Swedish Police At “Point Of Collapse”, Must Be “Total Collapse” Before Things Will Change

Swedish Police At “Point Of Collapse”, Must Be “Total Collapse” Before Things Will Change
February 19, 2016 Admin

The following story is a reprint of one in The New Observer, which itself is a partial translation of the original Swedish article in Dagbladet.

Not a lot of commentary on this one but I thought it too timely and important not to reprint.

The mass nonwhite invasion and ever-increasing Muslim radicalization among the invader population has pushed the Swedish police and legal system to the point of collapse, a senior inspector in Stockholm has announced.

According to the police, they are regularly attacked with hand grenades and there are entire regions of cities which are “police no-go” areas where “foreign gangs” engage in violent shoot-outs.

Writing in a column in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö said that the “legal system is threatened with collapse” because of shortfalls in manpower and “mediocre” sentencing of the nonwhite criminal gangs.

Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö

Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö

“Sweden’s ability to fight crime has deteriorated markedly,” Inspector Alvarsjö said.

Although the number of police officers has increased to about 20,000, the sentencing rate and punishment levels for offenders is “fairly mediocre,” he said, adding that the problem lies in the “massive” number of crimes with which the police are confronted.

“Police barely investigate crimes such as burglary anymore,” Inspector Alvarsjö continued.

This is because, “during the past six months, a series of events affected the police’s ability to fulfill its mission.”

He goes on to name these “events”: the “refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism.”


“A very large number of police officials have been assigned to carry out security tasks and immigration controls,” he continued. For example, police in Stockholm have been commanded to serve in southern Sweden on border controls and refugee reception.

“But the number of new arrivals and crime trends in general makes the police unable to cope with current resources,” he said, before going into the details of the nonwhite crime plague which is literally destroying Sweden’s cities.

“Foreign criminal groups have now effectively become immune to punishment. Prosecutors cannot get ahead of the large workload which these groups cause.”

Inspector Alvarsjö wrote that rather than detain these criminals, most courts give them non-custodial sentences, probation, or fines “to the point of absurdity. Punishment for this group of offenders has become totally ineffective,” he said.

Swedish Muslims

As a result, he said, the number of persons serving prison time in Sweden is now at the lowest point in ten years, despite the massive escalation in criminal acts.

“In a lot of suburbs, lawlessness ensues where criminal gangs have taken over and determine the rules of the game,” Inspector Alvarsjö said. One unit is sent in to investigate a case, while the second is there to prevent the first unit’s patrol car from being attacked.

“Now it is a normal, everyday event for police officers in these areas to be confronted with stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, threats, and other violence.

“Hand grenades are also thrown at police vehicles. Fire and ambulance personnel are exposed to attacks during missions in these areas.

“Gang-related conflicts have repeatedly resulted in regular gunfights in the streets without regard for innocent passersby,” Inspector Alvarsjö said.


A follow-up report in the Kristeligt Dagblad went into a detailed breakdown of Inspector Alvarsjö’s article.

Titled “Refugee, criminal gangs and religious extremism presses the Swedish police,” the article quoted a report from the police national operations department which listed fifty-three areas identified as being “ravaged by criminal gangs and religious extremism, where paramedics dare not go without wearing bulletproof vests.”

“Particularly affected are neighborhoods such as Tensta, Rinkeby, and Husby in Stockholm; and Angered, Bergsjön and Hammarkullen in Gothenburg, where the recruitment of Muslim terrorists is a major problem,” the Kristeligt Dagblad said.

The paper went on to interview Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism and radicalization researcher at the Swedish National Defense College, who said that he believed the “situation is a disaster.”

Swedish Muslim Riots

“Extremists dominate the worst areas while the Swedes look on apathetically,” Ranstorp said.

“The problem goes back decades and affects immigrant heavy neighborhoods where unemployment is high and educational attainment poor, and where crime and radicalization is rampant,” he continued.

Ranstorp compared the attitude of the Swedish public to the police’s problems to their attitude to immigration and asylum. “It was only when Sweden was receiving 2,000 asylum seekers every day, that the politicians closed the borders.

“Warnings are not enough. There has to be a total collapse of the police before anything will change. We are in a disastrous situation, where there is a widening gap between the immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society.”

