Ten Thoughts From Audacious Epigone [Interview On Preservation And Reconquest]

Ten Thoughts From Audacious Epigone [Interview On Preservation And Reconquest]
September 29, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

The following is a written interview with a gentleman named The Audacious Epigone.

Mr. Epigone is a highly successful author and blogger who has been inhabiting and fighting in these corners of the culture wars for a number of years now.

He seems to be mentioned all over the place these days.

Here’s an article Steve Sailer wrote quoting him at length.

Here’s something on VDARE.

And here he is on The Burning Platform.

Finally, he also tweets under @AudaciousEpigon so check him out there!

Without further ado though, here is the interview. I think you will get a lot of value from it!



Interview With Audacious Epigone

By Europeancivilwar.com


One – Mr Epigone- Thank you for doing this interview! Could you introduce yourself and tell us more about who you are?

I am the proprietor of The Audacious Epigone, a blog I’ve maintained since 2005. The tagline, “empirically validating stereotypes” is a pithy summation of its spirit.

While the prevailing power structure pretends most of what our great grandparents believed about human nature was retrograde bigotry, the data exonerates great grandpa.


Two- What did your political journey look like? How did you arrive at the place you are today? How would you describe your current beliefs?

Most of those on the dissident right swallowed the red pill somewhere along the way here and I’m no exception. My background is cuckservatism of the standard patriotard variety.

When I started writing in 2005, the intention was to collect my thoughts to argue against the racist undertones of neoreaction, or what was coming to be known at the time as the dark enlightenment. It’s how I discovered Randall Parker’s Parapundit and from there Steve Sailer. It didn’t take long for me to realize how my implicit ethnomasochism was not only self-defeating but also predicated on a lot of cognitive dissonance and more than a couple outright lies.

As for self-descriptions, Alt Right, dissident right, identitarian, populist, and race realist are all fine.
Conservative, however, is one I reject—our conservatives haven’t conserved a damned thing. They couldn’t even conserve women’s restrooms from pedophiles in drag. No thanks.



Three- Are you optimistic for Europe’s future? For the future of resistance against Europe’s destruction?

Not particularly, especially inside the Hajnal line, though there is nothing I would love more than to be proven spectacularly wrong.

Europe’s natives are old, infertile, nihilistic hedonists who, to the extent that they have a sense of identity at all, are mostly embarrassed by it, even in comparison to those of the European diaspora in Australia and North
America. As bad as it is here in the US, it’s inconceivable that an American president would snatch the national flag out of a fellow citizen’s hands in embarrassment as Ephialtes Merkel recently did.

Nigeria’s population is expected to exceed all of Europe’s by over 100 million people by 2100. That’s not the entire continent of Africa, that’s just the country of Nigeria—the continent itself is projected to have eight times as many people as Europe. Those hordes of wretches will be heading north. What Europe’s seen in the last few years is just the vanguard of the invasion that is to follow.

Former Soviet countries have a better chance. Having lived through real Marxism, they’re not cowed by cultural Marxism in the way that outbred western Europeans are.


Four- What is something you believe that most people in our ‘movement’ don’t? Or, alternately, something that you are passionate about that most people in it might not know about or be focused on?

I subscribe to Stoicism. Not the metaphysical tenets, just the secular and pragmatic ones. I mine it for the mindset, because mindset matters.

For readers who went through public education, like I did, many probably have no exposure to it even though it is major strain of philosophical thought that came out of the Greco-Roman tradition.

Many were probably exposed to an exotic eastern philosophy like Buddhism, though, like I was. There are a lot of similarities between the two. There is one crucial difference, however. Buddhism counsels withdrawal from the world; Stoicism mandates engagement in it. Buddhism runs from the fight; Stoicism faces it head on.

The movie Gladiator is a great popular portrayal of Stoicism in the form of Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus. He even utters lines straight out of The Meditations, the famous writing of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (and one I highly recommend reading).


Five- You mentioned to me that you are a father. What thoughts do you have on raising kids in this modern world of ours? How do you plan to raise them into fine adults with sane, sober beliefs?

You’ll always be able to come up with a zillion reasons for why now isn’t the time to have kids or that you’re not cut out to be a father, as the opening vignette in the movie Idiocracy memorably depicts.

Be thankful your dad didn’t think that way. Forget those concerns. Whatever feeling you think is the greatest in the world, it pales in comparison to what it feels like to have something worth dying for. If you’re not creating a legacy, what the hell are you in this movement for, anyway? Why not enjoy the decline, sitting poolside while the civilization your ancestors built crumbles and burns all around you?

I will raise my son(s) to be good men and to be good at being men. I will raise my daughter(s) to be good women and to be good at being women. More than anything else, my wife and I will do so by continuously working to be the best examples of these things that she and I can be.

We are links in the greatest chain that has ever been. We are more than masturbating monkeys. We are the descendants of great men and the least we can do to honor them is to become the ancestors of the great men of the future.


Six- What gives you the most hope in regards to politics/our movement/the West/etc?

