The JQ And Modern Europe

The JQ And Modern Europe
September 23, 2016 Admin

Yesterday we published an update on the 12 year old girl in Sweden who achieved notoriety last year after she was raped by a 19 year old Somali immigrant in a brutal and sickening fashion. At the time those initial stories came out, the girl, who has blonde hair, was always referred to as ‘Swedish’.

In the Fria Tider piece yesterday that we referenced, her father was quoted as saying they had ‘Jewish heritage’. This is a very poor family living in government housing next to Somali immigrants in a Swedish suburb, and while I find it hard to imagine that there is anyone of Jewish background actually living in such places, I guess its possible there could be. It is also possible the admittedly dysfunctional father is just making up such ancestry for sympathy sake, but nevertheless, I included it in our piece.

A user named Fred commented on the story in turn, asking about the views of this site on the question of Jews. This is admittedly something I have never directly addressed, and I think it is quite normal for people to express curiosity on it, since it is something that takes up a lot of space on many other websites that focus on what is going on in Europe. Some, primarily under the ‘Counterjihad’ heading, are hardcore philo-semites, who love Israel and consider Jews to be allies in the war against radical Islam. Others have the opposite perspective. This post is meant to clear up the question of what this site’s position on that continuum is.

I will pick my words on this post very carefully, and that is for the same reason I have discussed before, which is that I- Julian Langness- write and manage this website under my own legal name. I wrote my book under my own name, and do podcasts under my own name, with my own picture. I do this while simultaneously running a small business that supports my wife and our three year old child. Any of my business’s customers can google my name at any time and will find this site, as well as my writings on Counter-Currents and my book on Amazon.

I made the decision to do so because I think it is important that real-life individuals stand up, and declare that they are opposed to mass-immigration to Europe, that they are proud to be White and support White countries, that they believe that just as the Japanese have Japan, and blacks have countless countries in Africa, and the Jews have Israel, White people deserve their own blood and soil homelands. And that if present trends continue, within the next forty years Europe, the birthplace of our people, will become Islamized at best and effectively destroyed- our people with it- at worst. While our friends on the left would call such views hateful and racist, they seem to me to be the most natural thing in the world.

Because so many of those on the left that call such sentiments racist come from a Jewish background (as well as other reasons), it is impossible to discuss the question of modern Europe and its future without discussing Jews. With that being the case, I will lay out my specific feelings on this issue below.

1. The problems today in Europe- of Progressive politicians in thrall to a suicidal religion of self-hatred and third world mass-migration- come almost 100% from Cultural-Marxism. Cultural-Marxism as a philosophy came almost exclusively from 1960’s Jewish academics such as Saul Alinsky (along with a host of other influences such as Wilhelm Reich, etc). This philosophy is characterized by the drive to negate all established social hierarchies and perceived hegemonies. Just as economic Marxism was defined by the proletariat taking back power from the bourgeoisie and achieving dominance over them, Cultural Marxism is about women taking back power from men, gays from straight people, non-Christians from Christians, and- most fundamentally- non-Whites taking back power from and achieving dominance over Whites. The thinking of such individuals can be summed up by Susan Sonntag’s quote that ‘White people are the cancer of humanity’. The video below shows a typical Cultural-Marxist, in this case Jewish, talking about native Germans being Nazi’s, and expressing joy that they will die out.

2. Anybody looking at the situation objectively must concede that people of Jewish background hold a vastly disproportional amount of power within academia, the media, the entertainment industry, and global financial power vectors such as the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. Milo Yiannapolous- himself of Jewish heritage- said that this is the case in an interview with Dave Rubin.

…they may have some assumptions about things, how the Jews run everything; well, we do. How the Jews run the banks; well, we do. How the Jews run the media; well, we do. They’re right about all that stuff…It’s a fact, this is not in debate. It’s a statistical fact….Jews are vastly disproportionately represented in all of these professions. It’s just a fact. It’s not anti-Semitic to point out statistics. – Milo Yiannapoulos

It is also true that people of Jewish heritage have had the major role in industries such as pornography that have had a terrible, sickening, and highly destructive impact upon society, and especially upon White people. Indeed there are transcripts of interviews in which Jewish porn actors and producers (including most notably one named Phillip Roth) in the 1970’s compared the burgeoning pornography industry to a ‘Jewish cause’, and said that by corrupting young blonde White women into pornography (and especially sick and degrading forms of it) they were ‘sticking it to the goyim’, and causing the downfall of ‘White society’ and the “death of the White race”. These interviews are enough to drive me insane with rage and anger and while I would like to provide links I can’t even bring myself to search for them.