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Comments (15)

  1. Michael 1 year ago

    Of all the European societies Sweden has been the one most welcoming to migrants. The situation of violence and unlawfulness is part of the culture that many of the migrants come from. The difference is that the rewards in advanced European societies are greater. This leads to conflict between criminal gangs wanting to control their activities. Sadly, this situation will only spread because crime pays and there is weak punishment. This must be a warning to all European nations of what the future will hold for them.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Agreed. Do you think Sweden will be the first governmental to fall? Or Germany? France?

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    This is a HUGE opportunity for Nationalist parties in Sweden and Europe!

  3. Author
    Admin 1 year ago

    Agreed! I think Sweden is the flash point for 2016, no doubt about it. Look out for relevant post coming soon.

  4. DaShui 1 year ago

    I used to spar against a swede in the year 2000. The things he told me about Swedish women, Sweden deserves to go down.

  5. No capital punishment in Sweden, comrades.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Not yet anyway lol…. Actually.. I am opposed to capital punishment under ideal conditions. However I am not opposed to killing in war and for self-defense in the least bit, which is what the situation we are confronted with in Europe amounts to.

  6. Michael 1 year ago

    Sweden or Germany could be the first to fall I say that for different reasons.
    Sweden because it has lost its way and lost its identity. Germany because the sheer numbers of aliens allowed in over a short period. I think the German public could react about the negative situation with crime and abuse out of control.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes I think it will be one of those two countries. Possibly France or England… I am going to be writing an article soon trying to extrapolate from other 4GW conflicts and offer a prediction/hypothetical scenario of where true all-out violence will first start.

  7. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    Who on earth in their right mind would anyone pay any European policeman (or woman LOL!) any respect whatsoever?

    They don’t do their job properly or fairly, they enforce the policy of a bunch of traitors, and they can’t even protect their own people.

    How pathetic. They will just be another rival gang on the block when the chips are down. And they’ll fully deserve it.

    The boys in blue serve the Jew.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment Matt! The outlook and thought-processes of European police are something that interest me greatly. I have never talked to any, but it would highly curious to find out their thoughts on mass immigration, and whether they are conflicted in serving the governments perpetrating it upon their societies.

      To try to extrapolate from the US, I guess it might just be that many are serving in that capacity solely for financial reasons, or that they do not think too highly about it. In the US I respect police on a macro level, but have had many very bad experiences with them on a micro level. I think most policemen probably have zero awareness of the state’s complicity in eroding masculinity, traditionalism, culture, race, etc. I do think that the scorn being heaped upon police in America is waking them up however and I would wager there is a swiftly increasing amount of racial-awareness within White police that I do not think there was in the 80’s/90’s/etc.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        And to add to that again, I for one could certainly not square away service as a policeman in Sweden or Germany with my morals at this time. Hopefully as those societies break down however and the war builds up the policemen will see the light and ‘defect’ though.

        • Matt Edge 1 year ago

          I had a good friend in Vienna who was a police. But I saw him last many years ago before I was politically aware.

          What I can say is that when we walked past a leftist organization office he looked at it and said “Linke Schweine”, which means leftist pigs. There were a lot of beggars in Vienna and he only gave money to White Austrian ones. He told me this specifically.

          How this squares with his service to a hostile, anti-White government I cannot tell you. I may see him again in the near future and I can find this out.

          I’ve noticed in the US the Obama Administration is really anti-cop and pro BLM, which is very dysfunctional even from the State’s point of view.

          If the Jewish-led State wants to dispose of the police function then clearly they are trying to provoke a violent insurrection and crisis point. It just makes me wonder what they want to replace it with.

          America has it’s 2nd Amendment still, which I believe is the only factor for now preventing the Jews from Bolshevizing the Western world.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Yeah its fascinating watching this tight-rope act of the governments and the corporations benefiting from mass immigration, which certainly they have so far, through cheap labor, de-culturization and de-racination of society, and votes for left-wing/mainstream parties, while at the same time needing enough order to allow the markets to continue and products to be sold and votes to be cast. Obviously they have massively overplayed their hand though, and the Social Democrats and IKEA’s of the world are going to reap what they have sowed in many unpleasant ways. It will be interesting to see how native European policeman do react when everything really starts to fall apart.

  8. Michael 1 year ago

    What is so interesting is that the whole of Europe shares the same problems, the Authorities react in the same way to the threat to our civilisation. That is they ignore it and tell the people it’s not really happening. The politicians, police and media all respond in the same manner. This makes the problem worse and the need for a solution from the people necessary.

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