The Psycho-Sexual Dimensions Of MAGA Hats

The Psycho-Sexual Dimensions Of MAGA Hats
August 28, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

Having grown up in the modern, liberalized West, we have been trained to see sexuality everywhere. We have read biographies of historical figures who we are told were secretly gay, we have been taught the Kinsey reports as if they were gospel tracts, and we’ve heard incessantly about the ‘subsconsious sexual power dynamics’ implicit in darn near everything.

By that description I don’t mean to suggest its all bunk, only that the liberals have pushed it to death in many ways.

Authors like Wilhelm Reich (The Function of Orgasm) and Sigmund Freud influenced our modern cultures to astonishing degrees, as did degenerate comics like Woody Allen, and while all this obsessive sexual-think was once the gestalt only of the educated, effete liberal class, its now something we have all been submerged in.


maga hat 3

‘Dirty, Dirty Right-Wingers’

As a result of this submergence we all went through growing up in the intellectual shadow of such thinkers, we are primed to notice such phenomena.

With this being the case, it has been impossible not to notice a hint of these subconscious psychosexual dynamics at play in some of the articles written about the contemporary “Alt-Right” in the wake of Charlottesville by female, liberal journalists.

[Note: Here is the article I wrote on Charlottesville in its aftermath, which separately discusses the (small number) of actual Neo-Nazi’s and other idiots who were there, vs the significant number of very normal, wholesome people who protested there as well but were ignored by the media.]

While articles in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville were focused more on spin and hyperbole, in recent days there have been others that were far… *trickier* – to use a word the academic-left likes to use in such instances.

Many of these- while denouncing those at Charlottesville as horrible “Neo-Nazi’s” and “racists” and “white supremacists” and every other invective under the sun- also can’t help but point out how “young”, “clean cut”, and “fit” the young men are.

Terrified claims about the “violence and terror” supposedly perpetrated by them are transposed against published pictures often showing them looking handsome, well-groomed, and ‘normal’.



Sexual Tension

The strongest example of this weird underlying dynamic came in the form of the Vice documentary that was just released on HBO. The film, which purported to document the entirety of the situation in Charlottesville, is admittedly well-made. Yet strangely, in the end it almost comes off like some 1940’s romantic-action film where the blonde-female documentarian and “far-right” figure Christopher Cantwell are the two love interests. Shots of the two zinging each other with political barbs dominate, as do numerous clips of Cantwell shirtless. It ends, suggestively, with the two (seemingly) alone in Cantwell’s hotel room, talking about what happened during the day, with Cantwell’s collection of guns strewn across the bed.





Some on the left may be tempted to deny what I am saying, yet in other cases progressives themselves are acknowledging it.

Jezebel actually did so last December, lamenting that all the female journalist-authored pieces on a certain ‘far-right’ thinker “share a fascination with his virility”, and slamming one author for drooling over his “prom-king good looks”.

In recent days, Vox recently published an article titled ‘Sexualized Fascism’ which analyzed exactly how ‘far-right’ belief systems have historically been viewed as ‘sexy’, and how the same dynamic is at play today with the young men like those at Charlottesville.

It quotes early 20th century writer Walter Benjamin, who stated that “fascist imagery [is] predicated on eroticized notions of power and submission.” It also references the famous Baby-Boomer liberal Susan Sontag on the “erotic surface” of right-wing imagery, and her quote that “Certainly Nazism is ‘sexier’ than communism.”

Indeed, to give the article credit, it attributes the success of what it calls the “alt right” (or what I would call the phenomenon of Millenials’ shift to nationalism) to- in part- these very dynamics, labeling it as counter-cultural and transgressive, and ending with the a Laura Catherine Frost quote that… “the politically forbidden and repudiated is just as likely to be the substance of erotic fantasy and the chosen political object. … Images of sexualized fascism derive their meaning precisely from the distance mainstream culture puts between itself and deviation.”


Real Life Dynamics

While the above articles follow in the same hyperbolic, ‘fake news’ style that has been so prevalent as of late, which portrays anyone who supports Trump and anyone who opposes tearing down statues as “evil white supremacist Nazi’s”, there is far more to it than that. While I think the above writers who discuss the subconscious attraction to such ‘radical’ aesthetics some women have are correct, I think that that at most represents 1% of what is going on here, just as such legitimate ‘Nazi’s’ represent at most maybe 1% of the movement I am referencing.

There is ample proof today that women are craving masculine, traditional men in a very mainstream way.

In his podcast on Art of Manliness author Neil Howe (The Generations) talks about his interviews with young women today on what they want in men. He states that unlike women back in the 1960’s and 1970’s who wanted “sensitive” men who would talk with them and “share their emotions” and help them with the chores, today young women say they want the exact opposite. He reports them as complaining about “overly-sensitive” men, and wanting ones who will “take charge” and lead them.





