Syrian Warns Death Cult About Letting In ISIS

Syrian Warns Death Cult About Letting In ISIS
April 8, 2016 Admin

Big thank you to Michael for sending me this clip.

The death cult of the title is of course Europe, and the warnings in the video about ISIS are about the young Sunni Arab men Europe is importing by the millions, who the man being interviewed states are all sympathetic towards Islamic State/Al-Nusra Front/etc.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    The elites are going to provoke war all over Europe. I hope to take part.

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      Admin 2 years ago


  2. Dashui 2 years ago

    I heard on a podcast a European say European man hate their boring postmodern vicarious life so much that letting the invasion happen is like the thrill some get from participating an extreme sport, being close to death makes them feel more alive. That is, if it doesn’t kill them.

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      Admin 2 years ago

      Lol. I hadn’t heard that one. I have heard that people like us who think that civil war is coming only like to think so because it gives our lives existential meaning. I don’t necessarily disagree with the line of thought on that one (that modernity does not provide men meaning and that war does provide them meaning), just the idea that civil war coming to Europe is anything but a sober projection.

      As far as the idea you heard on the podcast though that is interesting. I definitely think there is a misplaced ‘desire’ on the part of progressives to want to live a ‘hard life’, and a desire to be black/Muslim/otherwise oppressed in some way.

      I should write about it sometime but when I was ten years old I probably didn’t know a single white kid my age who wouldn’t have given his left leg to be black. The public school and media indoctrination taught us that black people were cooler, more athletic, more morally deserving of goodness and being liked, etc. Once high school came around we started to grow out of it, but it is all pervasive in modern society. I certainly don’t think many European liberals are above a sick thrill in seeing their country’s become more third-world-ish either.

      What do you think Dashui?

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