Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe

Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe
February 21, 2016 Admin

This article by Julian Langness was originally published by Counter-Currents on February 19th, 2016.

A couple days ago the Daily Mail presented the case of another young British girl, thirteen years old in this case, who was groomed, beaten, and forced into sex with a Muslim teenager, and then pimped out and virtually enslaved for months in a small room with a couch, to a group of at least 12 Muslim men, who would rape her- sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups of up to six- for hours on end every day. In reading such reports; in seeing the laughing faces of these Muslim men at trial; in hearing the traitorous leaders of many European countries excuse and enable such crimes, our hearts can easily (and rightfully) become filled with rage of an almost overwhelming nature.

Beyond this however, what compounds this wrath, is a distinct feeling of not being able to impact the situation. For those of us in America, our great distance from the problem can engender a sense of helplessness. And even for Europeans themselves, what can seem like a complete lack of outlets for fighting back against such forces can cause a similar feeling of impotence. The unbearable combination of this stifled sense of ineffectualness, and this overwhelming rage, burns in the hearts of many.

For that reason it is helpful to lay out those proactive steps which can be taken to start fighting back against our enemies, and on the behalf of our people and our future. To that end is the following list laid out. It is a catalogue of ten everyday actions which will in various ways serve this purpose. Some of the first few items on the list may seem pedestrian, but they are all important building blocks of what must be a foundation for action.

1. Get control of your finances

Our lifestyles in the modern West are defined by rampant materialism and outrageous amounts of debt. Many people mired in these forces do not understand their full significance however. Debt and consumer spending are the veritable glue that hold our corporatist system together. It does not have to be like this, but it is. And for the powers in our system, there is nothing better than for our people to be distracted, riddled with debt and anxiety, and thinking only of the next shiny plastic bauble, the next car or vacation, the next College Degree they can get through increasing indebtedness.

To reject such a lifestyle and such a system is therefore a revolutionary action. Furthermore, it is imperative if one is to reject the forces arrayed against us and do one’s utmost to protect our folk. Therefore we should not rest merely with rejecting debt. One should fully master financial literacy to the point where he or she is also able to 1) build wealth and passive income, and 2) become self-employed or otherwise free of the “rat race”. Lest any reader feel I am getting off topic, consider the evidence: How many traditionalists and opponents of anti-European racial and multicultural utopianism have lost their jobs when their views were outed? How many more are forced to keep silent for fear of the same? If each person who shares our views could get out of debt, build passive income equal to their monthly expenses, and then quit their job to focus more of their time on our struggle, how much more could be done on our people’s behalf? What if only 20% achieved this? Surely the outcome is worth the struggle. Furthermore, if one is working for a large multinational corporation, or for the government of one of these corrupt nations, then that is reason alone to cultivate such an exit strategy.

Recommendations: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

2. Get control of your time

This is a very similar point to #1, but bears highlighting separately. For just as the vested interests in our societies wish to keep us in debt and terrified of unemployment, they also knowingly benefit from the countless distractions that modern life throws at us.

If we could curb our broader race of addictions to facebook, video games, pornography, reality television, and all the other vices of our world, the magnitude of the results would be monumental. For that reason it is important to take stock each day, and catalog just how we are spending our time, and what we are creating vs what we are consuming. Even as relates to our struggle, there is certainly a difference between re-tweeting endless rounds of rape stories, vs actively building up our ability to combat them.

Recommendations: Play It Away by Charlie Hoehn and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

3. Become a “Feeder”

This follows from item #2 and is partially related to it. It is an idea which is tangentially, if not directly, related to the theories of Col. John Boyd and the OODA Loop. Namely, it is the question of whether one, within a conflict, is a “feeder”, or a “receiver” of action/violence/input. “Feeders” are far more likely to be victorious, as they define the progression of battle. In the language of the OODA Loop, they “re-orient” themselves far faster, keeping their opponent off his footing and reactive. Within our conflict, we have been the “receivers” for far too long; sitting back, subdued, while our opponents happen to us, instead of us happening to them. Indeed one could argue that the entire history of multicultural Europe has been defined by proactive action on the part of the ethno-suicidalists, while the great “silent majority” holds back, afraid of being called racist, and distracted by the day to day concerns of life. Similarly, the behavior of the Muslim immigrants in the West over the last 25 years fits squarely within the same category, as they purposefully chip away more and more at their host societies, inflict countless wounds upon our racial and cultural body, and build greater and greater power within our lands.