The red pill dissolves into the bloodstream as soon as it’s swallowed. Vomit all you want, it’s not coming back out once it’s gone in.

There is no unseeing the demographic replacement that is being forced upon us, or the feminization of the Western world and the corresponding undermining of the virile masculinity that built the Occident from the ground up.

There’s no forgetting that all human traits are heritable once the data has been presented, that different populations evolved in different environments with different selective pressures working on them and that these differences—far from being skin deep—are more significant the further under the skin you look.

There’s no pretending that women want a nice guy who will attend to their every whim after you’ve studied—and applied—the works of Heartiste.

Every convert, every recruit we make is a permanent acquisition. Our challenge is to flip enough of our people before our civilization is overwhelmed by the new people our craven political elites are dead set on replacing us with by inviting the entire non-Western world to waltz on through our open borders.



Seven- If you suddenly had 5-10 million dollars, how would you utilize it to effect the changes men like us seek?

In the US, the maximum gift amount that can be made to an individual in a given year without being subject to taxation is $14,000. I’d donate that on an annual basis to 35 guys doing independent writing and podcasting, guys like, for example, Julian Langness. In addition to putting the remaining principle to work, that’d be viable for about 20 years.

We don’t want our most talented and prolific to have to choose between creating content and putting food on the table.


Eight- If a young man reading this wants to get involved in politics/writing/activism/etc, and is talented, smart, has time, and has money, what would you encourage them to do?

Something. Anything. The internet has provided you with opportunities unimaginable a generation ago. Get involved with Alt Tech platforms; Gab for social media, Infogalactic for encyclopedic references, Brave for internet browsing, Duck Duck Go for internet searches, etc.

Get on the conventional platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and like, follow, and retweet the good guys. Trigger and embarrass the bad guys. Nuke the comments sections of the mainstream media outlets. Subtly point normies towards subversive information. Ask rhetorical questions a la Pat Buchanan when the situation requires it, and be unapologetically candid when it does not.

We are still at a point where the war being waged is primarily one of words and the womb. If it becomes hot, the calculations change. But for now, while it remains cold do what you can to win hearts and minds wherever you are.


Nine- What do you hope your life looks like (in all ways but especially vis a vis writing/politics/etc) 5-7 years from now?

My wife and I have two children, aged 3 and 1, and are currently working on a third. First and foremost, I hope that our tribe continues to grow between now and then.

With regards to writing, that our numbers and the strength of our networks continue to grow to such an extent that what is today referred to as the “Alt Right” will have come to be referred to simply as “the right” and that the cuckservatives and atomistic libertarians currently wearing that label will have scurried over to the globalist empire of nothing where they belong.

As far as politics go, that viable parties across the Western world will be running on platforms that are some variation of what I see as the three objectives necessary for our civilization’s survival:

1) A generations-long moratorium on immigration
2) A repatriation of all non-citizens
3) An increase in native fertility rates to, at minimum, replacement level


Ten- Any closing thoughts?

Through our veins runs the blood of men and women who have done a hell of a lot more with a hell of a lot less. By experiencing pressure, we become powerful. Through stress, we gain strength. Deus Vult!






Editor’s Note: Big thanks to Herr Epigone for the excellent interview! I am grateful we have him fighting for this cause alongside us.

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  1. Unknown 3 months ago

    All humans should be equal and love each other as they are one big family. This beautiful goal works only if all humans think that way and support that love. That’s why all those haters who do not want to join the big family must be defeated. But all those who are left behind must be included, supported, nurtured so that they can catch up. This is why we must give up all of our benefits, all of our specific heritage, for the bigger goal of making all humans equal in one family. We life our dream, we do not care about distractions of reality, because we feel the love within us. And now that we have got the keys to power, we can open all borders, inhibit the hateful racists, and let all humans get together in peace, love and equality. (Until troubles outside call for a wakeup.)

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Lol exactly. Case in point the nfl protests. Who could think those dudes kneeling during the anthem have anything but love and peace in their hearts?? 🙂

    • SteveRogers42 3 months ago

      Or, we could do this:

      • Author
        Admin 3 months ago

        Yeah, ya know I know its a totally crazy suggestion, and I’m not entirely sure, but I just kind of think that might be effective… If only marching refugees straight back out of the country didn’t violate like 114 EU laws…

        • SteveRogers42 2 months ago

          Guys — If this taffy-pull is any indicator, I think we got this:


          The only impressive move was the Michael Jackson spin on the tabletop at 0:11

          • Author
            Admin 2 months ago

            LOL. That was an EPIC Michael Jackson spin… Good god… Talk about a craving for democracy 🙂 lol

            Sadly it looks like that might be Italy in another few years… Also you should link that on one of these sites that really gets into IQ statistics too. I think they would eat it up lol.

  2. Audacious Epigone 3 months ago

    Heartiste: Best book title ever.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Ahh, that is extremely cool! Very glad you linked to it I would never have seen it otherwise..

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