]

Left-wing extremists from all over the country – but also from Denmark, Norway and Finland – will be bused to Gothenburg in connection with the Nordic resistance movement’s demonstration on Saturday. They are preparing to use violence, reports Göteborgs Posten.

On Facebook, over 10,000 people have stated that they will attend the left-wing opposition demonstrations, writes GP.

One of the leading left-wing extremist organizations, Antifascist Action (AFA), together with the ARNA and Motmakt network, organizes a bus trip from Oslo, and the bus is already fully booked. Another bus full of left-wing extremists will travel from Finland, reports GP.

Even from Copenhagen, which is a well-known base for left-wing extremists, buses will be driven to Gothenburg before the weekend’s demonstration, according to Aftonbladet.

ARNA urges left-wing extremists to “fight the Nazi march” and AFA has, among other things, issued a handbook that describes how to use violence.

“Be sure to face your face, solar plexus and, if you fight a guy, kitty,” AFA writes in the GP’s manual.

If any of our Swedish readers can enlighten us to what a man’s “kitty” is that would be welcome 🙂


What Is The Solution?

The Swedish government of course can’t abide groups of young Swedes stating that Sweden should still exist in 100 years. Such statements only arise from an irrational hatred of high-melanin levels.

As a result, a solution has been proposed.

Again from Fria Tider:

[Via Google Translate]

The Swedish government and Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S) are deeply concerned about the NMR demonstration in Gothenburg. It writes Wallström on Facebook on Saturday and explains that the government has initiated a process to potentially stop similar events in the future.

“I and the government are very worried about developments both at home and in the world, and our part in the fight against these statements is uneasy.”

So, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström writes about the attentive demonstration in Gothenburg today, pointing out that her entire political impetus derives from the Holocaust.

“All my political deeds have been driven by what I learned in the school of the Holocaust.” There may be an organized hatred against a particular group of people opposing all my beliefs and everything I fought for. It’s a bad view of man ” , emphasizes the minister.

According to her, it is “a democratic obligation” to undoubtedly condemn “anti-Semitism, all forms of racism and religious oppression”.

She explains that the Minister of Justice has therefore initiated a process to investigate whether Sweden’s laws and regulations are enough to “solve the social problems that these extremists constitute”.

According to Wallström, it is time to act against the intolerance and hate that, according to her, now escalates in Sweden, Europe and the world.

“This intolerance and this hatred are often targeted at minority groups, but it is a threat to all of us and to democracy – a democracy we have been struggling in Europe for”, she points out, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that ” history never repeats itself “.



Lol now, obviously there it is possible the interesting phrase results from Google Translate, but I thought the reference to “the school of the Holocaust” was interesting.

Obviously all the events surrounding WWII and its manifold horrors should be studied, but the phrase is so noticeable because- as many on both the left and the right have argued in recent years- contemporary European culture has become, for all intents and purposes, a religion of civilizational-suicide based on the idea that all Europeans (even from neutral countries like Sweden) are responsible for the Holocaust/American slavery/etc.

The Jewish author Eric Zemmour himself attacked, “the rise of the Shoah as the official religion of the French Republic” (he is a Frenchman but his comment could apply equally to all of Europe). As Zemmour has argued, this new religion of self-hatred and Cultural-Marxism has brought Europe to the brink of death.

One of the key questions that arises as a result, is whether Sweden will be the first to wholly fall off the cliff?



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  1. Michael Gladius 3 months ago

    I don’t care for socialism in any form, but this looming collision illustrates how powerless the state is becoming. They are afraid to stand against the global socialists because they are well-funded and well-organized. So they turn on the national socialists because they’re less of a threat, and the state can save face in doing so.

    The inability of the state to resist threats from certain groups (none of whom are indigenous or law-abiding), is a sign of increasing irrelevance. Hence why preservationists should enlist and learn to fight now, while there’s still money and time. If the state does collapse, then towns and counties will revert to private armies, and need to rebuild from the ground up. This is where activism comes into play.

    Activism and military training: both are necessary to the fight.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Agreed completely.

      Also an update apparently the above protests/demonstrations did end up getting somewhat violent. Think we would have heard more about it in the international media but it got overshadowed by Las Vegas.

  2. dashui 2 months ago

    Yesterday I discovered that Soros money finds its way to obscure Mississippi political races for DA.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Really? That is interesting. I’m not surprised. The sick sob has more money than most African nations for gods sake. I can’t believe they paid someone to infiltrate the ‘alt right’, that one was quite surprising too (and rather pathetic on their part, if you think about it lol).

      Were Soros’s efforts successful or has the DA election not taken place yet?

      • dashui 2 months ago

        No he failed. However, the republican party expects his money in local elections from now on. Democrats are starting to concentrate on state elections.


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