Swedish ‘Tye-Dye Witch’ Sacrifices Daughter As Country Continues To Fall Apart

Swedish ‘Tye-Dye Witch’ Sacrifices Daughter As Country Continues To Fall Apart
January 31, 2018 Admin
Swedish hippie sacrifices daughter to muslim


Greetings men-


Rather horrible story today…


You all know I try to stay positive and proactive, but I do think its instructive to provide some examples of this collective insanity on an individual level sometimes too.


From Sputnik:


A #Metoo feminist and a mother allegedly engaged in a relationship with an Afghan refugee has refused to report his sexual assault on her preteen daughter on the grounds that it would lead to his expulsion from Sweden.

The middle-aged woman, who works at a migrant home, reportedly started a relationship with one of the “refugee children” and allowed him to move into her place. The cohabitation ended with her fosterling sexually attacking her 12-year-old daughter. However, the woman refused to report the assault and allowed the culprit to stay, the news outlet Fria Tider reported.

“I was afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan,” the woman explained, as quoted by Fria Tider.

During the trial, the girl said that her 45-year-old mother had worked at a home for “unaccompanied minors” in Sölvesborg, Blekinge County. When one of the refugees officially came of age and could no longer take advantage of the accommodation center, the mother started a relationship with him and let him move into her home.

Soon, the Afghan began to stalk the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, trying to kiss and hug her.

One Saturday night in late September 2017, the Afghan reportedly pushed his fingers into the girl’s underwear, while allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The girl responded by pulling away and running into her bedroom. Later, she told her mom about the incident. However, the woman let her Afghan boyfriend stay despite his dangerous ways.”He stayed with us, and it felt outlandish to me,” the girl said during the trial, as quoted by Fria Tider.

The next day, the 12-year-old refused to go home from school to her mother without contacting her estranged father, who upon hearing the story, reported the incident to the police.

“Mom did not want to make a police report because she was afraid that the Afghan would be forced to leave Sweden,” the girl was quoted as saying. The woman herself confirmed this during the trial.

According to the girl’s older sister’s testimony, the mother had told her to keep quiet about what had happened.

After a while, however, the Afghan chose to leave anyway. Despite being sentenced for sexual abuse, he is allowed to stay in Sweden, as the prosecution did not demand expulsion. Instead, he was slapped with 100 hours of community service, as he claimed to have been 18 at the time of the crime.

The mother, who is said to be an active member of the #Metoomovement against sexual harassment, continued her involvement in her Afghan boyfriend’s destiny. Fria Tider reported that she wrote in a Facebook group against the deportation of Afghans, and that she had a “wonderful kid” who no longer had a permanent residence, asking if fellow feminists would want to take him in.Feminist Sweden became especially caught up in the #Metoo movement. In the fall of 2017, tens of thousands of women representing dozens of Swedish industries signed trade petitions against sexual abuse and harassment, sharing their personal experiences. The list of signatories included high-ranking politicians, movie stars and celebrities, as well as journalists, lawyers, dancers, teachers, church officials, armed forces staff, trade union members and even prostitutes and drug addicts.






Here’s a video our esteemed JRackell shared that talks about the government’s motives in all this ‘preparation for war’ stuff.

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4uhv–m-9qg” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>


Child Sacrifice

Most these Swedish ‘Batik Witches’ never had children, and are now content to destroy the country for sex with migrant teenagers (according to the unfolding scandal that demonstrates huge numbers of the women that volunteer at ‘migrant centers’ are doing just that), but in this case the woman was willing to sacrifice her own preteen daughter’s safety in the name of 1) sex with migrant this Afghan migrant, and 2) ‘humanitarian superpowerism’.

This is not to suggest that all Scandinavian women are the same by any means.

Indeed, there is a rather impressive female politician from Finland I’ll profile soon who is VERY impressive.

Until next time men-



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Comments (12)

  1. Rick 3 weeks ago

    This supports my argument against “accelerationism” encouraging a rapid collapse of society in order to overhaul the current system.
    Clearly when you look at Sweden & South Africa it appears there really is no limit to how far people will allow their debasement and they are much more likely to exit the stage quietly then mount any sort of resistance.
    I think that rather than abandoning institutions like the police it is better to stay in and subvert them, infiltrate all political parties not just the right wing parties.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Interesting… any more thoughts on that? I’d like to hear the full argument it sounds like you’ve thought it out quite a bit.

  2. shadowman 3 weeks ago

    As we all know, Sweden (and the whole of Western Europe) is very very sick.