There have been parallel cases made that the vast success of books like “Fifty Shades Of Grey” (all about sado-masochism and dominance and submission type stuff)- which is now one of the best selling books of all time and was read almost exclusively by women- represents an extreme reaction to the subconscious dismay modern women feel at feminism (whether they understand it as such or not).

With this being the case, it is no surprise that many women are thrilling to the MAGA banner, and that those who are tend to be quite good-looking.


Subconscious Desires

Yet again, on the flip side, we see the subconscious liberal version of this phenomenon as well.

Indeed, we see it very clearly in the fascinating writings of young Donna Zuckerberg, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s little sister.

Miss Zuckerberg writes at Medium and a website she is the editor of called Eidolon.

Reading her work is instructive to say the least, but what is most fascinating stems from her dual obsessions with 1) the classics, and 2) what she calls “Red-Pill communities”, meaning basically anything remotely related to masculinity/PUA’s or “the alt right”.

Donna Zuckerberg. From Twitter.

Donna Zuckerberg. From Twitter.

Obsession is not too strong a word either- she has literally written hundreds of pages on each, and seems to have a close-working knowledge of every Return of Kings type ‘manosphere’ site out there and their authors.

The three focuses she tends to vacillate between are the beauty and excitement of the classics, the patriarchy and ‘sexual oppression’ of the classics, and the ‘patriarchy and oppression and racism and etc’ of “Red Pill communities” and the men in them.

To break this down even more simply, Miss Zuckerberg clearly articulates the following in her writings:

A. She is intensely passionate about the Classics and Greek Myth, and finds them highly affecting and stimulating.

B. She states that “‘Greek myth’ is a rich tapestry of stories where men use their power and status to sexually abuse women”

C. She is shocked, shocked that “Red-Pill Communities” and the “far-right” love the classics and identify with them too, and is scandalized by the ‘fascism’ and ‘patriarchal sexuality’ of such men. 

I’ll leave readers to do the heavy intellectual lifting…



While the liberal feminist authors of the modern late-stage degenerate West demonstrate varying degrees of self-awareness in the above-referenced articles, there is another group of women being quite explicit in the same preferences.

Indeed, to see the totally sincere, fully-conscious version of what is described above, we have only to look at the following story, which blew up on twitter and then the web in recent days.

It had to do with two very good-looking young blonde girls who, while on a trip with their high school, stopped at (historically African-American) Howard University, decked out trendily in very short jean shorts, proverbial ‘back-pocket smartphones’, and…. most notably… Donald Trump shirts and MAGA hats.

I ask our esteemed readers…  could there be any plainer representation of women’s desire to a return to cultural sanity then what we see in the below picture?


Maga hat girls 1


Reconquest and Preservation here we come.

Deus Vult.








Editor’s Note: Will the feminist-liberals ever come clean of their desires? Can they be rehabilitated? Would you marry one if she joined the MAGA-team? Questions, questions, questions…

Big thank you to Steve too for the link to an article on Miss Zuckerberg which jogged my memory on her.



Comments (20)

  1. shadowman 6 months ago

    Hi all –

    It is indeed promising to see more women being attracted to the masculine men of the Right (and indeed attracted to the masculinity of the Right itself).

    It pretty much comes down to “you can’t fight your hormones”. These women have realised that and good on them.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Shadowman yes, I think that picture from the tweet at the bottom has to be one of the most historically significant/symbolic shots I’ve ever seen. I should see about getting the rights to it for my new book lol.

  2. Rick 6 months ago

    Maybe things really are starting to move in the right direction

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I heard the guys on the Glenn Beck show mocking Antifa today and almost defending the Charlottesville protestors (not actually, but almost).

      • shadowman 6 months ago

        Sounds good!

        Scorn, derision and mockery are **very** powerful weapons. The left are constantly “battering away” at the right, only to see their efforts laughed at, scorned and mocked from all over the place.
        That must be extremely discouraging to them (and I get a nice big dose of schadenfreude from that….).

        What is even better is the fact that every nasty leftist incident is good P.R. for *us* on the right.
        Ironically, the left are their own worst enemy and one of our best P.R. tools.
        – shadowman

        • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

          Yup. As National Lampoon used to say: “Laugh ’em off the map”.

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          Aye, I have noticed some of the big globalist media outlets starting to distance themselves from the Antifa that last couple days. I think they are realizing how *unsound* the optics are.

          Actually I don’t even think its the violence and other actions of the Antifa that are the problem, its that whenever they are filmed without their black masks on they are revealed to be tragically acne’d, overweight folks with purple hair and nose-rings.

          Not all though- there are a few decently tactical men in Antifa and if any are reading this I encourage them to leave it behind and fight for what is noble and right instead.

  3. SteveRogers42 6 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Great link… that is one in depth article man holy cow. Eight pages… I am halfway through and I think its one of the better ones I have seen (not in that I agree with the author’s ideological tilt, but that it is thorough and written in an intelligent manner at least).