3. Mass immigration to Europe has been pushed- in large measure- by individuals of Jewish origin. We have discussed George Soros and his role in this numerous times on this website. For another example, we will post the infamous video of Barbara Lerner Specter saying that Europe must become non-White, and that Jews must be the ones to effect that change. Now, the vast majority of those actually carrying out mass immigration are individuals like Angela Merkel and the millions of government employees under her actually logistically enabling mass immigration. However, in terms of intellectual, political, and financial catalysts, people of Jewish origin have an outsourced role.

4. There is a vast hypocrisy by many of Jewish heritage who will on one day write articles about how evil and racist Europe is for not taking in more Muslim refugees, and then the next day write articles about how Israel cannot allow non-Jewish migration, and that Israel must ‘retain its racial character’. Such hypocrisy has been explored to great extents on a variety of websites such as Diversity Macht Frei and The Occidental Observer.

5. I support native Europeans taking back power in their countries- whether politically or through other means- and ending mass immigration and Islamization. I support individuals who were complicit in mass immigration, and especially in things like Rotherham- being tried for war crimes. Once that is achieved, I support the (ideally peaceful) creation of blood and soil homelands for our people, in which only our people will be allowed. This is no different than what the Japanese have in Japan, where non-Japanese (or at the least non-East Asians), are for all intents and purposes barred from long term residency. It is also no different than Israel.

6. There is VASTLY more that could be said of all this, but it would honestly take an entire book to spell it all out. I am not even getting into stuff like the Holodomar, the Weimar Republic, etc. For those wanting to read such a book, I would recommend Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

With all this being the case however, there are other feelings I have on this issue that I wish to be quite clear on.
I know they are not relevant for 99% of the readers of this site, but are instead directed at the at most 2 or 3 comments that have popped up in such veins.

1. I sympathize with ALL 12 year old girls who are raped.

2. If you as a reader of this site take pleasure in the idea of Jewish children- or ANY children- suffering- if you LIKE the idea of 12 year old Jewish girls being raped, I don’t want you as a member of this community. I would not associate with you in real life, and I try to conduct myself online in the same way I do in real life.

3. If you completely, seriously, sincerely want to kill people of Jewish origin- or any origin- for NO OTHER REASON than that they are of that origin, the same applies.

Regarding the comments on this site.

The only comments relating to such questions I will delete are completely serious, totally sincere, non-lulzy ones that say ‘All Jews should be killed, etc’. For more info on that please reference the comments policy.

In Closing

That sums up my thoughts on the question. I am sure there are some who read this site who will think I am far too ‘soft’ on such questions, and quit reading it. At the same time I am guessing there are others who will think such thoughts ‘racist and anti-semitic’ and quit reading too. Either way, they are my true thoughts on the matter.

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Comments (25)

  1. Nxx 10 months ago

    Very courageous of you to be so forthright.

    While the fact that Cultural Marxism (critical theory + political correctness) was developed by Jewish individuals is accurate, it doesn’t really mean anything. Colombia’s Shining Path guerrillas are Maoists. When they blow up a village nobody blames the Chinese. When an Arab dictator is inspired by Machiavelli to brutalize people, nobody blames the Italians.

    The real issue underlying the Jewish question is different. Whenever we whites raise our heads from the carpet to express or defend group interests, it is Jewish organizations like the SPLC or ADL that shove us back down. The fundamental issue we have with the Jewish community is that they operate as an immuno-suppressant preventing us from asserting group interests.

    Everything else, be it immigration, race mixing, anti-white ideology, you name it, represents mere opportunistic infections that would easily be dealt with absent the immuno-suppression. Since the immuno-suppression is the bedrock and foundation of the anti-white system, it is also the fundamental issue we have with the Jewish community. The origin of Cultural Marxism is a side issue.

