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  • Go East Young Man! Part Two: More Thoughts On Strategy And Best Case Scenarios

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    The other day I posted an article called ‘Go East Young Man!’ about the value of European-Preservationists emigrating to Hungary and Poland and the rest of the Visegrad Nations. There were some very insightful comments after it, and they especially pointed towards the question of Western European countries, and the question of resistance within them. Therefore with this post I

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  • Go East Young Man!

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      This is a short post but an important one.   The below video is of Nick Griffin. In it he speaks with what I believe is a Hungarian reporter about his plans to move to Hungary in the next 6 months. We previously discussed Nick Griffin here. In that case we quoted him as stating that Britain was “past

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  • The “One Thing” That Will Save Europe

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    As we all know, there is a near never-ending supply of horror stories out of Europe these days. The situation there burns in our soul, as it should, yet merely reporting on those stories will not solve them (although it is important). With this being the case, one of my goals from the beginning with this website was to explore

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  • Mindset And Reconquest: A Review Of ‘MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again’

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    Editor’s Note: The following article originally appeared on Counter-Currents. I have added some pictures and videos of relevance within it however. If any of our proud European brothers have recommendations of other books to review please hit me up with them in the comments! Similarly if any readers have additional thoughts on ways to harness mindset and persuasion towards our

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  • Interview With Richard From Western Spring

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    The following is an interview with Richard, who is an important member of Western Spring. Richard is a very knowledgeable, capable European patriot, and his contribution to our discussions and our community here at Europeancivilwar.com has been very fruitful over the last year as well. When I found out about his involvement in Western Spring, I asked to interview him

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  • 2016 End Of Year Update

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    Today marks the end of 2016. This has been one thrilling year for all of us Preservationists, and much has been accomplished in it. I have spoken about what 2016 has meant for our movement, and what the future might bring over the next 12 months, but also wanted to make a point to post a personal update regarding this

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  • ‘Anonymous Conservative’ On Evolution, Europe, And Civil War

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    Greetings, proud Sons of Europa- The following is an interview with ‘Anonymous Conservative’. Anonymous Conservative is the nom de guerre of the editor of (appropriately) anonymousconservative.com. He- and apparently some connected thinkers who have worked with him on it- is the creator of the “r/K Selection Theory” as it relates to modern politics. I had seen the term “r/K” on

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  • Soundtrack For Civil War: An Interview With ‘Les Brigandes’!

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    Les Brigandes is an all-female Identitarian music group from France that we have written about on several occasions (including here, and here). They are known by Identitarian-minded folks across Europe and North America for their beautiful songs, all of which relate thematically to the horrific and historically unprecedented situation in Western Europe. I was first introduced to Les Brigandes by

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