Far better it is to dare mighty things – Theodore Roosevelt

  • What Would Enoch Powell Do?

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    The left-wing Progressive elites in Britain sacrificed another dozen or so citizens to their dark god ‘Diversity’ today. These specific sacrifices were killed through a combination of being run over by a vehicle, along with being decapitated by a machete. Here’s the establishment description from the UK government’s own mouthpiece, the BBC: Six people have been killed in an attack

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  • Preparation For Reconquest

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    The Irish Savant recently put down some words that I believe are on the mark regarding the age old question on action vs things other than action. This is obviously quite relevant to us, as Europe and similarly deteriorating places slide farther away from survival every day, making the drive to do something overwhelming. The Savant states the following: Don’t

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  • Best Websites And Resources For Preservationist Patriots

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    Greetings Brothers- In commenting back and forth with Steve I had the idea to add more posts to the ‘Favorite Posts’ bar on the right side of the home page, to showcase some more of the pages on this site folks seem to derive value from. In addition to that I just got an email from a smart young Preservationist

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  • Interview With Resistance Writer Fenek Solere – Author Of ‘The Partisan’

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    The following is an interview with Fenek Solere, author of The Partisan. I am very proud to publish it on ECW. Fenek is a wealth of knowledge an numerous subjects and his passion for Europe and its preservation and reconquest is powerful and inspiring. Fenek is also an autodidact and accomplished scholar, and this is a long interview crammed full

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  • The Importance Of Shame

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    One of my most vivid memories is from 7th grade, during football practice one day. That was my first year of actual, real, helmet and pads football. I was a tight end and defensive end and loved playing football more than anything in the world. I wasn’t the number one player on the team but I was definitely one of

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  • Guest Post: ‘Why Trump Doesn’t Matter’, by Andrew Graf

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    The following is an article by a gentleman named Andrew Graf. Andrew does a variety of different writing endeavors and is a passionate Identitarian. He submitted the following essay to us and I am very glad to publish it. It is a very short polemic on the question of Trump and his relationship to this broader ‘movement’, and why it

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  • ECW Reader Brawls With Antifa At Canadian Protest!

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    Editor’s Note: I was at first going to combine this with another post but decided it deserved its own. These ‘on the ground updates’ are one of my favorite parts about doing this site. If anyone else encounters something of note you want to share with us please shoot me an email!     ECW Reader Brawls With Antifa In

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  • Monopoly On Sacrality

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    One of the things I wrote about in my first book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, was the immense absence of sacrality and the ‘sacred’ in modern life. This has been written about extensively by many authors. Kahlil Gibran wrote about the spiritual emptiness of city life. Frances Fukuyama wrote about modern secular society being

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