    Besides, Cultural Marxism is itself an opportunistic infection. As such it spreads not because it is competitive in the marketplace of ideas but because, owing to immuno-suppression, its intellectual opponents are felled before it as it advances. Its victories are not won on the merits but by force of persecution.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks Nxx. Great points too as usual. I have never seen the situation described as you did in your comment but it makes perfect sense.

      Regarding your last paragraph, if Cultural Marxism isn’t competitive on its own as an idea, but spreads instead through the process of negating opposition to it (through labeling anyone who opposes it racist, sexist, _____-phobic) do you think that suggests that it will eventually just burn itself out by effectively immunizing people to its influence? Certainly if Trump wins then I think an argument could be made in that direction politically at least (Trump won because political correctness no longer worked, OR, because people were so sick of it they were MORE likely to vote for him.)

      And I also agree that while it is very important to be cognizant of the points I mentioned in the post, it is important we still approach such points from a ‘feeder’ rather than ‘receiver’ mindset. There is a definite temptation when one is not successful- whether politically or in life- to want to blame it on some form of persecution. Tamim Ansarry wrote about this in West of Kabul, East of New York regarding Muslims. He said that while many of the criticisms and points of paranoia Muslims have about Israel and ‘the Jews’ have merit, many of them individually will blame all of their personal problems on the Jews (not getting a job, not having enough money, their wife not wanting to have sex with them, etc). I think we are obviously seeing the same thing in the black community right now in America with this rioting in Charlotte. A black cop in a city with black political leadership shoots a black guy and they are rioting about White racism… There was a black preacher I listened to that said many individual black people are unsuccessful in life because they are predetermined to fail because they believe racism will stop them from succeeding. I certainly don’t think any of the writers or commenters on the websites we frequent treat the JQ in that same way, actually quite the opposite- I think the Alt-Right is a ‘feeder’ reaction to regular ‘receiver’ conservatism and that is why it is so successful, but its an interesting corollary of all this stuff to note. The whole question of how these various philosophies and power structures sort of cycle and defeat each other is fascinating, and I really do feel quite optimistic that we (in the movement sense) are figuring it out and achieving such an acquisition of power/having our views attain mainstream acceptance.

      Appreciate the comment!

  2. Ezra 10 months ago

    During the Bolshevik reign of terror, anything to do with the Christianity was destroyed, churches, crosses and note that the Synagogues were not touched. In order for the jewish messiah to come, Christianity has to be destroyed and they are using islam to do it. Hard to believe after all the wars the white people have fought, in particular the USA for the jews, and this is the thanks we get? The European nations fighting against Germany. Who could have known, years later, we fought on the wrong side, didn’t we. White brothers, killing white brothers. If only they knew.

    A great day of reckoning is coming, and there will come a time when people won’t care about welfare or well being, who will make the sacrifice. You may have to die for Christ, the arrogance of the jew reeks. If the white race is gone, who is going to fight for the jews? How will they ever check islam? They won’t! It will be their Frankenstein, perhaps the worlds

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Agree completely on the Frankenstein comparison Ezra. Indeed, the monster they have created seems to be hell bent on eating/destroying all that they hold holy (homosexuality, feminism, decadence, etc).

      Agree that a day of reckoning is at hand too, for all of us. Dark days are upon us but I believe they will also allow for rebirth.

      Appreciate the comment.


    • Kadphises 10 months ago

      It always reminds me of Goethe’s Der Zauberlehrling: „Die ich rief, die Geister, Werd’ ich nun nicht los.“

  3. Mike 10 months ago

    The JQ is the toughest issue to face. It pushes all the buttons. There is always a group psychology happening with humans.

    The toxic effect of cultural marxism is only effective to the degree that our immune system is compromised. One of the founders of the USA said something to the effect that the republic was made for a virtuous people. You lose your virtues, you drop your standards, you follow the path of entropy, then the toxic elements within cultural marxism can hurt and destroy you.

    The only solution is to individually and as a group, to focus on renewal; a deep, true spiritual, mental and physical renewal. Effort is the key. It’s simple,but not easy.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Well said Mike. I agree that renewal is key.