Recommendation: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/09/15/ooda-loop/

4. Donate Money To European-Preservationist Groups And Causes

The success of revolutionary movements is directly related to their finances. While the level of this correlation may vary, it is an undeniable fact of history. Our movement is currently in an extra-difficult position vis a vis this issue, because there are few governments or groups of very wealthy individuals whose goals are in line with our cause. I believe this may change as anarchy begins to spread in Europe, and that governments that are now taking more pro-active steps to avoid massive immigration, such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia(and hopefully soon Denmark and Finland), will eventually give money to preservationist-groups in other European countries, in an attempt to halt the spread of destabilization. In the meantime however, funding is of crucial importance.

It is easy to say “give money”, but harder to quantify exactly how that is done. Giving even 10% of one’s income is an extremely difficult feat for most individuals, especially young people, as many European-Preservationists are. The solution of greatest efficacy that I know of is that of slowly building one’s “giving muscles”. If you or your family is doing a monthly zero-based budget (point #1 above), the best bet is to begin parceling out just 1% of your monthly income, even a half of a percent, to causes you wish to help. From there you can slowly increase it each month, going up by another one percent or half a percent, until you eventually reach a figure you feel good about. If each of us built up to 10%, imagine the impact it would have.

5. Lift Weights

This is more of a metaphysical or philosophical response to our existential threats than a practical one. Nevertheless it should be deemed valuable. It is also very much related to the threats we face. These threats have arisen because Western man has rejected strength, rejected masculinity, and rejected his responsibilities. We must re-embrace these qualities and these roles, and use our strength to save Europe and save our people. Strength has been an implicit and defining feature of manhood since the dawn of human history. Our ancestors had to use their physical strength to ward off dangers to their tribes and families, so that we could one day be born. If we are physically weak now, when the greatest of existential threats that has ever befallen our people has arisen, do we not dishonor our ancestors’ memories?

Recommendations: 5X5 Powerlifts (stronglifts.com), Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

6. Learn Self-Defense

This item does have a practical application. This side of its importance need not be elaborated upon. Its study can take two forms:

A. Martial Arts and hand to hand combat. The rise of MMA has brought mixed-martial arts clubs to almost every town in America and Europe. There are numerous choices for any man in terms of gyms, schools, etc. While it is easy to dismiss the rise of MMA-fandom and culture as a “fad”, it is also the case that these are extremely valuable skills to have.

B. Paramilitary/survivalist and firearms training. This strikes a bit of a nerve, as we are well aware that the media would have us all believe that anyone who thinks in terms of culture and race is a potential mass-murdering Nazi, but on the contrary, were the current situation in Europe placed within any other historical lens, who wouldn’t be learning how to defend one’s family if necessary? We have done a thorough job of outlining the foolishness and dishonor of individuals such as Anders Behring Breivak and Dylan Roof, whose actions can be considered neither ethical, honorable, nor strategically valid within a 4GW paradigm, but it does not follow from that that any knowledge or discussion of guns should be dismissed. Indeed I would argue that even within the most well-structured and safest societies, it is important for men to know how to use guns, and how to defend their families. In a modern Europe that is neither well-structured nor safe, such knowledge becomes even more imperative.

7. Create art and information

It is easy to declare that there are “too many writers”, and “too many websites”, and that only more “real action is needed”, but I would deem this not the case. The journey to full consciousness for Europeans and European-Americans is often a slow one, and far more like a series of interconnected conveyor belts than like an epiphany.

I consider it somewhat like a funnel, in which normal individuals “stick” to something, be it a favorite website, a favorite poet, a film, a sub-culture, etc. From there they travel along, until a related conveyor belt snatches their attention. In my case I was lead to Counter-Currents, for instance, through my interest in Jack Donovan. I was lead to Jack Donovan through my interest in Art of Manliness. I was lead to Art of Manliness by a forum I often frequented. By the time I arrived here I already shared many of the views of this community, but this still illustrates a fair reading of how “moderns” (to steal some of the Islamists’ vocabulary), or “normies”, leave the regular world behind and become conscious.

