The Return Of 4D-Chess?

The Return Of 4D-Chess?
July 28, 2017 Admin

During the 2016 Republican primaries and general election, I was one of many that marvelled at Donald Trump’s “4D-Chess”- his seeming ability to think four steps ahead of his opponents and the media and keep them spinning in circles while he ran laps around them.

Since he became preseident this has seemed to wane a bit. I don’t think this means he was never the Bobby Fischer of liberal tears we thought he was, but rather that his talents and personality were better suited to being a candidate than actually being the president (still glad he got elected though).

His move this week to ban ‘transgendered’ people from the military suggests he may be chanelling Herr Fischer again though.

Here’s two introductions to it:

The sick twisted freak does a pretty good job of giving the liberal side to this story, as does the dude wearing women’s clothes in the second video.

Neither of these quite match the perspective that reader’s of this site likely have though, so here’s Ramzpaul giving the rational take on the subject:


My favorite liberal argument was summed by the Daily Kos, who sincerely suggested that transgendered people make BETTER SOLDIERS than ‘cisgendered’ people (yes, they even used the word cisgendered). Their rationale is the supposed fact that transgendered people are apparently 2-10 times more likely to serve in the military than regular people (this might actually be true, as I (sincerely) guess that suffering from gender dysphoria creates a sort of confusion on what to do next as a young person that makes joining the military more likely).

4D Chess?

The obvious assumption some people made after Trump’s announcement of this shift on twitter was that he was engaging in old-fasioned Trumpian strategery.

This would be based on either 1) the idea that he is trying to thrust an issue into the public debate ahead of the mid-terms next year that he thinks average voters are more likely to side with him on, or 2) to control the media information flow and keep the news cycle focused on whatever he wants it to be focused on.

Advocates of the second possibility are common on both sides of the political aisle, with leftists believing Trump brought this up to take the focus off his ‘collusion with Russia’, the failed healthcare repeal, his ‘failed administration’, etc.

My Thoughts

I think Trump probably did this purely out of rational regard for the military, and that he is 100% sincere on this issue.

And I also think that of all the new issues he could have thrust into American politics, this was a wise one to choose.

I say this because I think ‘transgenderism’ might be the left’s Waterloo.

The Progressives have achieved what is almost limitless success on cultural issues since the late 1960’s. Every single thing they have pushed has become normalized.

What in 1963 would have been considered the most sickening, destructive, depraved content imaginable is now not just on television being glorified every night, but enacted into public law!

The Boy Scouts must accept gay scoutmasters, bakers must bake gay wedding cakes, churches have female bishops, little girls are forced to use bathrooms next to bearded men with scientifically-engineered breasts, single motherhood is glorified as superior to two parent families, women who don’t work outside the home are demonized, little kids are sexualized from early childhood onward, pornography is encouraged by ‘sex experts’ as a way of ‘exploring one’s sexuality’, etc, etc, etc.

But I think transgenderism may be where it all ends.

The left surely didn’t think this was the case. They jumped right into transgenderism with all the confidence in the world, thinking it would go without a hitch. They planned to engage in the same calculated process as always- start having celebrities glorify it, write articles in liberal magazines normalizing it, plop a few likeable ‘transgendered’ characters onto evening sitcoms, and (of course) label anyone who expresses hesitation about the idea an evil Nazi Hitler-lover.

Yet I think they were overconfident…   Berlin 4

That is because unlike homosexuality or a lot of other things the average American today is totally cool with, transgenderism is not just a lifestyle choice but represents (in its most basic sense) an act of deception.

Now, granted, with many ‘transgendered’ people (like the guy in the above video) you can tell that they are actually a man dressed up like a woman. And if ‘transgenderism’ was still just a few Ed Wood-style crossdressers wanting to dress up in lady clothes once in awhile in the privacy of their own home, nobody would care. Indeed I think most people (like me) would have sympathy for those afflicted in such a manner (what used to be called gender dysphoria, as referenced earlier).

However the modern transgender movement (which is now a sacred pillar of Progressivism) is about trying to truly eliminate the differences, and allow men to become as close to women as modern science will allow. They are getting hormone therapy and surgeries to become medically altered in this vein. Indeed they are even being allowed to change their birth certificates(!).

Liberals think this is all well and good, but that is because they are mentally ill themselves, fundamentalist adherents of a religion of nihilistic civilizational-suicide.

As a result, we are going to see more and more horrific stories like the one below.

