Far better it is to dare mighty things – Theodore Roosevelt

  • Sentiment And Action

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    The below video is about the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, where the 48 year old white guy drove over a bunch of Muslims outside a violent Islamist Mosque in an act of insurgency/terrorism/4GW violence. I stumbled upon the video by accident and had never heard of the host before. Judging from his looks alone I thought it would be a

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  • The Ten Foundational Books Of Modern European Reconquest

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    Greetings Men- I have been extremely busy the last few days because of some family health issues, helping an aged Viking whose journey to Valhalla is coming closer (he has lived a long, glorious life though, so not an occasion to be sad and nothing of immediate imminence anyway we just found out). I am glad to be back in

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  • What Would A Successful Reconquest Be Attained Through?

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    Greetings men- Summer has begun and events in Europe continue on the same path they have for years now. Lonetigerandcub asked a prescient question in the comments section. I’m not gonna paste it here but essentially it involved the question of Reconquest and what it would look like. If I might try to paraphrase the question I would do so

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  • What Would Enoch Powell Do?

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    The left-wing Progressive elites in Britain sacrificed another dozen or so citizens to their dark god ‘Diversity’ today. These specific sacrifices were killed through a combination of being run over by a vehicle, along with being decapitated by a machete. Here’s the establishment description from the UK government’s own mouthpiece, the BBC: Six people have been killed in an attack

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  • Vanguardist Attributes (inspired by Murdoch, Murdoch)

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      The following is the newest video from our friends Murdoch, Murdoch, who we previously profiled here.   I have watched the video probably 20 times in the last week, and every time I find it hard not to get teary-eyed during the second half. The video is about 80% serious and 20% ironic, and I think this split pretty

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  • Preparation For Reconquest

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    The Irish Savant recently put down some words that I believe are on the mark regarding the age old question on action vs things other than action. This is obviously quite relevant to us, as Europe and similarly deteriorating places slide farther away from survival every day, making the drive to do something overwhelming. The Savant states the following: Don’t

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  • Best Websites And Resources For Identitarian Patriots

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    Greetings Brothers- In commenting back and forth with Steve I had the idea to add more posts to the ‘Favorite Posts’ bar on the right side of the home page, to showcase some more of the pages on this site folks seem to derive value from. In addition to that I just got an email from a smart young Preservationist

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  • Interview With Resistance Writer Fenek Solere – Author Of ‘The Partisan’

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    The following is an interview with Fenek Solere, author of The Partisan. I am very proud to publish it on ECW. Fenek is a wealth of knowledge an numerous subjects and his passion for Europe and its preservation and reconquest is powerful and inspiring. Fenek is also an autodidact and accomplished scholar, and this is a long interview crammed full

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