Swedish Police Forces See Mass Defections

Swedish Police Forces See Mass Defections
August 24, 2016 Admin

We have reported before on the massive problems the Swedish police are having.

Earlier this year, Swedish Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö told Svenska Dagbladet newspaper that the “legal system is threatened with collapse”. This of course comes as a result of the massive levels of immigration the country has seen, both over the last four decades and (to an even greater degree) last year. This has resulted in Sweden now having the world’s second highest per capita rape rate, after Johannesburg, South Africa.

Therefore the news this week out of Sweden regarding its country’s law enforcement situation is not surprising.

From Fria Tider:

During the first six months of this year 240 police officers and 291 civilian [law enforcement] employees have quit for reasons other than retirement.

The asylum chaos creates this police crisis.

The growing number of defections from the police forces come in the wake of the asylum chaos that hit Sweden particularly badly last year, due to the open borders policy of the Reinfeldt and Löfvens government.

The multi-billions of dollars spent by Sweden to accomodate, care for, and police the large number of recent Third World immigrants has created a substantial increase in workload for the police forces. The police officers are often forced to work overtime or at short notice to respond and stop crimes, in particular asylum brawls.

Police have also been forced to call in reinforcements to stop child abuse in the asylum centers.

In its press note the Employer Administration references its latest economic barometer, and notes that authorities are working with asylum immigration on labor.

“Difficulties in retaining staff is most pronounced in the areas of Legal and General Investigative work, where the percentage of members who report difficulty retaining staff is 64 per cent,” according to the report.

One of these defecting policemen penned a letter to Dan Eliasson, the Swedish National Police Chief and Social-Justice-Warrior. An article from Sweden quotes from it and describes it in the following paragraphs:

“It’s a disaster. The rule of law has completely broken down. Whoever has the greatest violence in the capital is the one that controls the local community.”

This policeman, though anonymous, has worked as a police officer since the 90’s. In the spring, he was given the task of investigating a rape that was already one month old.

“No action had been taken. I never got the opportunity to take an initial report with the victim and did not have time to prepare myself for a plaintiff interrogation”, complained the policeman.

The letter accused the National Commissioner of lying, both to the politicians and the Swedish people, about what the situation is like for police on the ground.

“Either you’re lying, consciously, or so embedded in your bubble that you do not understand how serious it is,” wrote the defecting policeman.

One wonders if any Swedish elites are surprised by this. It certainly seemed inevitable that young Swedish men would eventually grow tired of putting their lives on the line to protect the government’s forceful eradication of their culture and heritage. Indeed this is hopeful news, and long looked forward to. I remember many discussions in the comment sections on this site speculating about the thoughts of policemen in countries like Sweden.

This shows that there are Swedish police who will no longer follow the rules, do as the government wants, and cover up the race and ethnicity of criminals, or the countless individual cases of immigrant-perpetrated rape.

Neither will these defectors have to serve as foot soldiers of a justice system that lets off adult Muslims for the violent rape of female Swedish children.

This article shows that there are indeed rational men among their ranks- who would rather quit their jobs and (hopefully) fight back, then spend any more time in the rampant destruction of their homeland and race.


Editor’s Note: Moments after finishing this article, Fria Tider published the following story (also referenced in below picture): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.friatider.se%2Fefter-asylkaoset-hundratals-poliser-hoppar-av&edit-text=&act=url

'Rather than defect, other Swedish policemen elected to stay on the force, and embrace the country's law enforcement philosophies'

‘Rather than defect, other Swedish policemen elected to stay on the force, and embrace the country’s law enforcement philosophies’

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  1. rick 1 year ago

    Would it not be better for them to stay among the police force and take a more selective approach. I think this will lead to a massive recruitment drive by the Swedish police force, and we will see new officers that are either muslim or “progressive” . This might be a great opportunity to initiate a purge by the political establishment.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick-

      That is a great point. I do think that is something the governments in Sweden and Germany are doing. It is interesting that when I was googling to find pictures for this article and typing in ‘Swedish Police’ on google images, quite a few of the individuals that popped up were non-Swedish. Africans, asians, muslims, etc.

      I think your point is also interesting in terms of the German government’s recent mention of bringing back conscription, etc. On the one hand I think it is rather ludicrous because I doubt most of the ‘refugees’ would have the attitude or willingness to serve in such a capacity, however I could see the benefit to conscripting a large multicultural force with which to ensure government hegemony among an unhappy native populace.

