The Two Different ‘Battles Of Bauzen’, Media, And Thinking ‘Horizontally’

The Two Different ‘Battles Of Bauzen’, Media, And Thinking ‘Horizontally’
September 16, 2016 Admin

The following article on last night’s events in East Germany comes from the Telegraph (thanks VivatEuropa for the link!), where the description is even more stereotypically left-wing and fantastical than usual. “Hordes of evil Nazi’s from openly racist East German town viciously attack unarmed Muslim children”-type stuff.

This is what the Telegraph published:

Far-Right protesters blocked an ambulance reaching an injured asylum seeker after violent clashes broke out between the two groups in an east German town.

Witnesses in the town of Bautzen described running street battles between teenage asylum-seekers throwing bottles and far-Right protestors shouting neo-Nazi slogans on Wednesday night.

More than 100 police officers were needed to end the violence between around 80 far-Right activists and some 20 mostly teenage asylum-seekers, at least two of whom were injured.

The clashes in the town of around 40,000 people began at around 8.50pm local time on Wednesday evening in the Kornmarkt, a central square.

“When the police arrived, a crowd of around 80 young men and women had gathered. The apparently violent persons were largely from the far-Right,” the police said in a statement.


“They chanted slogans that Bautzen and the Kornmarkt belong to Germans. Ranged opposite them was a group of around 20 young asylum-seekers.

“Verbal and physical altercations had already taken place between the two groups. Witnesses described bottle throwing and bodily injuries.”

“This is our Nazi neighbourhood,” one witness described the protesters as chanting.

According to eyewitnesses the clashes began earlier in the evening when police tried to move on a group of teenage asylum-seekers from the square.

Residents at a government shelter for young refugees in the town have reportedly been causing trouble in the square for some weeks, behaving drunkenly and throwing bottles.

The teenage migrants refused to move on and some were violent towards the police, Andrea Kubank, a local resident, told Tagesspiegel newspaper. A group of far-Right protesters quickly gathered at the scene.

“They rushed up to the police and refugees chanting ‘This is our Bautzen’, ‘Foreigners out’ and ‘This is our Nazi neighbourhood’,” Ms Kubank said. “Then we just ran. Everyday racism is very common in Bautzen.”

The asylum-seekers attacked police with bottles and wooden boards, according to an official police statement. Officers were forced to use pepper spray.

Police ordered the asylum-seekers back to the government shelter, where all 32 residents were told to remain inside for their own safety.

An 18-year-old Moroccan asylum-seeker suffered cuts on his arms, but an ambulance was prevented from reaching the shelter by far-Right protesters. Paramedics had to be escorted to the building under police protection.

A 20-year-old Libyan citizen suffered head injuries from a beer bottle. Police were able to calm the situation by around 2.30am.

Messages are circulating on far-Right websites calling for further actions against the asylum-seekers. One neo-Nazi website reportedly calls for a “pogrom”.

Alexander Ahrens, the mayor of Bautzen, said he was “shocked and very concerned” by the clashes.

“I strongly denounce this violence and would like to stress that I do so regardless of who may have started it,” he said.

He conceded there had been problems in the town in recent weeks. “But now it has come to a different level,” he said. “Bautzen cannot be a playground for the violent far-Right.”

So that is the Left-wing, European-Suicidalist version of events. Tragic isn’t it?

Yet to find the true story, we have only to look to the New Observer:

At a press conference, Bautzen Police Chief Uwe Kilz said the nonwhites—all “unaccompanied minor asylum seekers” started the violence by throwing bottles and stones at the white people at the Kormarkt, one of the town’s major squares, and said that the “violence was triggered by the refugees.”

Instead of meekly accepting the nonwhite attack, the white Germans decided to fight back, and a mass brawl erupted, with the invaders receiving a beating which only halted when they fled back to their invader center in the town’s Dresdnerstrasse—with angry Germans in hot pursuit.

The controlled media—always desperate to portray white people in the worst light possible—called the Germans every imaginable slur they could think of—but could not hide the fact that the nonwhites had started the violence.

The Daily Mail, for example, in its coverage, announced that “neo-Nazis” had engaged in a “vicious brawl with 20 asylum seekers who goaded them into violence.”

The Daily Mail had pulled its version of events from the Bild newspaper in Germany, another far-left news outlet which also described the Germans in the same way, and tried to blame the violence on “xenophobia.”

However, both outlets had to admit that the official police statement said that the nonwhite invaders had started the confrontation, and then later attacked the police who were trying to protect them.

Both news outlets also showed pictures of a Moroccan invader with a scratch on his arm, claiming to have been wounded in the fracas.


Commentators in the Daily Mail version correctly pointed out that anyone from Morocco was not in any sense of the word an asylum seeker or refugee—but simply an invading freeloader seeking to parasite off Europeans.

The Die Zeit newspaper—a slightly more conservative controlled media outlet—was one of the first to admit the real cause of the violence, namely the nonwhite invaders.

According to Die Zeit, the attacks by the invaders in Bautzen upon locals are actually frequent occurrences which take place “nightly” as “underage unaccompanied refugees” attack the local white people at random.