Each piece of art created in this vein is one more sticky point that can catch someone’s attention. Therefore the more art, the more websites, and the more writings we create, the faster we catalyze the awareness that is needed.

8. Cultivate real-life friendships

Jack Donovan has written about the degree to which modern men lack real male friendships, and the problems associated with this. Greg Johnson has written about the virulence of ideas and the exponential nature of awareness. To paraphrase his words, what if you could convert one person to our way of thinking each year, and they converted one other person as well? The nature of such compound growth is overwhelming.

It is certain that one of the defining features of Western modernity is man’s isolation from man, but as we build more real-life friendships and real-life brotherhoods, our power becomes magnified, and greater potential to fight back against our enemies is realized.

9. Decide where to make your stand

If one wants to contribute to the preservation of Europe, a logical question is from where can that best be done. If one lives in North Dakota, or New Zealand, he or she shall be limited to writing, organizing, fund-raising, and the like, at least as it relates to Europe. If one lives in Europe, or relocates to Europe, more direct avenues open up. Each of us will have to decide what course best suits our own purposes and abilities. If one has control of one’s finances, and one’s time, and has the skills that are needed in an on-the-ground conflict, then it should be more than possible to move to Europe and fight tooth and nail for its future. That brings us to item #10.

10. Join a resistance group

All around Europe we see groups trying to fight back against the murder/suicide of their nations. There are small groups like the Sons of Odin in Finland. There are large movements such as PEGIDA. There are more formal groups such as Britain First. There are political parties such as the Sweden Democrats. If you are in Europe, or once you get to Europe (item #9), find a group to become a part of. I have no doubt each is flawed in its way, as revolutionary action is messy and difficult. But they are all doing the noble work of attempting to preserve our lands and cultures.

Whether one sees themselves as a politician, a writer, a protester, or a fighter, there will no doubt be need of each and every person’s help in the years to come.

Comments (11)

  1. Con Ken 2 years ago

    I believe you were not strong enough or detailed enough.
    Strength… If a person came at u, could u stop a 285lb man? Get to the gym, find junk around the house, get on web, find how to lift and build strength while conserving your spine in tact.
    And second, Germans can still travel, get to Russia, by sail boat or rent bargei f possible. Find black markets, go to base clubs, never bring your money w u. Meet w money and your boat at sea w there’s. Have body guards w guns. Make it simple and fast, make dang sure guns work, and make sure they bring bullets.
    Go quietly home distribute to known nationalist-loyalist, have them safely hidden in house, so kids not get them.

  2. Ice Man 1 year ago

    This is all terrible advice because it will never work. The reality is that the best thing for Europe and the world would be for Sweden to bring in orders of magnitude more muslim immigrants, preferably unvetted and to do it very quickly. You should be advising everyone to support Sweden increasing unvetted muslim immigration 50-fold within 2 years to prove an example to the world why this has been a bad idea. By Sweden’s next voting cycle we should hope to see Sweden under Islamic leadership, mosque’s replacing centuries-old churches and Swedish traditions like Christmas being replaced by Islamic holidays. Anyone with a brain can see that immigration is happening fast enough that within ~80 years the numbers will exist to vote Sharia law in Sweden just like Turkey’s ‘moderate’ muslims are doing. However immigration is also paradoxically happening slowly enough that the voting majority of the west remains too comfortable and are therefore able to continue to vote with their smug politically correct ‘tolerance’ and will remain blinded to what is coming until it’s too late. Unfortunately by 2090, it will be too late for the then minority indigenous European population to resist the muslim majorities so what is NEEDED is an example to the rest of Europe and the world of why the madness needs to end to ensure that this generation stops ceding their lands and cultures that generations of their forefathers spilled their blood for. Sweden unfortunately seems best placed to be that example, so try a different tactic and let the crazy PC voters have their cake and eat it too. That’s going to be the ONLY way we learn unfortunately.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hello Ice Man- Thanks for the comment!

      I do agree with you that a fullscale example of just where SJW-insanity and Muslim-immigration lead would be quite helpful. I too think that if all the native Europeans currently enthralled to Left-ism and who are pro-immigration could look into the future and see what life will be like twenty-thirty years ahead, they would sober up and realize the error of their ways.

