Ten Thoughts On Trump And Syria

Ten Thoughts On Trump And Syria
April 9, 2017 Admin

There is all sorts of chatter going on about Trump and the fact that the U.S. dropped some Tomahawk missiles on Syria.

I was pretty focused on Sweden and other stuff this week, and am only now fully up to date.

However, the whole question is a fascinating one and I wanted to offer my thoughts. I am also curious to know what our esteemed community members think of the whole situation.


Putin and Trump

I do not think that Trump and Putin are dumb enough to stumble into a war together.

In contemplating the possibility, I am reminded of scenes I have seen on and off in my life where two very strong, very capable men, each knowing how to fight but having mutual respect for each other, are somehow put into a situation in which the spectacle of hostility develops between them.

Maybe some girl or beta male has attempted to triangulate between the two of them, maybe they are at a party and everyone is urging them to box, etc. In such situations each side must walk a fine line between not displaying anything that could be misconstrued as cowardice, while at the same time not stepping over the line to the point where they can only each defend their respective honor and reputation by fighting. Usually such scenes do follow the script of Johnathan Gottschall’s “Monkey Dance”, but in a steadily de-escalating manner until the specter of confrontation has ended.

I am hopeful that will be the case in this situation.


Bannon White House Stature

As the cool kids would say, I’m having some ‘bad feels’ about Steve Bannon.

Is this not the Johnny Cash of politics?

Is this not the Johnny Cash of politics?

I love the Ban-man and he seems ideologically closer to us than any other mainstream political figure that has come about in the last 60 years. He also has no problem sticking it to the media, and rightfully regards the mainstream press as the enemy of all that is holy in Western Civilization.

I think those very press people have purposefully overestimated his ‘fall from grace’, but whether or not that is the case, I prefer seeing a powerful Bannon in the White House to an un-powerful Bannon.


Kushner’s Body Language

Jared Kushner- who many suspect as pushing liberalism and Russophobia within the Trump White House- has the most over-developed body language of anyone I have ever seen. Indeed, in this respect he is both similar and different from Trump,

Similar because Trump also has very strong body language. Trump’s body language communicates energy, aggression, zest, strength, and confidence.


Kushner’s body language is overtly feminine however, and- to me at least- conveys an unwholesome disdain for anything ‘manual’, or the use of the human body in general, reeks of elitist condescension, and almost broadcasts the fact that he has never had to fight anyone or dig a ditch or do anything remotely physical in his life. He reminds me of the serpent ‘Hiss’ from the animated Robin Hood Movie.


The Julian Langness plan of action for disabling Kushner’s White House influence:


Savage Nails It

I think the best description of what is going on belongs to Michael Savage. This is ironic when one takes his background/heritage into account, and one must give credit where credit is due. In the embedded clip below, from 29:00 to the end of it, Savage- in my opinion- perfectly lays out what is going on, and who is ultimately at the bottom of the entire situation.

He states the obvious- that Assad and Putin purposefully conducting a gas attack makes absolutely no sense, and that the most logical explanation is that they were indeed not behind it. He also- with some purposeful subtlety- points the finger at those he believes are truly most responsible for what is going on, and if not for the gas attack at least for the whole arc of events.




4th Dimensional Chess

This has become an interesting little meme. We- including I- have been extolling Trump’s brilliant strategery for the last year and a half, and now that very strategery is being used mockingly when he does something that is apparently stupid.

I DO think Trump is strategically gifted though, and I DO think he was ten steps ahead of his opponents throughout the campaign. I think governing is different from running a campaign of course, but I think there have been many examples of his continued ‘4DC’ since he took office too.

I do not think these attacks on Syria constitute it though, which brings me to…


My Conclusion

I don’t think Trump is playing 4th Dimensional Chess here. I also don’t think he has been ‘blackmailed’ or anything like that. I think the most logical explanation is pretty simple.

Put yourself in Trump’s shoes. Every day he comes to the White House and meets with a bunch of folks pushing him one way or another. His supporters outside the White House do the same. On domestic stuff the Kushner’s and Haley’s and Priebus’s probably push more left-wing decisions, while the Bannon’s and the Hannity’s and Coulter’s push more rightward ones.

It is the same thing with global policy. Those aforementioned lefty-influences push Russophobia and globalism, while those rightward ones push him to more wiser courses.

But hearing both sides every day, and getting pushed and pulled, Trump is bound to side with different sides on different occasions. While I wish he would just stick to the Bannon/Coulter playbook entirely, that is probably too much to ask for.

With that being the case, I would far rather he ‘compromise’ on Syria than on something domestic. If Trump is going to give in to Kushner on something, bombing some Syrian airfields is probably the ‘least bad’ thing it could be.

