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  • Important Times

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    Editor’s Note: This is a transcript of the email sent to all Europeancivilwar.com newsletter subscribers last night. Normally I don’t repost those emails because I want to keep them private for those who have put trust in us by subscribing, but in this case I believe it is an important message and want to get it to as wide a

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  • Blonde Beasts In Rivendell

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    Greetings Men- As I mentioned to Dashui in the comments section the other day, I had a young Preservationist I met at Amren email me a couple days ago and compare his experience at the conference to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell in The Fellowship Of The Ring. I have been thinking on that comparison a lot the last

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  • Millenial Preservationist Martyred Fighting ISIS In Syria, Yet His Story Is Getting No Media Attention (Also Please Donate To His Infant Daughter)

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    Greetings men- Julian here. Many of us recently heard about a young American who was killed fighting ISIS in Syria named Robert Grodt. That young American is NOT the above gentleman. Mr. Grodt, who we heard about extensively on CNN and the other mainstream news outlets, was a former Occupy Wallstreet protestor, and because of his (seemingly left-wing) politics I

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  • Interview With Author C.B. Robertson

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    Greetings men- The following is a short but incisive interview with author C.B. Robertson. Mr. Robertson writes for Counter-Currents and is the author of In Defense Of Hatred. I became familiar with his work in the last month or two and wanted to interview him, as he is yet another example of this great rising wave of young Identitarian authors.

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  • Amren 2017

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    Greetings men- Last weekend I had the immense honor to speak at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference in Tennessee. This post will briefly break down my observations from it. Beforehand though I wanted to thank the many people who have reached out before and during and after the conference to offer well-wishes, encouragement, and all other sentiments. I am a

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  • Sentiment And Action

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    The below video is about the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, where the 48 year old white guy drove over a bunch of Muslims outside a violent Islamist Mosque in an act of insurgency/terrorism/4GW violence. I stumbled upon the video by accident and had never heard of the host before. Judging from his looks alone I thought it would be a

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  • The Ten Foundational Books Of Modern Reconquest

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    Greetings Men- This post is about the Ten Foundational Books Of Modern Reconquest   Wisdom And Knowledge I am a vociferous, emotionally-charged critic of public education in America. By that I don’t mean America specifically, as I doubt its any better in Europe or Canada, but rather every single thing to do with public school. I hate that the kids

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  • What Would A Successful Reconquest Be Attained Through?

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    Greetings men- Summer has begun and events in Europe continue on the same path they have for years now. Lonetigerandcub asked a prescient question in the comments section. I’m not gonna paste it here but essentially it involved the question of Reconquest and what it would look like. If I might try to paraphrase the question I would do so

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