The Importance Of Shame

The Importance Of Shame
April 16, 2017 Admin

One of my most vivid memories is from 7th grade, during football practice one day.

That was my first year of actual, real, helmet and pads football. I was a tight end and defensive end and loved playing football more than anything in the world. I wasn’t the number one player on the team but I was definitely one of the better ones, and arguably the most obsessive and earnest.

Every day we 7th graders would practice on one end of the field while the 8th graders practiced on the other end. Despite only being a year older than us, we were at that age where male growth spurts occur so quickly, and they were therefore substantially bigger than us. They also had several members who had been held back at least one if not two grades, and were thus in actuality physically the equivalent of high school sophomores.

On this particular day, toward the end of the season, our coaches got it in their heads to have us- the 7th graders- scrimmage against the 8th graders. When they announced this we were shocked, and our eyes grew big, and fear and anxiety soon spread like wildfire in our ranks.

They had us start running plays against each other. We were on offense, and the 8th graders on defense. I was the starting tight end, and several minutes into this exercise our coach huddled us up.

“14 Pop” he declared, calling a play where I- the tight end- would run a quick slant right across the middle and have the quarterback throw to me after a very abbreviated three step drop.

The middle-linebacker- Cody- was one of those twice held-back behemoths however, and I replied anxiously “Coach, I don’t want to run across the middle- Cody’s the middle-linebacker- he’ll kill me”. The coach relented, and we ran a different play.

After a couple more plays however, in which we all continued to represent ourselves dismally, he lost his temper.

“You’re all acting like a bunch of little girls! Pull your heads outta your asses – this is pathetic!” Then, after a mili-second of a pause… “14 pop Goddammit!”.

I immediately felt an immense shame. He was re-calling the play I had chickened out on. I dutifully approached the line of scrimmage, ran across the middle, tried but failed to catch the ball, and narrowly missed Cody’s body launching full speed at me.

I didn’t even care about whether he hit me or not at that point though. I felt more low than at any time I could remember. I had been publicly shamed by my coach, and rightly so. The spirit of cowardice that had emerged amongst us when we were told we would play the 8th graders had caught me full-bore, and I had acted in a manner totally incongruent with the brave, earnest, aggressive young football player I normally was and wanted to be.

I am thankful to this day for that experience though, because from that moment on I resolved to never display cowardice in such a manner again. From that point on I always tried to volunteer for the difficult and scary assignments, and to never back down from violence- whether in football or something else. The episode had demonstrated the intensely powerful- and positive- power of shame, when used for the right purposes.

Segue to modern Europe

I think this is very relevant today in modern Europe. For though our Progressive opponents have done everything humanly possible to usher in a victimhood culture and get rid of shame, I absolutely believe it still retains that same power.

And there is nowhere where there is more shame to be had than in modern Sweden.

We can see numerous examples of it daily.

Fria Tider highlights one today. In it they describe the Swedish economist and mass-immigration critic Tino Sanandaji pointing out the base hypocrisy of the left when it comes to “undocumented workers”.

As the article explains:

Even in DN has been reading that if the illegal immigrants suddenly disappeared, it “would be the country’s economy collapse.”

But that is not true. On the contrary, the illegal low-wage sector, a problem which displaces unemployed, responding author and economist Tino Sanandaji.

He believes that it is a “fantasy” that the economy would collapse without a few thousand illegal in low-wage occupations.

“Sweden worked demonstrably [for] a few years ago, when there were few illegal immigrants,” he notes.

According Sanandaji is illegal a tiny fraction of the labor force and is in the so-called surplus professions that can easily be done by others. He says the low wages is no economic gain.

“It reflects the low productivity of the marginal service occupations that barely required and can be easily replaced,” says Sanandaji.

Tino Sanandaji points out, contrary to an illegal sector distort competition and displace unemployed seeking the few simple jobs that still exist in Sweden.

“It is harmful and unwanted, and opposed by the traditional left”, points out Sanandaji.

But the modern left has become an “immigration cult” who romanticize undeclared work and wage dumping in a desperate attempt to defend immigration and multiculturalism, says the economist. The New Left argue that the economy needs low paid subclass, which according Tino Sanandaji is absurd because it was there that the traditional labor movement fought against.

“Based on these confused reasoning like man with immigration recreate the poverty that pushed back after decades of struggle”, says Tino Sanandaji.

Sanandaji points out that where the left used to take up the cause of low-paid workers, they now glorify them solely because they make the country less white.

This is a minor point of shame however.

Worse is the Muslim-on-Swedish rape epidemic that has been documented in countless ways.

Worse is the Swedish justice system letting off Muslim child-rapists without jail time.