I don’t particularly care if we bomb some Syrian airfields, if we leave it at that. Let the Neocon’s play with their toys a bit. We have said over and over that none of that matters- demographics is destiny– and if Trump can build a big beautiful wall and end Muslim immigration, the good of those things far outweighs the negatives of this particular action.

I recognize that the primary fear is that this will escalate however, and if it does we will then have to re-evaluate the situation.

Post Script

I love real estate, but these men were meant for a higher purpose, and must be brought to Washington asap.

I love real estate, but these men were meant for a higher purpose, and must be brought to Washington asap.

With all that being said, it would absolutely be my dream for Trump to send Kushner packing back to New York to run the real estate empire, and bring his two sons to D.C. for policy help. Eric and Don Jr. would certainly inject some muscular fortitude and- I dare say- Identitarianism, into the White House.

I have many dreams though, and while I will be praying to God and our ancestors to strike down the cancerous growth that is Kushnerism, my prayers about the Trump White House are somewhat down the list after the deliverance of Europe, our ancestral lands surviving, and Merkel and Cameron meeting their fate at the ECW civilian war crimes tribunal.

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  1. shadytree 9 months ago

    IMHO it’s a show of force to demonstrate that use of WMD WILL NOT BE TOLERATED against the west. If this cheery website is right, there is no guarantee that the oncoming storm will stay 4gw and asymmetrical forever. It might just turn into Albert Pike’s stupid little war.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      What is ‘Alert Pike’s stupid little war’? Checked him out on wikipedia but wasn’t sure what you meant.

  2. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    Here are my opinions, and they’re worth exactly what you paid for them:

    I was initially shocked and disappointed by the news, and I have been doing my best ever since to analyze and understand what is going on.
    Putin/Trump: Once again, Putin looks like the most mature adult in the room by not responding to a provocation. Syrian airspace is covered by a sophisticated Russian air defense system called SA-300 (400?). It could certainly engage, if not decisively defeat, a barrage of incoming Tomahawks. If Putin was “advised” of the attack, as the media states, it was HIS choice NOT to say: “Thanks for the heads-up. I’m turning on the SA-300. How bou’ dat?” If he had, it would immediately be October, 1962 all over again.

    In fact, the lack of Russian response makes me wonder if this scenario was choreographed well in advance, like some kind of pro-wrestling kayfabe. Russia allows us one free shot (as long as it is a relatively harmless, indecisive shot), and then gets to reassure its Syrian ally by sailing a guided-missile frigate along the Syrian coast to further bolster the air defenses. Both sides get to look “strong”, with no real harm done to either’s capabilities.

    Sidenote: I wonder what was going through the heads of the missile launch officers on the American destroyers. They knew they were firing missiles into the airspace of a Russian ally protected by Russian anti-missiles. They did the job as they were trained to do it, but I wonder if the atmosphere on the bridge was anything like the scene in Dr. Strangelove when the B-52 crew gets the code authorizing Attack Plan R.

    Kushner: He looks like the epitome of a “callow youth”. His lack of gravitas is apparent in his face, physique, and posture. It is disturbing that a seasoned operator like Trump is listening to him at all on any topic. Clearly, he is a messenger boy for parties who wish to remain behind the scenes. Trump’s biggest personal weakness is that he dotes on his daughter Ivanka, and when her vapid platitudes are coming in one ear while her husband is relaying “suggestions” into the other, it “jams” his ability to think Nationalistically on a subject. It always seemed strange to me that a solid “9” with bazillions of daddybucks would settle for a drink of water like Kushner, but it is clear now that it was an arranged dynastic marriage with another NYC power source, and this power source is proving to be far more than just another real estate wheeler-dealer.

    Michael Savage is a national treasure. He was the first media figure to overtly champion American Nationalism, and his combination of intellect and street smarts makes him an excellent (though unappreciated) analyst of any political or cultural question.

    4D Chess: I’m wiling to believe. If, as reported, the missile strike took place while Trump was eating dinner with the Premier of China, the scene is like something out of Godfather 2. I can imagine a Chinese attache walking in and whispering in Xi’s ear — he looks up and meet’s Trump’s eye, and The Don says – deadpan – “How’s the veal?”

    Also, in a rational world, this action should immediately and permanently shut up the shills who have been promoting the false narrative about Russia/Trump collusion in the election.

    PS: Absolutely agree about the need for Trump’s sons to get involved in the Big Game. Those boys are impressive. Let Ivanka and Kushner run the real estate empire while the men do men’s work.

