Swedish Rape Statistics Catalyze Debate, Disagreement, And ‘Swedist’ Responses

Swedish Rape Statistics Catalyze Debate, Disagreement, And ‘Swedist’ Responses
November 18, 2017 Admin
Sweden rape crisis

Greetings men-

As we all know, Sweden now has the second highest per capita rape rate on earth behind Johannesburg, South Africa.

After willfully ignoring this for several decades, it seems the Swedish government is finally starting to ‘debate’ the issue, and even consider (gasp) tracking statistics on its causes(!).

From Fria Tider [via Google Translate]:

The vulnerability to sexual offenses continues to increase significantly in Sweden. It shows a partial report of the National Security Survey, which the Crime Prevention Council publishes today. Every seventh young woman declared herself in 2016 had been subjected to sex offenses.

Percentage of the population exposed to different types of crime against individual person 2005-2016. (Click for larger image.)

The proportion that states that they are exposed to what is called a violation of an individual is according to Brå on the highest level since the measurements began in 2006.

Between 2012 and 2016, the vulnerability to sexual offenses has tripled – from 0.8 to 2.4 percent of the population.

Young women between the ages of 16-24 are the most vulnerable to sexual offenses. Of these, 14 percent reported that they had been subjected to at least one such crime in 2016. Among men in the same age group, 1.2 percent reported that they had been exposed.

What the very strong increase is due to – yes, it does not know Brå.

“Young women are not only more vulnerable to harassment, they are also more often subjected to sexual offenses. In NTU, however, there are no answers to why a type of crime increases, therefore, analyzes need to be gained in order to better understand the causes of the increase, “says Åsa Strid, Deputy Head of Unit at Brå.

Sexual crime contains a wide range of events, from blotting and other victims to rape.

In addition to the sexual offenses, it is particularly vulnerable to fraud and harassment, which is increasing sharply, according to the safety investigation.


Swedish Rape Crisis Details

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is likely 40-50% of ‘young women’ in Sweden are non-European (largely Islamic) individuals, and data from neighboring Oslo indicated that at least 90% of victims in rapes between strangers’ were native Europeans.

This would suggest that the percentage of young native Swedish women being sexually attacked or raped is almost twice as high as the statistics would otherwise suggest.


Causes Of The Swedish Rape Epidemic

As noted above, this ongoing crisis seems to finally be catalyzing debate.

As one might guess, the ruling Progressives that are running the country (like Prime Minister Lofven himself) have very distinct ideas on what are and what are not those causes….

Also from Fria Tider:

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) does not mention the Moderators’ proposal to investigate ethnicity of rapists. He believes that the party is blaming immigrants when it’s really about the perpetrators being “men”.

On Monday, the Moderators announced that they wanted to see a new comprehensive mapping of sexual offenses in Sweden.

The investigation should include the perpetrators’ ethnic background because, according to the party, it is important to know who are committing these crimes.

The party demands that the government commission the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) to commission a new investigation. But the government has previously said no to such an investigation. And that line seems to hold.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) agrees that there is a need for a larger mapping of sex offenses. But it should not include ethnic background, he points out.

“The common denominator of those who commit these crimes is that they are men,” Morgan Johansson told TT , pointing out that it does not matter whether a perpetrator or black or white.

Johansson also believes that the so-called # Metoo campaign shows that sexual offenses are everywhere.

A report released by BRÅ in 1996 showed that people from certain immigrant groups, especially from the Arab world, are very overrepresented as perpetrators in rape. Some of them have an overrepresentation of 20. The number of men with a background in the Arab world has risen sharply in Sweden in recent decades – but the issue has become taboo and BRÅ has since the 1990s chosen not to follow up the connection between ethnic background and the inclination to rape .



Interestingly… there have been ‘men’ in Sweden for hundreds of years (maybe even longer, I’m not a history expert), but this massive rape crisis seems to *strangely* coincided with the massive rise in Muslim immigrtion implemented over the last few decades (and reaching its full heights in recent years).

As a result, the bottom line is clear to all sober and intellectually honest individuals.

Understanding that this rape crisis has been caused by mass-immigration is not ‘racist’ or ‘hateful’ or any other pejorative launched by those on the left. It is just reality. It doesn’t mean that ‘all Muslims are evil’ or that the individual stating that truth ‘hates’ Muslims or anything else.

The actions of the Swedish government, however, do rise close to the level of evil in my mind.

The question is whether they are really brainwashed enough not to see that their policies have caused these horrors, or whether they know and are proceeding on course anyway?







Perhaps next the Swedish government will attempt to solve the problem through mandatory soy consumption?


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  1. Michael Gladius 2 months ago

    Of course they know. They’ve always known. They are deliberately trying to suppress this, by diverting blame to (white) ‘men.’ Reality is a lower priority than their ‘new,’ ‘perfected’ version of the world. They are right, the world is wrong. The world was made badly, but they alone are its saviors. All is expendable for ‘the greater good.’ QED

    They want to employ the power of the state against the men who could de-throne them if they chose. Think Battle of Athens, TN. A couple hundred pissed-off men with guns can do a whole lot. And Sweden’s army is no laughing matter, either. If the army chose to turn against the invaders and their thrall masters, the fight would be rather one-sided. Best-case scenario, the royal house of Sweden leads the fight, as all good kings do.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      I am not too familiar with the royal family in Sweden…

      If they are anything like young Prince William and Harry I am afraid we will be dissapointed, but perhaps the north climates have preserved the brave Kingly blood better than have the British Isles 🙂

    • Ernst 2 months ago

      The royal house in Sweden is the biggest supporter of multiculturalism you can find, and the swedish army is reduced to almost nothing. I was in the last generation of swedes that did their mandatory military service, and already then the swedish army were so belittled that they had to practice military scenarios without any military gear.

  2. shadowman 2 months ago

    “…the Swedish government is finally starting to ‘debate’ the issue…”

    Meh. They won’t do *anything*. They will “make concerned noises” and that’ll be all.

    I am convinced that with the exceptions of the Westernised Asian countries (e.g. Japan) and Australia (which has stopped the boatpeople going there), all other Western governments are utterly *evil* and don’t give a rat’s arse about the people in their countries. Sweden and Germany lead the world in the “evil government” stakes.

    • Ernst 2 months ago

      Thats right, only one political party “the moderate party” suggested to reveal the ethnicity of rapists, and their reason for this is quote “to stop racist discussions”.

    • Unknown 2 months ago

      There is no evil, because all are equally good (except those who do not support total equality).
      As an old saying goes: devil’s biggest trick is to let people believe he does not exist. It works.

  3. shadowman 2 months ago

    Oops. I should mention that I do *not* include the Trump government in the U.S. in the ranks of “evil countries”.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      That one is scarily perfect.

      I think that meme is a great one with women too because it really provokes that visceral response.

      We will certainly have no shortage of ammunition when the meme wars pick back up in election season.. 🙂

  4. SteveRogers42 2 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Sweden. Always Sweden lol.

      I am surprised they have not come out and declared Christ the first transexual or something. I’m sure there must be a Professor Goldstein somewhere who will declare Jesus’s long hair and empathic nature evidence of the godly nature of androgyny.

      • Author
        Admin 2 months ago

        And that St. Paul was really a Muslim-

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Jesus… That’s another zinger isn’t it.

      These ‘Swedism’ stories are starting to attain meme-hood in and of themselves. That Swedish Liberal Youth Party quote on “anyone who opposes incest is not a true liberal’ has been linked to multiple times now from this site. This one could take the cake though.

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