      It would be too painful to watch that happen quickly in Sweden though for me to root for it.. And in reality I think that it will happen just slowly enough in Sweden as everywhere else that no country will ever quite be the object lesson we wish for (although Sweden would certainly take the prize if there was one!).

      I appreciate the comment and hope more people DO begin to learn from Sweden’s example!

  3. michael leyh 1 year ago

    For several weeks now I have this partially formed idea rummaging around my head. I have always admired the templar knights and think it may be time to revive this idea again and to adjust it based on modern realities. Whereas the templars of old were a monastic warrior order created to protect pilgrims in the holy land, a modern order could be used to protecti the native European population. It should have a Christian foundation, young men should be guided by Christian mystical values to keep extremism at bay. Yet they should be well trained in CQC (close quarter combat) and at least 1-2 non lethal weapons (no guns allowed in Europe). They should be heavily indoctrinated in principles of humility, rejection of consumerism, ethics, but also in the western philosophical principles of stoicism, which I see as a very valuable tool to endure hardships. There should be a love for one’s own culture and country but not a blind hate for Muslims, only the sincere wish to keep one’s own people safe and to respect peace loving people, no matter what their religion. For it is only the language of strength that many of the young Muslims understand and respect. They see our culture as soft and ripe for the taking and will not stop until somebody opposes them with sufficient force and numbers.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Michael-

      Excellent comment. Your feelings on the need for something akin to a Modern Day Knights Templar is something I have seen/heard many times.

      Indeed I think we all feel the massive vacuum resulting from a lack of such individuals. Surely we have the soldiers and policemen of the state (governments), but as they are serving the very forces perpetrating the catastrophe they can not very well serve the people at the same time.

      I do believe there are men in Europe today (and across the Occident) with the skills you mentioned, and that once things start breaking down even worse in Europe and actual wide scale violence results I believe they will be there fighting. Obviously these are not members of any order of course, but just regular guys who possess the tactical strengths and skills needed to fight, along with the willingness to do so. I think such men exist in every culture around the world, even though there are surely less of them per capita in the modern (feminized and brainwashed) West. And, as it probably obvious from the site, it is my goal to be one of these men myself (in some manner or another). A goal I think many of the readers of this site share. As such, in a roundabout way at least, you could say what you are hoping for already exists, just in an inchoate and unaffiliated form.

      This whole Identitarian/Alt-Right phenomenon is building bonds and connections at an incredible rate though, and I believe a fully physicalized/connected resistance IS in its beginning stages. Within it much of the work will actually be done by thinkers and writers and what for a lack of a better word one might call ‘artists’. They are the ones attempting to win the war of ideas, which is crucial.

      At the same time as I said, I think there are men in the West gaining tactical training. I would also say that I do think lethal weapons (i.e. firearms) are a crucial skill to learn too. Our opponents certainly have no shortage of them so Europeans would be at a disadvantage without them.

      We will see how things progress. I know that several years ago I felt like I couldn’t even find good information on the internet about what was going on, and now there is tons and I am even able to provide some of it and contribute to it myself, so that gives me a modicum of hope all by itself 🙂

  4. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Just found your website via JamesLaFond.com. He would be an exceptional resource for your readers, particularly concerning boxing/stickfighting/knifework. He also provides regular behind-the-lines intel on life in the Baltimore ‘hood which you just can’t find anywhere else, and which is probably pretty applicable to the situation on the ground in Western Europe today.

    I’m really liking your site, and I’m forwarding articles to family and friends. A lot of ideas are flooding into my head, but a question that keeps coming to mind is this: Lots of Euro guys like to get together in groups and brawl over soccer games. They seem to be able to organize themselves for extra-legal action and carry through with their plans despite the very real prospect of injury. Why don’t these “football” supporters focus their energies on the immivaders? If it can’t happen organically, then Identitarian leaders need to channel this dynamism and get it pointed in the Right direction. Imagine if an organized horde of European hooligans descended on a pack of Pakis in their man-dresses…and then repeated this whenever and wherever necessary until the message
    was received! Since these guys like to brawl in groups, this drive should be put to good use, and I’d be interested to hear your take on why it hasn’t been done long ago.

    And who knows…maybe after 1/20/17, the USAF Special Operations Command will start air-dropping weapons to the European Resistance, just like back in The Big One…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Steve- thanks for commenting!