      Have you read the book ‘Generations’ by (I believe) Howe and Straus. I read it a long time ago and just listened to a podcast with the author on Art of Manliness. I think it has a LOT of relevance to what we are talking about here, as it talks all about the Baby-Boomer Generation (within the authors’ idea of cyclical generations) being sort of the ‘destroyer’ generation, that rips apart the accepted dogmas of the country, but then, just as cyclically, the next ‘Great Generation’ (the WWII Generation and now the Millenials in turn) has to face the ‘crisis’ that comes every 80 or so years, and in so doing returns society to being sort of group oriented and idealistic again.

      Very interesting stuff and I will let know if I do review it.

  4. Vilhelmsson 10 months ago

    The ‘Liberalization’ (Americanization/Judaization) of South American and European economies (including Britain’s during the late 70’s and 80’s) was done through the National Endowment for Democracy where the economic policy was driven by three Jews in particular: ‘Von’ Mises, ‘Von’ Hayek and Friedman. In Britain, Thatcher is still blamed by the general public for the destruction of the greater part of the British economy, yet she was simply following the dictat of Friedman through her own Jewish economic and political engineers: Lawson and Keith Joseph (

    And today, the quasi-Marxist SNP’s chief economic advisor is Joseph Stiglitz!

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Vilhelmson thanks for the comment. I think you are right that every single economic philosophy whether right or left or whatever the heck it is will still be filled with names that echo.

      As an aside, when I was a kid I used to watch a British show on tv with my parents called Are You Being Served. It took place in a upper tier clothes store in Britain and the show was from the late 70’s through mid 80’s and they talked about Margaret Thatcher all the time lol. There were so many jokes and so much political stuff I didn’t get at the time… but now if I happen to catch it on tv it is fun to hear all such references and actually understand them, since I am more educated on British history/society/politics.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 10 months ago

    No enemies to the right.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach I saw that you linked to the site over on TRS, much appreciated. I agree with the sentiment of the above comment too. While like I said above I am trying to pick my words very carefully because of my unique situation, in general I think AA is right that we need to just embrace whatever extreme things the left calls us, and as you said have ‘no enemies to the right’ of us (if that’s what you meant).

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey 10 months ago

    Given what has occurred, and considering the enormity of their crimes as a people, I would err more on the side of brutality than mercy.

  7. DaShui 10 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Very cool Dashui- Sons of Odin stuff gives me massive hope/inspiration/motivation. If Hilary is elected we will probably need some chapters in the US of A soon too! (although I think Trump may very well pull off a victory)

  8. michael 10 months ago

    Is there a difference between the Jews living in Europe/US and the Jews in Israel regarding their views on Muslim immigration? It seems to me that Jews in Europe and the US are overwhelmingly cultural Marxists (and therefore supporting the influx of immigrants), whereas Israelis deal with Muslim violence on a daily basis and are our natural allies. I have to confess I am largely uninformed about this issue and would be thankful for some input. Thanks!

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Michael thanks for the question. I am sure there are others who will jump in and answer who are very passionate about this question. Certainly there is variance. Indeed one of the most strenuous attacks AGAINST the Islamization of Europe I have read is that of a Jewish gentleman- Bruce Bawer. He wrote a book titled While Europe Slept, which would seem pretty reminiscent of a lot of writings on this site, Counter Currents, etc in terms of its alarm/disgust at what is happening in Western Europe. The one major difference though is that he is a homosexual atheist who is actually quite progressive on most other issues (he supports all sorts of the more ‘libertine’ areas of ‘libertarianism’ and wrote a book bashing on evangelical Christians, etc). So while he shares our horror at what is happening to Europe, his version of what is being ‘lost’ and what he would like Europe to ideally look like is much different. His ideal is cosmopolitan Amsterdam and that is what he is alarmed at the loss of, while my ideal (to use myself as an example) would be some small town in the mountains in Norway or Austria in which everything is very traditional and small-c conservative, if you know what I mean. I think most Identitarians share that perspective. We want to save Europe and then make it as close to the Shire (or what I sometimes refer to as ‘Tolkienist’) as possible, compared to saving it and then allowing it to be 1920’s Berlin all over again (decadence, etc).