      It points out that gal Bre Faucheux quite a bit… I haven’t watched any of her videos but between her and Lokteff and all the others I do have to admit the female side of all this is starting to gain quite some significance.

  4. Philip 6 months ago

    Some observational trivia upon the allure and pleasing aspects of those on deemed to be on the right and those others who are not.

    Like a growing number of people I rarely watch any modern Hollywood films. There are many reasons for that, scripts predictable and banal (no William Faulkners anymore employed to write the screenplays) the transparent leftist political content, anti-white sentiments, too much reliance on gimmicks and gadgets, are just a few reasons why I excuse myself. However I am drawn to the old movie channels particularly on a cold winter’s day. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched John Ford’s ‘Fort Apache’ and have stomped around the room with John Wayne and Henry Fonda to the the strains of St. Patrick’s Day march (and no I wasn’t born when the film was made.)

    On one such cold dull winter’s day I happened on a film called ‘The Counterfeit Traitor’ starring William Holden. Briefly the story revolved around a plot by British Intelligence to blackmail and American-Swede (William Holden) to spy for them in National-Socialist Germany as Swedish neutraility allowed Swedes to come and go. It didn’t take long to realise that according to the script writers all the N-S Germans were shifty, swivelled-eyed, Disney type villains with the special treatment given to the Gestapo who were revealed in their full glory as knuckle dragging cave dwellers. By contrast the Jewish characters in the film would have graced the front rank of a Nuremberg rally. Or to try draw another analogy the caricatures of the “Der Sturmer’ had jumped out and taken up residence in the Wehrmacht ‘Signal’ magazine while those real life characters in that publication had headed in the opposite direction. It was a complete role reversal of stereotypes and something that years back I would not have noticed.

    So what am I saying? Despite attempts at reconfiguring the genders and sexual alchemy, the world at large knows that the clean cut, square jawed, All American (Tom Brady) type person is still the image that most women aspire to meet (yes there are a few who prefer unwashed Antifa creatures but I’ll wager that most of them would dump their swamp dweller for the real thing at the blink on eye if he looked in their direction)

    My main problem in all this confusion is that I’m not an American!

    • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

      Did somebody say “Tom Brady”?

      • Author
        Admin 6 months ago

        Lol tragically accurate, although I think the ‘Greg’ character would be in the same trouble once ‘Lisa’ became unhappy with their relationship.

        But yeah, the difference in physiognomy between Brady and the other guy was quite telling too 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Philip, very good points.

      Its funny you say that about movies… when I was a teeanger I LOVED movies. Film was one of my biggest passions. I even fantasized about being a director or screenwriter, and loved watching new films, old films, foreign films, etc.

      Now however I can’t even imagine having to sit through an entire movie. I don’t think I’ve watched an entire two hours movie in at least 2.5 years. Even at that point it would only be in the theater with my wife or something, not at home.

      I still certainly appreciate alot of the fims I used to love, like Casablanca, Gangs of New York, Arsenic and Old Lace, tv shows like the Sopranos, etc, but I just can’t imagine actually watching them anymore. And as far as new films being made not in a million years. Life is way too short, and on a cultural level there is far greater art and thinking being produced by our own subculture anyway.

  5. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    I will never forget sitting in the cafe of my local Barnes and Noble when 50 Shades first came out. The store had devoted a long, multi-shelved rack to that book, and placed it in a high-traffic aisle. For a full hour, I watched flocks of suburban females swarm the display, chattering and grinning as they removed copies for purchase. These were frumpy suburban hausfraus, not supple young libertines, and this was in Deplorable territory, not New Orleans or San Fransisco. Until I left the store, they just kept coming, like the Chinese Red Army pouring over the Yalu, and the store employees kept re-stocking the shelves.

    It was a red pill moment.

  6. Telemaco 6 months ago

    I do not remember where I read it but said that the women’s porn was harlequin novels.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago


      Women seem especially ‘affected’ by the written word.

  7. Charles 6 months ago

    i somehow hadn’t heard anything about 50 shades of Gray until my at the time girlfriend brought me to see it when it was made a movie… there is all your proof right there in the film, women want a white man to take away all their imaginary feminist freedoms and return them to servitude as wives that cannot say no…

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Lol interesting, that must have been an experience going with it to your girlfriend. You said she brought you to it? Was that a not so subtle *hint* of her own desires lol?

      The whole phenomenon of it (Fifty Shades Of Grey) is just so Freudian its incredible.

  8. Bell Rock Jacky 4 months ago

    Every woman adores a Fascist,
    The boot in the face, the brute
    Brute heart of a brute like you.
    — Sylvia Plath

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Lol very good quote.

      Judging from what I remember about her, if Miss Plath were alive today she’d probably be writing articles on about those “shocking”, “brutish”, “outrageous” young nationalists, while scouring their pictures online an hour a day 🙂

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