      I am only just now getting a chance to respond. Very much welcome you sharing your thoughts.

      I have to admit, you said you came to ECW from jameslafond.com, but I had actually never heard of him until you said so. Was there a link on his site or something? Just visited it and you are certainly right- tons of valuable stuff there. I am going to spend some time exploring it. I am ALWAYS looking for new/original/good websites. Its impossible to even come close to keeping track of them all nowadays though.

      I think your question on soccer firms/soccer ‘hooligans’ in Europe is an extremely apt one. I think that question is not asked as often as it should be but has certainly tortured some other folks as well who have pondered it. I myself wondered about it many times too, but I think I have finally gotten some perspective on it recently- at the Northwest Forum in Seattle actually- from talking with a young Identitarian activist my age who had spent time in prison. He was a very nice, soft-spoken, ‘normal’ guy who had just made a mistake by the sound of it, but he said that in prison, the real sort of ‘White Nationalist’, ‘Aryan Nations’ gang member types (probably more mid-level moderate type ones in this case though) were not totally hip to Identitarianism, because even though they organized themselves along such lines in the prison (for safety, etc) and used such iconography in what some academic might call their ‘tribal structure’ or ‘language’, they had still been indoctrinated their whole lives to believe certain things, and had trouble totally reorienting their minds to a different direction.

      It was very interesting and made me really think. I think that is probably the case with the soccer hooligans as well, that even though they are full of Mannerbund spirit and love to fight, and even though they might appear very tough or exteme on some level, they still aren’t totally ‘conscious’ enough to want to organize themselves and fight along ethnic/cultural lines, and still not at the point where they understand their government is committing genocide against them.

      I do believe we are getting closer though, and perhaps the ‘conscious’ 20% will seize control of the broader societal zeitgeist, and those soccer firms WILL be hunting down the traitors like Cameron and Blair. Sure would be a beautiful day that’s for sure!

  5. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Here ya go! It was just a reference in the comments section here:


    James has tons of useful tips about hand-to-hand combat, and he has analyzed the Common Eastern Dindu like an anthropology Phd. I also love his analysis of the imagery in the Robert E. Howard books. Truly a unique guy with a perspective and skill set that we can all learn from.

  6. Francis Meyrick 1 year ago

    Fire Power. Strength. And raw guts. In the final analysis, the future of Europe will be decided BY FORCE OF ARMS, and courage. OR THE LACK THEREOF (read: abject, cowering surrender to Islam) (possible, not likely). NOT by reason, misty eyed appeals, invocations to compassion, or noble speeches from selfless politicians. Even if there were such a thing as ‘selfless politicians’. If I could waive a magic wand, I would place 10,000 firearms in the hands of 10,000 highly motivated and disciplined Volunteers, spread across the nations of Western Europe. Do we need 10,000 firearms and 10,000 volunteers? NO+++ But it would be a good start. I would look to manufacture my own guns, pistol caliber and rifle, including silencers, rather than importing from eastern Europe and the Balkans. In the quantities and quality I desire, I need mass production. We are talking CNC technology. Thermoplastics. Milling. Both aluminum and steel. I would want a secret organisation with cell structures. Each cell would contain 6 to 8 members. Only the leader would know the cell above him. And nothing beyond above that. It would be impossible to take out the organisation, as the damage from infiltration would be limited. Members would be highly motivated, highly disciplined, and operate autonomously. They would operate according to a Mission Statement… Part of the Mission Statement would contain the agreed upon Rules of Engagement. The organisation would hold the forces of the States in contempt, since those forces have abdicated their duties to protect the free peoples of Western Europe. But the organisation would include many disillusioned and embittered members of muzzled State agencies such as Police and Military. Tired of their hands being tied, they would be invaluable as double agents. The organisation would make it clear that violence would be met by violence. Swift, overwhelming violence. The decision to use Lethal Force would not to be taken lightly, but where deemed appropriate, the Volunteers would have orders to not pussyfoot about. “Neutralize the threat” would mean exactly that. Questions?

  7. Will 11 months ago

    Hi mate, in Australia we have an expression ‘Im not here to fuck spiders’ and your plan pretty much sums that up – bravo!

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Lol thanks Will. Glad to hear you think so.

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