Worse is Sweden’s leaders purposefully turning the country Islamic, so that native Swedes are now likely a minority among the 18-29 year old male demographic.

And perhaps worst of all is the spectacle- noted today in Fria Tider– of left-wing Swedes glorifying the terrorists that murder Swedish children.

This has been going on publicly in Gothenburg, where Swedish Progressives have been putting on a play about ‘humanizing’ Muslim terrorists, like the Uzbek man who just drove a truck through a crowd of native Swedes, murdering and mangling the body of a young native Swedish girl.

Fria Tider explains it thus:

At the end of March, the play Jihadisten premiered at the Gothenburg City Theater. It is about “humanizing” and “nuanced picture of the Swedish jihad travelers,” could be read on Swedish Television News. Despite the bloody terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm, where, among others, 11-year-old girl brutally driven to death, do not want to Gothenburg City Theater set piece.

Jihadisten is about 22-year-old Ilias from Lövgärdet traveling to Syria to join a terrorist organization. According to Johan Gry , writer and director of Jihadisten, the purpose of the play to “humanize the terrorist”, to “dare to see that the terrorist is a human being.”

The play, which was recognized by the Free Times, received much criticism, including from politicians who felt that the romanticized image of the terrorists. But Gothenburg City Theater defended himself that it is important to understand why a person chooses to become a terrorist, and continued to play.

Jihadisten is current again after suspected Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm on Friday, where a witness to the attack has told how the terrorist with the truck on Drottninggatan ran on a child so badly and in such a high speed that “the child flew up in the air.”

But Gothenburg City Theater am not going to set the play that aims to “humanize” and “understand” terrorist. On the contrary, think that Jihadisten is particularly important now after the terrorist attack.

Pontus Stenshäll, artistic director of the Gothenburg City Theater, says that the show is “very important now, given what has happened,” writes Swedish Television News.

– It is a terrible and serious problem that we need to discuss, says Pontus Stenshäll to Kulturnyheterna.

The content of the play will not change.

After the performance, organized a panel discussion with “experts” who discuss the “structure and motivations” that allows a young person traveling off to fight for a terrorist organization. The call will be marked by the terrorist attack in Stockholm, according to Pontus Stenshäll.

These individuals are engaged in the most shameful displays ever witnessed in the West’s proud history.

Though they themselves may not recognize this, having been brainwashed into the ‘cult’ that Sanandaji mentioned, it does not make their actions any less worthy of shame.

They- with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven chief among them– are liars, sociopaths, murderers, child rape accomplices, child-rape sacrificers, cowards, genocidal killers, and, more than anything, traitors.

They must be labelled as such, and even though they may be too far gone to be awakened as a result, others may react positively to such shame, and be snapped back into reality, and see their actions and beliefs for what they truly are.

As our guest writer Andrew Graf recently stated, “You can’t stop the forces of nature”.

Traitorism, suicide, and child-sacrifice do not exist in nature, and the quicker our Progressive opponents are shamed out of existence, the quicker those horrific manifestations of Cultural-Marxism will be gone from Europe for good.

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  1. gris bosque 9 months ago

    Sweden with Stockholm syndrome.
    Feminists and their Pansie Vikings… you can’t make this up!
    Time for people to start changing their own lives to quite supporting in every way possibe, these perverted insane monsters (feminists, and Pansie Vikings) not to mention these north African Barbarians from the 6th century…

    Better no government than a government like Sweden has now.

    Sometimes I wonder which is worse? EU bureaucracy? American Democrats? or Swedish Eunichs?

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      You definitely nail the problem which is that it is so hard NOT to support such forces in our day to day lives. The corporations we buy from, the schools we pay tax money too. Its all a big cyclical beast in many ways.

      Much to be optimistic for though and one bright spot is that its always very possible to quickly turn those systems around to work towards the benefit of other aims!

  2. dashui 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      I have…

      I was watching the original video before I had read anything about it and I was like ‘Whoa was that Nathan Damigo? lol’

      Re: the girl herself, I am pretty inured to black-pill degeneracy inspired depression, but if she is truly the same pretty, innocent-looking girl from the pictures with the blonde-hair and the dress standing in the field, and from the ‘other’ pictures – of the hairy nutjob hippy chick posing naked for some filthy weirdo porn site thing, that has to be the single most depressing thing I have ever seen in my life.

      We need a MASSIVE return to patriarchy to straighten this mess out. Utterly horrifying.

      • gris bosque 9 months ago

        Uh, yeah……

        this is not wholesome,
        this is not what we should leave our children….

        We all like sex, but there is a balance point between promiscuity and prudish.

        in the assalt video it appears to me she has dressed purposely to look like a male to take an attack….

        I suspect she got more than expected… guys hit hard, women are soft targets.. only the stupid ones allow themselves in that type of position..