Part of the measures announced today to try and bring the nonwhite thugs under control are a total ban on alcohol in the invader center, and a curfew starting at 7 every evening, local authority chief Uwe Witschas told Die Zeit.

The MDR Aktuell Nachrtichten news service confirmed the alcohol ban at the invader center, and said that it was not the “first incident of its kind in the Saxony town.”

The MDR Aktuell also reported that after the violence, four of the nonwhite ringleaders have been moved to other sites, and a further 30 invaders have been forbidden from living in the city anymore.

This is an almost perfect example of the importance of the media within a 4th Generation Warfare paradigm. A reader who had no firsthand knowledge of what happened in Bautzen (which is going to be 99.9% of individuals) would gain a drastically different understanding of events based on which news outlet they are reading. I know this has always been the case, but the examples cited above really represent a new extreme in this regard.

They are also a perfect example of why it is so important for us to keep funding independent, Identitarian/Preservationist media. Indeed, I am going to use this as a perfect opportunity to put my money where my mouth is, and will be setting up a recurring donation to the New Observer. I encourage others reading this to go to their website and do the same! You can do so by clicking here.

I believe strongly that monthly recurring donations are always the way to go when possible. They are better for the receiver, in that they allow for cash flow forecasting and thus better ability to plan ahead, hire staff, etc, and are also better for the donater, in that they represent a ‘habit’, and are something ‘horizontal’, from which you can build on. There are few things better each of us can do individually than to keep building our own ‘horizontal’ (ideally passive) income, and in doing so continue to raise the amount of ‘horizontal’ donations we make to various entities in the resistance.

Sites like Red Ice Radio and the New Observer are doing great things in alternative media. There are also many individuals in our movement who are doing amazing work in terms of donating money, donating expertise, etc. As such sites and such individuals attract more people to our cause, the growth becomes exponential. Multiply all those forces times a thousand and we have a powerful force to fight back against Europe’s destruction…

And hopefully someday, with the help of God and our ancestors, we will triumph in that endeavor.

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  1. Michael 1 year ago

    This conflict has been brewing in Bautzen for a while. The public square is a hangout for immigrants because of the availability of a free Wifi signal which is a magnet for such people. And where there is a crowd of immigrants, there are problems with theft, assaults and unruly behavior. The manager of a local hotel as well as several business owners in the vicinity of the square had been filing complaints to the local mayor and the police, asking for proactive measures to control the situation. According to the hotel manager, his guest did not feel safe to leave the hotel for an evening stroll due to immigrants acting aggressively and attacking people. Finally the locals have had enough and organized a resistance which eventually led to the brawl that happened yesterday. Now there is an outcry across the liberal media landscape all across Germany, you can hear journalists howl “Nazis, extremists and xenophobia”. But the regular people on the street who have to deal with the reality of immigration issues every day know better…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Michael thanks for that added info! Where did you learn all that that is excellent..

      Were the people fighting back mostly young people? A mix? Do you know?

      Any other info you have is much appreciated!

      • Michael 1 year ago

        I’m German, but I live in the US. So I was able to search and read German language alternative news sources after watching the lying main stream media report on German TV. As to your question about the makeup of the crowd, I only know that they were about 80 man and woman. Based on the videos I saw, it looks that they were somewhat younger aged. The east Germans are a different brand of people, less affected by the brain washing the West Germans had to undergo for 60+ years. They were relatively isolated until the fall of the wall in the late 80’s and don’t suffer immigrant fools gladly, whereas the West Germans have been slowly conditioned to accept Muslims by the creeping Islamisation having taken place for decades.

        • Mike 1 year ago

          Ich heiße Mike und bin in Deutschland zu amerikanischen Eltern aufgewachsen. Ich folge ja auch die große Lage in der Heimat und in Europa. Kennst du Ganz toller Nachrichtensender. Wo kriegst du denn deine Nachrichten. Die Merkel ist doch der größte Volksveraeter in der deutschen Geschichte. Einfach unglaublich was da los geht. Ich bin mir aber sicher dass das deutsche Volk bald zugreifen wird, besonders wenn die Wirtschaftslage schlecht wird und/oder der Krieg kommt. Es gibt dann Bürgerkrieg.
          Kannst den Julian nach meiner Email fragen.

  2. Nick 1 year ago

    “—with angry Germans in hot pursuit.”
    This absolutely made my day. I have been waiting at least 12 years (I’m 34) to read news THIS GOOD. Ok, yes, it’s one isolated incident, but it will spread. And I couldn’t be happier. God, please grant me the strength and the means to go and defend my German brothers and sisters when the time comes.
    Also, I would just like to add, that this is only the 2nd time I have posted a comment on here. And I have a request to make:
    If you have never posted before, and IF that quote lit a fire in your soul as it did in mine (“—with angry Germans in hot pursuit.”), please comment for the first time today! 🙂

    The fire rises.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol thanks for the comment Nick. It indeed has the same effect on me 🙂

      Hopefully these locals in Bautzen set a model that others will follow!

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      I’m German and I’m ready.