    My ideal scenario would be to see one of the countries collapse and be taken over by Muslims. After that, Trump and Putin join forces and invade the fallen country. After a few months of fighting, the US and Russia are victorious. They then agree to jointly rule the country and expel all Muslims. All mosques and Islamic schools are closed. Pro-Islam or Islam-neutral parties are banned. Information on the nasty truth about Islam is distributed nationwide, and a Q-and-A radio program critical of Islam is put on air, allowing people who know nothing about Islam to listen, ring in and ask questions.

    I would even be happy for Russia to solely govern a fallen country, given that the Russian people are Europeans and that *they* are not softies (as most Western Europeans are). A fallen-then-rescued country could count itself lucky to have Russians as its future “genetic stock”.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Definitely better than the alternatives my friend 🙂

  3. Rick 3 weeks ago

    Infiltration vs Uprising
    If we look at the successful events in our movement in the past few years there are 2 that stand out:
    Trump’s hijacking of the Republican party
    Sebastian Kurz & the Austrian People’s Party
    In both instances an outsider was able to take over an established organization and this has had a profound effect.
    If we compare them to “Far Right” leaders such as LePen and Geert Wilders we can see that an outsider movement is nowhere near as effect as an infiltrated organization. Further this Outsider movements are constantly forced to compromise their positions & fight negative branding.
    If you had told Germans 20 years ago that migrants would commit mass rape they would have in Cologne they would have predicted a people revolt (didn’t happen)
    If you had told Afrikaners 30 years ago that they would be discriminated in employment and murdered daily they would have said “we won’t let it happen”
    If you had told Europeans even 10 years ago that a million muslims would march out of the middle east & right into Europe looking fir women and welfare they would have said never.
    As long as people can withdraw into their house, video games and social media it seems there is nothing too egregious for them to bare. Short of a full on economic collapse, I’d say people are too atomized to organize an insurrection.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      I think you make an extremely, extremely persuasive argument Rich.

      I too find it increasingly unlikely that any country in Europe will see ‘popular unrest’ from the native inhabitants until things really, really fall apart (if at all). Maybe a profound economic recession could do it, but the demographics are just the exact opposite of the kind that tend to lead to popular unrest.

      Popular unrest generally correlates to a huge degree with youth heavy populations and Europe has the exact opposite of that (within the native population I mean).

      So yeah, I think you are right. I guess I’d add the importance of metapolitics and meme magic and all that good stuff as equally significant/succecssful, but in a different way obviously. I don’t think that online metapolitics will be able to ever successfully transition into real world political ‘in the street’ movements (as we painfully see from time to time when folks try to move it in that direction (which they do for understandable reasons, I’m not knocking them)) but perhaps combined with the ‘hijackings’ you are talking about that is our best case scenario.

      Turn the minds of the youth through metapolitics, and at the same time gain control of the institutions and power structures.

      • Michael Gladius 3 weeks ago

        Metapolitics are important, as our strategy needs to be all-of-the-above: http://www.thisblogisdangerous.com/

        Metapolitics will deny our enemies the ability to use the state’s power against us.
        Activism will encourage the hesitant and be impossible to ignore.
        Infiltration will allow us to beat our opponents to the punch.

        All are a dress rehearsal for when things go kinetic. The Left won’t take orders from us (except at gunpoint), and the Fags are confident that we are afraid to fight them. They cry racism, but they come here because they prey on the weak, not the strong. Our financial incentives are a form of tribute: we pay our enemies to not attack us. The enemy doesn’t argue, he acts with impunity.

        Ultimately, the enemy will be numerous enough to take what they want, with or without voting. When that happens, our best bet will be to have control of the state, or at least connections to the boots on the ground (the brass is entirely optional, thankfully). This way, the Fags can discover that Europe is not out of heroes just yet. If we can’t turn the state back to our side again, then the state will need to be weakened and forced back into its gated communities, lest it declare open war on us.

        But all this requires organization and preparation. Activism and metapolitics are how we learn to beat the foe at his own game.

      • shadowman 3 weeks ago

        Agreed – the *young* are the key.

        I was glad to hear that Bill Warner (of “Political Islam” fame) said that in his talks in Europe the audiences are hugely dominated by young people.

        I would love to see a group of young Preservationist people in a Western Europe military stage a coup to depose Merkel or the Swedish PM and take power themselves. Ohhh, that would be *sweeeeet*……

  4. Unknown 3 weeks ago

    Strangely, the more i get to know the escapades of Feminism, the better i understand the rule of Islam. I mean, they would never let that happen. By they way, Islam’s founder Mohammed was also married to an older woman when he began inventing his new rules of god. Is Islam the logical consequence of Feminism?

  5. SteveRogers42 3 weeks ago

    From March, 2017:


    So many tie-dyed witches, so little time.

    • Author
      Admin 2 weeks ago

      God… Saved that one for future use though. Definitely instructive.

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