Swiss Might Say ‘No’ To Suicide, Visit Hungary For Answers

Swiss Might Say ‘No’ To Suicide, Visit Hungary For Answers
April 23, 2016 Admin

Switzerland is in an interesting position in modern Europe. It is bordered on the West by France and on the Northeast by Germany. France and Germany, as we know, are hurtling towards civil war and potential Islamic subjugation as quickly as any nations in Europe. Switzerland is moving pretty steadily in that direction as well, but it still seems to be within the window of survival. We shall soon be publishing an article laying out a definition for this window, and a objective numbers-driven basis for defining a nation as ‘past survival’ (at least without full scale civil war), but for right now, suffice it to say that the Swiss, could, with great difficulty, still pull things together.

Therefore the following news is particularly hopeful:

A high-powered delegation from the Swiss parliament’s Social Security and Health Committees (SSHC)—which oversees immigration policies—is currently conducting a two-day tour of the border fence system at the famous border town of Asotthalom, Hungary.

The delegation—which includes a number of senior Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP) Members of Parliament, congratulated the town’s mayor, László Toroczkai, on his tough stance against the fake refugee invasion.

Mayor Toroczkai was the one who appeared in this famous video warning migrants to stay away from Hungary:

The Swiss delegation comes at the same time that news reports show that three German cities- Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt- are now majority non-white. Sober observers are well aware of what life will look for ethnic Germans as more and more areas of the country follow suit, and rapes, assaults, enslavement, and murder become the order of the day. The same scenario has played out over and over again throughout history, as we have discussed here, here, and here.

The article continues:

The importance of the delegation’s status is highly significant, because the SVP is the single largest party in Switzerland, and shares power in that country’s constitutionally-mandated coalition government.

Mayor Toroczkai ended his news update with the comment that “now is the time for Europe to finally wake up. Let’s hope it won’t be too late.”

Although Mayor Toroczkai is not a member of the Hungarian nationalist Jobbik party, he is closely aligned to them. The significance of the Swiss delegation coming to his town is therefore huge, and is an indication of the growing European resistance to the invasion—and of a distinct rightward shift even in Swiss politics.

Indeed it would be helpful if the Swiss (and the rest of Western Europe) were to ‘wake up’, as the mayor puts it. Even if they do however, and instantly end all immigration, they will still be facing massive and fast-growing Muslim populations, aggressive and unwilling to integrate. As a result they would have no choice but to pick between conversion/Dhimmitude on the one hand, and civil war on the other.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    We are often faced with mixed messages concerning control of borders and a return to civilisation. I hope this is a positive move but dare not conclude that this is the start of some return to normality. I hate seeing our fellow Europeans being treated like victims in their own homeland. The Political System since 1945 has badly let us down and now we are on the cusp of flight or fight. Hungary has a strong government leading them, the western nations not.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Agreed. I interact with many ‘casual’ preservationists in real life, who are angered/afraid/concerned about Europe and what is going on, and they often point to Switzerland and one or two other countries as examples of things turning around. Like “Well, the Swiss aren’t having any more of it”, but in reality Switzerland is still half as bad as Germany or Sweden. There is not a single country in Western Europe where there are not hundreds of thousands of immigrants still pouring in every year, and little white girls getting raped every day. If the Swiss could truly learn from Hungary and get it together it would be something to celebrate, but I agree completely that that is a long way off, and that war will be the next event to arise- not rationality on the part of any Western European governments.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

        What are your thoughts on probability of intervention by NATO, U.S., and Russia when war breaks out in Europe?

        What is the likelihood of European Nationalists forming foreign volunteer brigades for overseas fighters?

        • Author
          Admin 2 years ago

          Hey Laguna Beach-

          My response has gotten so long that I am turning it into a post instead. Appreciate you throwing out the questions!

          • Laguna Beach Ritter von Fogey 2 years ago

            I was running errands this morning and wanted to throw those out there.

            I’ve had a lot of these concerns in recent months.

  2. DaShui 2 years ago

    I hate to be a downer but….

    This is just the first wave, wait untill Egypt collapses- 80 million people living along the Nile in an arable space 1/3 the size of Tennessee. It’s only held together by donations from SA, USA and Israel. What if SA collapses? Oil production drops and the money dries up. I can envision refugees picking up all those small arms laying around and heading north.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      No you are spot on Dashui. The current “all third worlders head to Europe” thing has a pretty tight shelf life. Even now Europe is squandering its treasures faster than you can blink an eye. It will only accelerate as things fall apart worse and the anarchy allows even more Mordorian monsters to slither and rampage north. At a certain point once it is totally screwed, and there is no power, no heat, no water, etc in the cities, and the war is going strong, it might begin to slow, but there is a whole lot of colonization that can go on before it is any more crowded or filthy than many places in the third world. Of course God willing by that time we will have driven the Orc hosts out anyway but yes, you make a great point.

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