        Some women are balanced
        and sane, but I think patriarchy was basically “Protective Custody” for females. and generally had to be treated like neoteny’s children…

        Society now IS in collapse mode, this IS the collapse we are watching in real time… and if you aren’t armed up to the fullest extent humanly possible,
        and you aren’t prepared with stored food,
        and adept at growing food,
        you are an idiot…
        and as the Zen saying points out; the first wisr thought, is when you realize you are a fool.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Much agreed Gris Bosque.

          I need to quickly improve on those last counts.

          I mean, I don’t think we are going to see some huge collapse like in the movies, but definitely increasing destabilization, and I think that just like owning life insurance and other kinds of insurance, you have to be prepared for that 1 in a 1000 worst case scenario.

          Am about to buy a couple hundred dollars worth of nickels. They are each worth 7.5 cents so you actually immediatley earn a 50% return on investment, and highly liquid in any worst case scenario.

          Also some gold. Have some Bitcoin already.

          Then stock up on food, tools, etc.

          Most of all though my goal over next 6-12 months is to develop relationships IRL with capable individuals. Note even neccesarily ones that think just like I do on politics, but just regular men like us who know how to hunt, shoot guns, build things, organize, etc.

          • gris bosque 9 months ago

            I suggest you think about fish hooks instead of nickels or junk silver, silver or gold bullion etc.

            fish hooks will be worth more. also things like sewing needles,
            fine carbon steel wire as in fish hooks,
            and even harder to make sewing needles will probably be about three generations to reboot in a hard crash of the technocult.

            Also sewing machine needles, no shortage of machines, but how long would people’s needles last?

            Even thread? not easy to make fine
            strong thread….

            other good items would be things like zippo flints and fuel. I use Coleman fuel in Zippos. Standard Zippos are $10 at Walmart. what would they be worth after a crash, and disappearance of disposable lighters?

            I’m kind of that quintessential guy you describe. country person into outdoor skills since I was a kid in the 60’s…. quite a few catching on now, but many being misled. you need to find people who were linked personally to American or other subsistence cultures. many instant experts now talking out their aft end and making money at it. hint; old people are an invaluable resource. I grew up around great depression and WW2 veterans….
            your generation is comparatively disconnected from that chain.

          • Author
            Admin 9 months ago

            Interesting. Very good ideas.

            I take it you expect any potential ‘crash’ to be pretty devastating then? What are your thoughts on possible scenarios?

            I envy the skills you possess. I mean, I think I am in a better position than my brethren who grew up in the suburbs and the city and have never gone hunting or fishing or even planted a garden, but if I am still way closer to them than I am to older guys like you have the skills needed to survive without technology.

            I think the most ‘practical’ thing I want to focus on is just the relationship building (joining a gun club, etc), but I do absolutely want to gain those legit survival skills too (although like with everything time is the biggest barrier).

            If you were going to spend exactly 1000$ on ‘prepping’, not to go all out but just to feel like you had purchased ‘disaster preparadness insurance’, what would you do? (that is actually what I am going to be doing so your answer would be quite helpful for me if you see this comment and get a chance to respond). Would you say 500$ in food and 500$ in tradeable/valuable items? Or the whole 1000$ on guns? Or the whole 1000$ on rare tools that would be in high demand? It would be my goal to keep adding to the ‘stockpile’ over time as I have additional means to do so.

          • gris bosque 9 months ago

            $1000 quandary

            Thanks for the reply.

            First to answer the question.
            Yes I do think the coming potential crash will be quite hard. The Elephant in the room is nuclear war and biological war and/or release of man made pathogens. I have plenty of reasons for this belief, too many to explain in a short comment. But my email is the same user name at gmail if you wish to discus at length.

            Basically it boils down to human stupidity and greed.

            For what to spend the first thousand on;

            you build up from the bottom. So it depends on your situation. and if you are responsible for others etc. But basically you start at the most basic things and work up filling in.

            On learning skills, I’d start with sharpening and growing food.
            Few alive today know how to sharpen. They get away with it because everything comes prepared in the super market.
            Get a Norton two sided Aluminum oxide sharpening stone, and an Arkansas stone, both are available on line. Then get wet or dry sand paper 400, 600, 2000 grits. Buy a copy of the old boyscout field book. it has all the fundamentals in it on bottom line survival. the sand paper replaces a leather strop, after you get your angles its used to basically polish your edge. I use an early 1900’s era straight razor, I sharpen on 2000 grit.