      How do you see a more progressive or muslim populated police force affecting the situation?

  2. rick 1 year ago

    I see it as detrimental for several reasons 1) As ethnic & patriotic europeans become further removed from the apparatus of authority they will continue to be marginalized, this of course is already happening politically and socially, and while one may hope that this will lead to some sort of uprising, I’m inclined to believe otherwise based on recent events. (*See rotherham) when both the criminals and authorities are against you the situation becomes impossible. 2) As 3rd world migrants are placed in positions of authority there are a few things we can expect with a great deal of certainty such as a lowering of recruitment standards and widespread corruption. 3) When a civil war kicks off operational expertise will be invaluable strategic and tactical. When we see these conflicts in other nations the most successful militias are generally those with operational experience, law enforcement, veterans, etc.. people who are familiar with weapons and understand what is required to take and secure strategic targets.
    I think we would be much better off if they stayed in the police force and started protesting or voicing their concerns, a national has many assets and a police force is one of the prime assets they shouldn’t let it go without a fight, if anything I think this should be the place to start by pressuring and purging the traitors. The constant pull back and retreat has to end at some point better to draw a line in the sand rather than relinquishing everything of value.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for expounding. You laid out your thoughts brilliantly and I have to admit you have 50% or so convinced me my original position was wrong. I guess now after thinking about it after reading your comments I might evolve my thoughts on it to be that as long as those quitting the police force are going to proactively work to bring down the current suicidal/genocidal government, I think quitting the force is a good thing. Obviously if they are just going to sit on the couch all day or go take a position in parking enforcement or something, or even something lucrative but unobtrusive like banking, then it would be better for them to follow your path, and continue in law enforcement while trying to change the system from within. I guess that is what it boils down to: Whether they are inside or outside the system, the important thing is to be changing it/fighting it. I do think there comes a point though at which they need to defect for reasons of morality and integrity. To use an admittedly extreme and hypothetical example, if the Swedish government (through their immediate supervisors) is asking them to openly facilitate rape of Swedish women/evict elderly Swedes from their homes to give them to immigrants/etc/insert your awful thing here, then I think the moral obligation not to serve such a government outweighs the possibility for doing good within it. But then one could certainly jump to a higher level of hypothetical involving coups carried out by Identitarian policemen/soldiers, etc. So I guess there are many layers to the question. Or, as one could say, an infinite number of ways to make one’s ‘Kampf’, or resistance.

      Great discussion Mike! Please continue to share your thoughts!

  3. rick 1 year ago

    I would agree with you, and say if you are perpetuating a damaged system and have no recourse it might be better to withdraw and put your talents to better use some where else, like private security.
    I suspect that most of those leaving are simply retreating in order to preserve their illusion for another 5 minutes.
    If we are to ultimately win, I think there needs to be some simple but necessary changes in thinking.
    The retreat must stop NOW. Morally, culturally physically. We’ve been too willing to accept compromises every time just to slow the bleeding a bit. The radical left, never gives an inch even in victory they push for greater gains and that’s why we are inn this position now.
    If these police officers were going to resign, why not organize and gather in one large group in central Stockholm and resign en masse. Imagine the power and solidarity that would have.

    Great conversation and website, I really enjoyed your book also!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the kind words I appreciate that! I feel privileged to be able to contribute if even in a small way and it is inspiring meeting all the men out there who are also focused on it. Gives me hope for the future!

      PS Agree regarding retreat, that has definitely been the by-word for actions up until this point (hopefully changing though).

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    They will make great recruits for the European Volunteer Guard (EVG), which will eventually replace the state security forces in many native communities in Sweden.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That is a vision I would definitely like to see come to fruition.

  5. Death to traitors and cowardz 1 year ago

    These faggots can’t save one of their daughters from being raped, but they are surprisingly good at their jobs when a Swedish man objects, even just verbally.

    Hitler had something to say about these breed of cowards in Mein Kampf; namely that they started leaving the NSDAP alone when he responded to these cowards with size and brutality.

    They are just another gang on the block– their bankrupt moral pretensions, and outright hypocrisy earns them zero respect. Time will prove their impotency, and they will be attacked by Muslims on one side and Nationalists on the other. And they will fully deserve it.

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