Swedish Media Reporting Native Swedish 4GW Violence

Swedish Media Reporting Native Swedish 4GW Violence
January 30, 2016 Admin
Photo by Meli Petersson Ellafi

Editor’s Note: This story was later proved to be untrue by The New Observer and a number of other sites. I have left it up for posterity sake.


From The Expressen in Sweden comes the following headline: “Masked Men Would Hurt Refugee Children

 Photo by Meli Petersson Ellafi

These “children” the title references are the gangs of migrants in central Stockholm who have been assaulting police officers, sexually assaulting women, and pickpocketing commuters every day.

The article continues: It was on Friday evening that the police were alerted to the center of Stockholm where leaflets were handed out by black-clad, masked people with Headbands and armbands in different colors. The men, according to the police, were football hooligans joined together.

The leaflets, the police state, were titled “That’s enough now!”, and called for the men participating in the march to take the law into their own hands and find unaccompanied children who are in the area. In the flyer it says that 200 men should highlight the “North African street children raging around” and award the “punishment they deserve.”

The paper then discusses several arrests that were made.
Reported flyer

Also from The Expressen comes reports of violence in the wake of a “Racist and xenophobic” demonstration, titled “The People’s Demonstration”, that expressed “discontent with the ruling government and immigration policy”.

The reporting on the violence was somewhat vague, but seemed to suggest racist Swedes attacking counter-demonstrators with “poles” and “sticks”.

Interior Minister Anders Ygeman stated “It is a worrying development. Racist groups spreading threats and hatred in our streets. It must be met with force. Police have clearly prioritized resources and handled the situation well, everyone should be able to feel safe when walking around town.”

Because, as we all know, the biggest worry of Swedish people walking through Stockholm is violent racists…

On a serious note however these stories are relevant in terms of how their reporting reflects on the progressing situation in Sweden and in Europe. One of the biggest difficulties inherent in understanding and tracking the breakdown of order we are seeing is the tendency of the media in countries such as Sweden and Germany to hype and exaggerate violent acts and intentions on the part of groups labelled “racist”. Such countries have been doing this to demonize and ostracize legitimate right-wing or “nativist” groups for over 30 years.

As legitimate sectarian violence continues to increase however it seems likely that the pendulum will swing the other way, and the ruling government-media-intelligentsia axis will begin to downplay this violence as well. This will not be for the same reasons they downplay Islamist or immigrant violence- which is sympathy/European self-hatred/cultural Marxism, but rather because they will not want to acknowledge their increasing lack of authority and legitimacy.

The more 4GW actions that take place on both sides of the conflict- Muslim and preservationist- the more clear it becomes the government is not in charge, and no longer has the support or fear of its citizens.
With such being the case, the voices of people on the ground will become increasingly indispensable, and the more important networks of connected individuals and groups coordinating over the web becomes.

Swedish Media Central Station Racist Demonstration Muslims Immigrants Picture of Central Station

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