      So yeah those are my thoughts and indeed a bit of a tangent instead of a direct answer to your question. You got me thinking though and like I said I am sure there are others with various perspective who will answer your question 🙂

  9. Kadphises 10 months ago

    A very good, balanced and clear post about a very difficult topic. Also among those who are red-pilled about multiculturalism and Islam, about gender feminism, and even about race differences, there are very few who addresses the JQ openly and honestly, at least in Europe.
    My point of view on these questions is:
    Although, as you clearly point out, in the past Jews have often perceived themselves as in opposition to gentile European culture and society, and historically have been the enemies of our race, and many individual Jews and their organizations continue in this path, I also see an opposing trend now: some Jews speak out against the Islamization of Europe, because they see the violent Antijudaism and general barbarism of the Muslim invaders, and they also see Europeans as allies for Israel against Islamism. I think we should cooperate with these people as far as it is a win-win. But we need to avoid the neocon trap and never make the support of Israel a religious dogma or even put Israel’s geopolitical interests ahead of our own. Israel is positive for us if it acts as a buffer against Islamic expansionism and a homeland for European and American Jews, especially those who have shown destructive tendencies towards their host nations and need to be removed from our countries as soon as possible. But it is dangerous for us, if it sucks us into unnecessary wars and turns the Middle East into chaos.

  10. ProLepanto 10 months ago

    It has done my heart good to see such a reasonable take on the matter coming from you.

    The realities of the origins of counter culture must be recognized. My own take is that there is little out there less forgivable than the Liberal Jew. For being Jewish, he must derive his identity from an extreme conservatism and thus know better than anyone else of the importance of tradition and what the absence of Natural Law and human telos means.

    However I do not blame the Jew for being self interested, that is to say a proponent of Jews first, we all must bare such loyalty to ourselves, if only we Germanic peoples did the same.

    Next, I do not believe that the perpetration of great Evil by the Jew, is evidence of a Jewish predilection for Evil. But rather a disposition of aptitude. Just as I do not think a statistical majority of serial killers being White is evidence of such depravity being a White predilection. Only the truly great can climb to great heights and so also only they can fall to great depths.

    Id Est, Jews have a high intellect, and have Loyalty toward their own, both having been historical foundations for their atrocities, but to say that Marxism isn’t as hostile to the Torah as the New Testament is largely folly.

    Let us destroy Islam, and the Gramsci-ian plague, any who are willing to help are my ally until at least the job is done.

    • Vilhelmsson 10 months ago

      The problem with ‘evil’ is that it is often relative. Did Kaganovich believe he was ‘evil’ when he deliberately starved the Ukrainians into submission? Did Churchill believe he was ‘evil’ when he deliberately terror-bombed hundreds of thousands of European non-combatants?

      The Jews are entirely parasitical by nature, and the parasite certainly never believes he is acting ‘evil’ by following his instincts, no matter how much they may clash with the instincts of the host.

      I disagree that Jews – as a race – possess a ‘high intellect’: just look for Jewish cultural artefacts: they have NONE. They are born plagiarists and thieves, and any ‘achievements’ they make (such as in the materialistic scientific realm) are made because these Jews stand on the shoulders of Aryan giants.

      • ProLepanto 10 months ago

        Like it or not, one does not acquire such a disproportionate amount of power and influence by being stupid. And IQ testing is fairly conclusive on the matter. But that is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned, because bright or dim we have the capacity to choose to contribute or harm society, ergo Marxism is of more importance regarding their contemporary character than are discoveries in metabolic function.

        If one was to dismiss the concept of ‘Malum in se’ then the indignation you have at their purported plagiarism and parasitic actions is nothing other than an expression of taste.
        Evil, such that it is objective, is the reason why the rape of western women at the hands of the eastern hoards is a problem of eastern injustice rather than western aesthetics.

  11. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Lol. Yes, its amazing the stuff they cook up isn’t it.

      The precious-metals club loves Muslims, as long as they are in Europe and not Israel!

  12. SteveRogers42 2 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Not at all…

      I have actually begun reading the Israeli newspapers because they seem to give a more accurate picture of what is going on than so many other Western media outlets. I think they just don’t bother lying or slanting since they don’t think any non-Iraelis are reading them..

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