            As for weapons, $1000 is basically one gun now. I would advise you start with archery instead, and work on your mobility and things like wool clothing. the best for the cheapest on clothing is military surplus, like German army wool pants. After that I would focus on refugee gear. things you can carry. I would also have a good hoe. for refugee situations there a nice downsized pick hoe in most hardware departments. its all you need to garden from scratch. I would also recommend you get a can of open pollinated garden seed. as new as possible. I have personally tested these seeds and they are very good and can last unopened for about five years. then I would start studying organic gardening techniques. Theres a couple three year learning curve on growing things. preppers who don’t already garden will starve learning.

            Also you want a decent axe. starting at the bottom with a hatchet. the best there is a Sears camping hatchet with wooden handle for around $20. you also want a larger axe. Next I would get a Collins boys axe, $20, reason is portability. and if you have family who can share carrying things, a larger axe. in the 2.5 to 3. lbs range. Many buy the expensive Scandinavian axes. but theres no need to spend twice as much than a common grade axe for something that doesn’t cut any better. I would also recommend a machete. go to
            get a 26 or 28 inch “Rula” depending on your body size.
            You will need files. Nicholson 8″ mill files. half a dozen.

            On guns, I would start with a .22 rifle. Something like a used Ruger “all weather” and stock up on .22 shells, at least a thousand .22 LR. This stuff should keep you busy for awhile. and spend your $1000 and then some. Its kind of like you are asking me to write a book. best if you email me and I can take you through one step at a time.
            on archery, go traditional not compound. For survival simple is always better than complicated. Don’t get into the gun fetish survivalist mindset. If you are packing only guns and ammo you have limited yourself to a short life as a raider. The mindset really required is going back to subsistence fundamentals. And getting away from other humans in population centers etc.

            Start camping as a hobby. Most now days can’t handle more than three days living simple outside. I lived in an open air shelter and cooked over an open fire every day for 18 years.

            I hope that answers your question in a basic way.


        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Actually it reminds me in Ian Frazier’s book Travels In Siberia he talks about these loosely-affiliated male organizations where basically they are a fraternal group but based around disaster preparedness. They grew out of the anarchy in early 90’s Russia but were still around 10-15 years later (maybe still today actually) and would meet up a couple times a month to just practice such disaster scenario readiness, and were sort of like a civilian ‘first responder’ force. People would call them if they got lost in the woods or their car broke down out in the middle of nowhere in winter, etc.

          I think such things are an organic response to the deterioration of society, which will be seeing more and more of. Alot like those small-town militias in Mexico that would defend against the drug cartels too.

  3. gris bosque 9 months ago

    Thats a strange one!
    just goes along with what I have long realized, that many women are fruitcakes, and our ancestors were not just being nasty guys by insisting they be kept under rigid control by society.

    it was the requirement for human survival, also the necessity to exceed collective chaos. And obviously somebody had to suffer to make society possible, so it might as well be the gender addicted to excess emotions.

    Clarity of this historical perspective can be best explained by;

    “girlwriteswhat” on you tube, if you have not seen some of Karen’s videos, you probably don’t have a historic clue about traditional gender roles..

    Also if you read the book of Enoch from the dead sea scrolls, theres an explanation of why and how women got screwed up. and the translation of; “cutting and splicing of roots” is likely DNA alteration.

    Basically society is going down,
    due to these feminist fruitcakes,
    and their manginas. liberalism is de facto decadence….

  4. Kadphises 9 months ago

    Unfortunately most boys and young men in Europe now grow up in a culture where they are shamed by teachers, parents, priests etc. when they aim for being strong, courageous and masculine, when they speak up against lies and stand up against the violence of the invaders. The baby boomers did and do everything to make them believe that they are evil racists, sexists, islamophobes, homophobes, antisemites etc. if they act and speak according to their natural sense of honour. Red-pilling is the process of reverting this conditioning. But the feeling of shame instilled at a young age is powerful.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Exactly- the anti-masucline teachings and peer pressure is so strong that even defensive and protective violence are shamed. Its truly an inversion of every natural impulse and instinct of human nature.

      Hopefully it will act as a slingshot or a rubber band that has been pulled back though and once the young men of the West ‘let go’, they will rocket themselves into efforts of a *great* magnitude.

      • gris bosque 9 months ago

        The Shame article is haunting.
        I saw similar as a parent in the US, the politically correct types victimizing their own kids.

        Some have rebelled. Kids often see their parent’s defects.

        I think the key issue will be reaction time after cause and effect. Like the reaction to the Liberal insanity that ushered in Trump. I think humans tend to drive like drunk cowboys; trying to keep it between the fences…. We keep taking out fence to approximate staying on the road.

        We shift from one wing of liars to the other. When we should be using our heads instead. bad mouthing your adversaries never creates a champion, champions are those who focus. on improving themselves. And in this case the enablers are bleeding heart types who think they are doing good deeds. When the real good possible is being realistic.

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