While materialistic progress leads only to the yawning abyss, and the Iron Crown of the power of Evil.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Ruby Ridge, 25 Years On

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    Greetings men- This article originally appeared on Counter-Currents a couple weeks ago. As mentioned before, if you are able to do so please consider donating to them. I think the topic of Ruby Ridge is one ripe for discussion today, and the question of just how it has impacted things since is important to figure out. I would imagine most

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  • Victoriana, By Michael Gladius

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    Greetings men- The following is by a European-Preservationist named Michael Gladius, writing for Europeancivilwar.com. The bolded and underlined sections are my additions, marking spots that particularly stood out to me.   Legalism vs. Natural Law, or Why We are still living in the Victorian Era by Michael Gladius   We rightly look upon the Victorian era with disdain. Their attitudes

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  • Why The Patreon V Southern Issue Defines The Times We Live In

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    Editor’s Note: I just got done speaking at American Renaissance this weekend and am publishing this from the airport while flying back. I will be uploading another post or two about Amren here soon!   Patreon V Southern   Several months ago the Canadian ‘Alt Lite’ creator/writer Lauren Southern journeyed to Europe to document the migrant crisis. While there, she

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  • The Return Of 4D-Chess?

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    During the 2016 Republican primaries and general election, I was one of many that marvelled at Donald Trump’s “4D-Chess”- his seeming ability to think four steps ahead of his opponents and the media and keep them spinning in circles while he ran laps around them. Since he became preseident this has seemed to wane a bit. I don’t think this

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  • Sweden: Liberal Youth League Wants Legalized Necrophilia, Akesson Wants Nordfront Banned

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    Interesting developments in the land of Sweden. In the first, the ‘Liberal Youth League’ has released their policy proposals for the coming year. Readers should be warned that the list will seem like some kind of sick farce. Unfortunately it is not. This is what the Liberal Youth League of Sweden is pushing for in the 2017-2018 ‘current year’: -Legalized

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  • Sick Joke: Sweden Ranked Best Country To Be A Migrant

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    Someone at the US News And World Report must be trolling. Or they are just true-believing SJW’s. Here is an official pronouncement on Sweden receiving this honor: Sweden has been ranked the world’s best country for immigrants, ahead of Canada and Switzerland. Australia and Germany rounded out the top five destination countries, according to US News and World Report. The

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  • Sweden Breaks Overton Window, Tangential Universe Created

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    In case anyone reading this is not familiar with the concept, the ‘Overton Window’ is a term that is used to describe the overall accepted range of discourse within a culture or nation. I picture it like a two or three dimensional cylinder drawn on a piece of paper, where the outer edge on the each side represents the furthest

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  • Resistance To ‘The Church Of Facebook’

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    I will admit to kind of liking Mark Zuckerberg’s presence on the international stage. Despite his place amongst the pinnacles of his globalist tribe’s oligarchic hierachy, he still possesses a huge degree of boyish naivety and awkwardness. Even a sort of earnestness that would be quite likeable in anyone else. The result is that one gets a much clearer vision

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