    • shadowman 9 months ago

      “Both sides get to look “strong”, with no real harm done to either’s capabilities.”


      It was basically a “nothing attack” that changed very little. A bit of shadow-boxing, as it were. Trump got to play “the heavy” for a few hours and Putin got to play “Mr Reasonable”.

      I should mention that the carrier USS Carl Vinson is headed for the Korean Peninsula at present so it’s possible that we’ll see some action there. At least the *good* thing is that I’ve seen that Trump and Xi (the Chinese leader) agree that North Korea has gone too far with its nuclearisation and that “something needs to be done”. If it is possible to topple Kim Jong Un with a quick-and-massive “surgical strike” then I’m ok with that. I’ve heard that he has 2, maybe 3 nukes at most and even they are apparently all on liquid-fueled rockets and so massively-vulnerable on the launchpad while being fueled up.

      • Author
        Admin 9 months ago

        Hey Shadowman great points. Built off one of them in my comment to Steve up above-

        I think the question of North Korea is a difficult one.

        Its so different and so removed from every other geostrategic issue we normally face that its hard to really compare it to anything or know what kind of perspective to apply. We’re all used to East Asians being the smart, boring ones and Muslims and Africans being the nutjob dictactors…

        I agree though if there was some way to just surgically ‘de-dangerize’ Kim Jong-Un that would probably be worth it. If not for the nukes I wouldn’t really care what he does in his little Kingdom. Can’t let every little tinpot nutjob have a nuke though. Will be interesting to see what comes of it.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      In retrospect, now that I think about it, Savage was one of the radio jocks I used to listen to when I was first becoming more conservative. This is back in 08/09. It was him, Hannity (who I didn’t like much then but do like now), Limbaugh (who I was always kind of ‘meh’ about but is okay), and Glenn Beck (fascinating, flawed individual, getting sued by that blonde gal now too apparently).

      Savage was particularly powerful though in part BECAUSE he was a) Jewish, and b) had been in some ways part of the hippy movement, through living in San Francisco and being a botanist and natural remedies type of guy, etc. So he understood their manner of thinking (the liblabs, globalists, left-wing/big government jewish people, etc) far better than most of the other conservatives. Plus as someone coming out of my liberal shell I could relate to him more as a result.

      On other matters, I think your insights on the Trump/Godfather stuff nails it.

      Indeed, if we take your comment and Shadowman’s together it does bring up the possibility of some 4D Chess after all… for, if Trump wanted to push China to the ropes and make her commit to helping reign in North Korea, than dropping Tomahawk missiles on Syria in the middle of dinner with Xi might have been the perfect way ‘approach things from a position of power’, or broadcast authority. Talk about speak softly and carry a big stick right?

      • Charles 9 months ago

        I used to listen to Savage back in 2000 when I was only fourteen… He has been saying borders, language and culture for a long time… Of course with the USA borders and language could be enforced but what the hell is the culture here?

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Hey Charles, insightful comment I agree.

          I think we actually had a shared culture that went across racial lines to some extent back in the 50’s. Not like it was a racial utopia or anything but I think we were a ‘high asabiya’ nation then whereas now, after 60 years of progressivism and mass immigration, we have less shared ‘culture’ than ever before.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Dashui only just noticed this somehow! That is great stuff- I am going to quote him in my book.

      Refreshing to hear from someone who’s analysis almost perfectly matches most of ours, especially when its someone with his background.

      I certainly have to give Gates of Vienna their credit they do post a lot of really good content.

  3. Dashui 9 months ago

    I got to go to a lecture by this guy:

    He thinks Germany or France will be the first to go under. In England, he said terrorist attacks are getting to be normalized. The tempo of attacks are increasing.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks for the heads up Dashui! I am ready his articles right now on the Daily Signal. Good stuff… Where did you see him speak at?

      • Dashui 9 months ago

        There’s a local lunch lecture series on international affairs.

      • DaShui 9 months ago

        Simcox said that he has been to several of the no go zones in Europe. He said obviously because he is still alive its not like White’s are killed on the spot. It’s more that the Muslims have set up,a completely different system of government to rule themselves, and the state is mostly absent.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Yeah that sounds about right.

          It will be interesting to see what happens in this regard over the next few years. I guess really if you extrapolate out you end up with huge swaths of the countries being like this. Although by that point you would think government services would start breaking down even worse.

          ‘Middle-East’ization, that is for sure…

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Excellent analysis.

      I had never really read that much CH until you started linking to it, but he is quite good. Very thorough examination of everything today too.

      The Bannon vs Kushner thing has migrated all the way across the Atlantic… check it out: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=friatider.se&edit-text=&act=url

  4. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

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