Swedistan: ‘Only 8 Out Of 100 Reported Rapes End In Conviction’

Swedistan: ‘Only 8 Out Of 100 Reported Rapes End In Conviction’
June 23, 2017 Admin
Swedish Youth Liberal Party


The nightmare that is modern Sweden just keeps on getting crazier.

We reported recently on the closing of a police station in one of Sweden’s infamous ‘No-Go Zones’. lofven 1

These ‘No-Go Zones’ (like those in Germany) are now for all intents and purposes completely out of Swedish jurisdiction.

The Swedish police forces have been turned into some sick experiment at social justice, and can no longer even remotely enforce the rule of law.

This is exemplified by today’s report, the Google Translate version of which can be seen below:

No more than eight percent of reported rape leads to prosecution. It shows a survey of rape cases in 2015 in the police region West, writes Aftonbladet.

Of a total of 232 rape cases in 2015, 20 were left to prosecutors, the new report shows.

Furthermore, the figures reveal that 11 percent of suspects were arrested and 23 percent were arrested.

What is falling in the police investigation is not the initial stage, such as the work on the suspected crime scene. There is a clear commitment.

The problems begin only later when the rape investigation is often dictated by other coarse crimes. If the notifier concludes, the investigation will be readily downloaded immediately.

The report also shows that only 33 percent of those who reported were assigned a plaintiff’s attendance, thus a special assistant to assist the plaintiff in the process. The plaintiff’s attorney is in most cases a lawyer or assistant lawyer at a law firm. The fact that so few are awarded a plaintiff’s subsidy also violates the regulations. The notifier is entitled to that assistance, and shall be informed that it is available. 29 percent of those who report disappears during the legal process.

“It’s, if I’m to be honest, dirty,” says Barbro Jönsson, lawyer and investigator of the new police report to Aftonbladet.

She believes that the prosecutor does not apply the rules that exist and furthermore tend to work defensively instead of offensive. But why rape investigations have a lower status than other serious crimes do not know. However, it has been a long time.

The report also highlights that the investigations are lacking in the number of investigators available, medical facilities and technical equipment. Policemen should also not learn much about such investigations during their undergraduate education.

The rape investigations that are best performed are assaults, which are relatively unusual.

SwedismSweden map islam

As horrible as these statistics are, they come as little shock.

Sweden’s left-wing Baby-Boomer elites like Stefan Lofven have been allowing a mass rape epidemic to continue for years on end in Sweden.

They have allowed in so many young Muslim immigrants that the gender ratio among young people is now 123 to 100, which is worse than China’s famously male-heavy demographics.

Worse still, these 18-29 year old Muslim men either already are or will soon be a majority within that demographic.

Yet even the leader of Sweden’s supposed ‘right-wing’ party, who is routinely called a ‘Nazi’ by the entire political and media establishment, says he is “…for immigration! Sweden has always had immigration. Sweden will always have immigration. And even the day I get to decide everything in this country, we will have immigration.”

This is all absolutely insane.

Sweden’s only hope is complete collapse, the overthrow of the government, and immediate and swift justice for the country’s traitorous politicians.

I suppose that may be a bit optimistic though.


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  1. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    I’ll make a gentleman’s bet that the eight percent of cases that are prosecuted involve suspects named Lars and Olaf, not Muhammed or Achmet.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Absolutely. And those are probably some messed up ‘semi-rape’/Julian Assange type of thing.

      “I told him he could do x-y-z to me but then he did x-z-y!”

      • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

        “Did not gain specific assent in writing at every stage of the encounter.”

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          Lol exactly

  2. Rick 6 months ago

    I’m still shocked when people speak of how “stupid” the leaders of these countries are.
    They’re not stupid, they are un principled traitors. the childless women holding the refugees welcome sign might be stupid. A day of reckoning is getting closer and closer

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Agree completely Rick. They are not stupid at all.

      I am hopeful on the day of reckoning as well.

      I have an article I am formulating called ‘How God Will Punish The Baby-Boomers” that will describe said day of reckoning 🙂

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