The Secret Sweden Equation

The Secret Sweden Equation
February 15, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

Below I bring you a video on the secret set of numbers that will define Sweden’s future!

Kudos if you remember the post on this website I based it off of 🙂

I am getting ready to start a big marketing spree for the Youtube channel and my new book (release date Feb. 26th).

If there’s any good new websites in our corner of the internet I should reach out to about partnering on a video/post/cross polination/etc let me know!

Also please let me know any ideas you have for videos or elements to put in videos or anything else!


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  1. dashui 6 days ago

    Amazon has a movie called Human Flow about the migration. I think you should review it.

    • Author
      Admin 2 days ago

      Hey Dashui- I couldn’t find it… do you have a link?

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