  3. DaShui 1 year ago

    Was that a German Shepard I saw?
    Blondie’s great great grandchild?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol yes or the great hound reincarnated 🙂

    • Michael 1 year ago

      LOL, that was funny, you made my day!

  4. rick 1 year ago

    I had an interesting thought with regards to Germany, considering the fracturing that’s taking place currently in the EU does anyone think it is possible that Germany could separate (this time voluntarily) into East & West Germany again. The Visegrad nations are roughly the Warsaw Pact, and there seems to be a clear split in Germany between East & West on accepting Cultural Marxism.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      It would certainly fit within the overall fracturing and seccessionist vibe that is going on. Eastern Germany certainly seems way closer politically to Hungary, Poland, etc, as you say, then it does West Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc.

      Certainly I think as things get worse and worse in the most migrant heavy parts of Western European countries, the mere anarchy itself will, in some effect, have to create ‘parallel’ parts of countries. If one political region of France or Germany is 70% migrant ten years from now than that will influence the kind of government they have, the level of disorder and chaos, etc, not to mention economically, and if there is a neighboring region or different region where they are still only 20%, that could- for all intents and purposes- leave the two like separate countries. Which then could certainly lead to such secessionism one would think as well.

  5. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    This is great! Look at the migrant employment statistics in Germany – well, there is no migrant employment to speak of. German employers are not hiring the invaders. There are many ways to resist. Our greatest weapon is our refusal. This stand by German employers will hasten the day of reckoning.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That’s a fantastic point VivatEuropa. It can get disconcerting sometimes seeing so little of what we might call ‘visible’ signs of resistance. However, there are millions of people who- though not being able to really resist for fearing of losing their jobs, kids, etc- still resist in more silent or quieter ways.

      Appreciate the link!

  6. Mike 1 year ago

    Germany has some of the toughest gun laws. But people are arming themselves with weapons that ‘skirt’ the laws. This video shows a simple shotgun that’s now for sale. The website is called “migrantenscreck’, in English that is, MigrantScare, as in scaring off migrants. The entire ad is geared against invaders. Even the targets are a certain obvious color:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Mike- Fantastic link! That is excellent.

      I am going to make a post out of that video and website. Very relevant and hopeful I appreciate you bringing it up.

      Any other relevant info on the website? I actually took two years of German and my mother spoke it fluently, but I am still way behind you on the proficiency scale.

  7. Michael 1 year ago

    Hallo Mike,
    die Webseite kenne ich noch nicht, werde sie mir aber auf jeden Fall ansehen. Ich beziehe meine Nachrichten von,, (von denen ich auch ein Print Abo habe), Ausserdem folge ich vielen Youtube Kanaelen, wie zum Beispiel Hagen Grell, Volxtribun, AFD-Television 2, Martin Sellner, Zerberster, Vlad Tepesblog, Frubi Lurgyl, und vielen mehr. Wo bist in Deutschland aufgewachsen? Ich komme aus Bad Kreuznach, lebe aber schon 25 Jahre hier in den USA; 12 Jahre davon in North Carolina. Das heutige Deutschland ist nicht mehr das Deutschland dass ich noch von meiner in Erinnerung habe. Mittlerweile ist jeder 5te ein Auslaender, die meisten sind Muslime. Wo es einst ein sicheres Land war, herrscht heute die Angst vor Gewalt. J

  8. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Baltimore’s Professor of Advanced Dinduology is a self-taught scholar of ancient combat, and after last year’s Baltimore riots, he dispensed some timely information regarding group combat in a non-firearms situation. Europeans and their descendants are the world masters of ORGANIZED violence, and it would behoove us to utilize our organizational strengths to prevail in these street brawls, rather than sink to the level of our opponents. Lots of good suggestions here:

    Mainly from a police perspective, but many good points on equipment, personnel, and tactics:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That is intense. Fascinating video. I never saw that on the news(!) lol.

      I love how he is using ancient Macedonian military tactics to analyze this stuff.

      I kept expecting the police to charge during that video, but they never did. Understandable though I couldn’t imagine being a policeman in today’s America.

  9. SteveRogers42 8 months ago

    More from LaFond on safety techniques during times of unrest:

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      God that’s horrifying.

      I will admit I don’t put that much time into studying the problem Lafond is discussing (the overall problem, not just the tactic he is discussing in that particular piece), however after I forced myself to watch some Colin Flaherty videos the other day and wow, the horror is up there with Muslims in Europe.

      I’ve also never lived in a Really bad area in that regard. Seattle, Madison WI, few other places where it was moderately bad, but never anywhere near as bad as Baltimore. I guess the one consolation is that unlike Muslims there isn’t a neverending supply of them for our enemies to import though.

      I do wish we could take some of these educated, elitist lefties with their r-selected liberal privilege and force them to spend a night wandering around those Baltimore neighborhoods though.

  10. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Very good!

      Speaking of such things I went shooting at a local range last night with some like-minded individuals. Had been meaning to start doing so for a long time, big knowledge vacuum I need to remedy. Felt good to finally get out there!

      • SteveRogers42 5 months ago

        Good! “The longest journey begins with a single step.”

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