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  • blood and sand arab israel war lessons

    Blood And Sand [Counter-Revolutionary Case Studies]

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    Greetings men- Below is another article in Michael Gladius’s excellent series on Counter-Revolutionary Case Studies. If you haven’t read any of his previous ones, click on the above hyperlink on his name and you can access them. They are analyses of prior conflicts and extrapolation of lessons from those conflicts that would be valuable to know in the event of

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  • The Battle of Athens and future civil war in Europe and the West

    The Battle Of Athens [Counter-Revolutionary Case Study]

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    Greetings men- The following is the newest piece in an ongoing series by ECW contributor Michael Gladius. I think it is the most fascinating one yet, and I highly encourage you to check it out. It is about an extremely interesting real-life sequence of events in post-WWII Athens, Tennessee, which I had strangely never heard of before this.    

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  • What Can We Learn From The Finns? [Counter-Revolutionary Case Study]

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    Greetings men- Below is another article by Michael Gladius analyzing a historical conflict (in this case the conflicts in Finland from the first half of the twentieth century). I think its implicit, but the series of articles in question isn’t supposed to suggest that real actual 1900’s-style civil war is imminent in Europe. Obviously I do think Europe is going

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  • Ten Thoughts From Audacious Epigone [Interview On Preservation And Reconquest]

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    Greetings men- The following is a written interview with a gentleman named The Audacious Epigone. Mr. Epigone is a highly successful author and blogger who has been inhabiting and fighting in these corners of the culture wars for a number of years now. He seems to be mentioned all over the place these days. Here’s an article Steve Sailer wrote

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  • Ukrainian Expat Preservationist Graham Seibert On ‘Fistfights’, Europe, And Masculinity

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    Greetings men- The following is a really interesting post. It is a review of my book- Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity– by a gentleman named Graham Seibert, but more than that its an essay in its own right on the subjects in the book, and a compendium of of additional sources who have written on

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  • Counter-Revolutionary Case Study Number One [The Second Anglo-Boer War]

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    Greetings men- The following is an excellent article by Michael Gladius. It is a case study with the purpose of presenting valuable information and insights gleaned from the conflict in question. The purpose of this, as you know, is to better understand geopolitics and military theory (as a result of the direction things are going in Europe). Obviously a future

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  • What Else Can People Do To Help Save Europe And The Occident?

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    Greetings men- This week the EU demanded that Norway- already on its way to Islamization- take even more ‘refugees’ from the Middle-East and Africa. In the UK, a young Muslim man set off explosions injuring 29 people. And- most telling in my opinion- a noted ‘multicultural’ scholar stated that: It is every migrant’s dream to see the tables turned, to

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  • Should Preservationists Join The Military Reserves?

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    Greetings men- The following article is by Europeancivilwar.com contributor Michael Gladius, and is on a topic that is very germane to the site’s focus. Many of those of our mindset struggle with figuring out the best course to set in life, knowing the lands we most care about are facing anarchy and violence in the near future, and knowing those

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