From The Independent:

A former sailor in the US Navy stabbed a woman 119 times when she revealed she was transgender after they had sex, a court heard.

Dwanya Hickerson, 21, “lost it” after learning Dee Whigham, 25, had been born a man.

Mississippi’s Jacksonville Circuit Court heard that he knifed Ms Whigham multiple times in the face and slashed her throat in a hotel room before showering and leaving her for dead.

The pair had been chatting online for two months after making contact through a dating site.

They decided to meet for the first time when Ms Whigham was visiting the city of Biloxi, where Hickerson lived, on July 23 last year.

The hospital nurse picked him up at the gates of Keesler Air Force Base, where he was training to be a weather forecaster, and drove them to her hotel, the court heard.

CCTV footage showed them walking into her room together at Best Western at about 8.30pm. Hickerson was seen leaving 23 minutes later with his shirt around his neck.

Dwanya Hickerson, 21, was jailed for 40 years for murder (Jackson County Sheriff Department)

Ms Whigham’s body was found at about 9.45pm by her friends.

An Air Force instructor later recognised Hickerson in a police appeal over the killing and reported him to detectives, according to the WLOX news channel.

Hickerson later told police he and Ms Whigham had sex at the hotel before she told him she was transgender.

“I lost it, I lost it,” he said, adding he did not remember much afterwards.

He was jailed for 40 years without parole after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. He will also have to serve 15 years for a robbery charge after taking Whigham’s purse and mobile phone.


Here is a video of the court proceedings. Both parties were black.


It is obviously a horrible situation altogether.

I obviously don’t support or encourage murder, but honestly- the completely un-pc take that every honest person will have is this: the guy that got killed had it coming.

The idea that it is okay for a human being to pretend to be the opposite gender, and have sex with people who are deceived to the truth in that regard, is about as evil as anything I can think of. Our courts should treat it as rape, and hand out life sentences for it.

And yes- I know not all ‘transgendered’ people do what the black guy in the above video did, but that sort of normalization is exactly what is being pushed by the Progressives.

Trump is (obviously) right to ban this insanity from the military, and hopefully this current year will mark the point where progressivism jumped the shark, and will be dead within a decade or two.


Editor’s Note: Men….  The Daily Kos has spoken, but what do you think?

Who makes the best soldiers?

A) Transgendered people
B) Lesbians
C) Syrian-refugees from Afghanistan
D) Heterosexual women

No but in all seriousness please comment if you think I’m right (or wrong) on my take on this.

Comments (6)

  1. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Of course mentally-ill people who voluntarily mutilate their own genitalia make the BEST soldiers! Everybody knows that!

    The fact that they’re dependent upon (and physically-weakened by) the ongoing witches’ brew of hormones and meds they need to artificially sustain their unnatural status is just more proof of their most-excellent fitness for the job!

    Back when we used to have a military that could actually — you know — win wars, this sort of insanity would have been considered “conduct unbecoming” and “prejudicial to good order and discipline”. The fact that this is even up for discussion is proof of how far we’ve fallen as a civilization. Since even this small step towards good sense by Trump and Mattis is being opposed and debated, it is obvious that we will indeed need a Long March Back Through the Institutions.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Oh weird I thought I already responded to your comment. I agree completely about the physical effects of the hormones/surgeries/etc. Just knowing what a difference testosterone levels make in men in terms of endurance, strength, mood,, etc I CANNOT IMAGINE what kind of devastation this insanity wroughts on these poor souls’ bodies. Its utterly horrifying. The worst is the young kids who have it done though before they are even 18. Its no wonder they have such massive suicide rates. I cannot even imagine.

      When I want to figure out how far outside the pale something is, I think: ‘What would be the case in Russia/Chechnya/Kurdistan?” or other countries that have had to actually ‘face reality’ in the last fifteen years and either fight and come together or be conquered/fall apart/etc. And the idea of any of their governments paying 140k to allow a soldier to become a woman is about as ludicrous as one could imagine. Hopefully our long march will indeed occur and it will again be considered ludicrous here!

  2. Unknown 6 months ago

    E) Vegan animal-loving humanists

    Of course you have to put them into the enemy’s army to get the best effect.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Absolutely. Next they’ll be demanding legal animal brothels like in Germany!

  3. Dashui 6 months ago

    Thanks for the shoutout to Mississippi!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Lol yes any glory I can bring the great state is always a privilege 🙂

      Joking next time I’ll reference the S.O.C. or something more glorious than tranny Kangz… 🙂

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