While materialistic progress leads only to the yawning abyss, and the Iron Crown of the power of Evil.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

  • WPW: ‘Relativity’ And Red Pilling

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    Editor’s Note: This is actually a duplicate from an email I sent out to the ECW Newsletter/email list titled White Pill Wednesday: ‘Relativity’ And Red-Pilling. Normally I won’t duplicate emails/posts in this manner, but I think the specific content I reference and discuss in it is super important and I want as many folks to see it as possible. Here

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  • The Importance Of Shame

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    One of my most vivid memories is from 7th grade, during football practice one day. That was my first year of actual, real, helmet and pads football. I was a tight end and defensive end and loved playing football more than anything in the world. I wasn’t the number one player on the team but I was definitely one of

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  • Grieving, Bonnier-Style

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    As I wrote about recently, Sweden suffered a terrorist attack earlier this week where a Muslim ‘asylum-seeker’ or ‘refugee’ from Uzbekistan stole a beer truck and used it to mow down a gigantic crowd of native Swedes. Ultimately four individuals died as a result of the attack. One of the victims was a little girl, and in addition to the

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  • Stockholm Syndrome

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    Swedism It is an irony of ironies that the term that best describes the contemporary Swedish mental state is “Stockholm Syndrome”. More ironic still is that the mental disorder or descriptor, which refers to becoming brainwashed into adopting the interests of one’s kidnappers or opponents, was created far before Cultural-Marxism and the ‘migrant crisis’ had begun to inch their sharp

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  • What Do JRR Tolkien And This Poster Have In Common?

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    Have you guessed it yet? The answer is….. Nazism! At least according to modern SJW’s. Indeed, they are each- according to those on the left- symbolic of horrific evils and hatred. This might shock the uninitiated observer of course, but it really is their view, as we will explore below. First, the poster, as brought to us by our friends

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  • Humanitarianism, Swedism, And Reconquest

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    The following article is from the Swedish edition of The Local. It is by a young Swedish man and discusses his experiences as a “humanitarian” helping refugees. It is significant, to my mind, and I have inserted my thoughts within it, as well as underlined several lines within it. There are also a lot of pictures of the young man

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  • Ethno-Masochism Is Not A ‘Fringe’ Position

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    There are some people on the left who are actually pretty reasonable when it comes to issues of Western Civilization, the clash of civilizations question, European-Suicidalism, etc. They recognize that mass-Muslim immigration is creating a terrible, terrible situation in Europe, and they reject the policies of people like Angela Merkel, dismissing her insane drive to Islamize Germany as either a)

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  • Gender And The Future Of Our People In Europe

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    I have been aware of this film ‘The Red Pill’ for the last couple months now. Mike Cernovich financially backed it and has therefore discussed it and promoted it on his website Danger and Play. One of our esteemed brothers sent me the trailer for it that I am embedding below. I talk about ‘red-pills’ and becoming ‘red-pilled’ all the

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